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Afm: China’s Huala Takes 13-Film Package From Indie Rights

Los Angeles-based sales and aggregation company Indie Rights has struck a 13-film licensing deal with China’s Huala New Media. The deal was completed at the American Film market, which Indie Rights is attending for the first time as an Ifta member.

Titles package is headed by “The View From Here,” “Art Show Bingo,” and “Somebody’s Mother.” The deal covers all rights and mainland China only, though theatrical releases are not likely.

Other titles include: “Carving A Life,” “Fell, Jumped or Pushed,” “Is That You,” “Blue,” “Fray,” “Nobody Walks In La,” “Dirty Beautiful,” “The Enchanted Cottage,” “Erasing Eden,” and “Miles To Go.”

“We are so excited to bring such a diverse range of award-winning dramas to the Chinese audience” said Indie Rights CEO Linda Nelson. “It is our biggest deal yet with China.” The company maintains direct partnerships with the leading U.S. digital platforms including Amazon, Google, Cinedigm, MGo and Adrise.
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Exclusive: 'Before I Fall' Director Ry Russo-Young on Mean Girls and Alternate Endings

Exclusive: 'Before I Fall' Director Ry Russo-Young on Mean Girls and Alternate Endings
Director Ry Russo-Young forgot to feel the pressure. The Sundance ingénue's latest feature, Before I Fall, is an adaptation of the best-selling Y.A. novel about a somewhat reluctant high school mean girl, Samantha (Zoey Deutch), who meets her early demise in a car wreck, only to wake up the next day...and the next day and the next day on a seemingly endless loop.

Despite tween fans' rabid protection of their most beloved books and the fact that they can live in her Twitter mentions for the rest of time, Russo-Young isn't fazed -- or wasn't. "Uhh, you're freaking me out!" she joked during a recent call with Et, before explaining, "I actually took great comfort in the fact that I could look online and see what fans connected to about the book, what lines they were holding dear to their hearts, what moved them. Then those things, to me, were like, 'I
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Movie Review: Don’t get trapped in the loop of Before I Fall, a mopey Groundhog Day for teens

  • The AV Club
It’s not déjà vu. You have seen this movie before. Once upon a time, it went by the name Groundhog Day and starred Bill Murray as a weatherman stuck repeating the same day over and over and over again. It had jokes. Really good ones. You have probably seen this movie again since. Three years ago, it featured Tom Cruise dying a lot. And there was that time when it was a teen sex comedy. (You probably didn’t watch it that time. Very few did.) This week, it goes by a new title, borrowed—along with its new plot, which is really just the old plot but for teenagers—from a Ya novel. Before I Fall, directed by Ry Russo-Young (Nobody Walks), doesn’t have many jokes. It sure as hell doesn’t have Bill Murray. All it really does have is the answer to a question few
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‘Logan’ Will Be The First Blockbuster of 2017, With ‘Get Out’ A Close Second

  • Indiewire
‘Logan’ Will Be The First Blockbuster of 2017, With ‘Get Out’ A Close Second
With “Logan,” 20th Century Fox seems to have done it again. The new Wolverine sequel is the second Marvel project with an R-rating — and, like Fox’s 2016 Marvel hit “Deadpool,” it will be the first blockbuster opener of the year.

Logan,” starring Hugh Jackman in his most familiar role as the X-Men character, premiered at the recent Berlin Film Festival, received excellent reviews (currently 93% on Rotten Tomatoes), and is directed by James Mangold. In addition to directing “Wolverine” in 2013, Mangold came out of the indie world (his 1995 debut, “Heavy,” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was acquired by Miramax) and later directed best-actress Oscar winners in “Girl, Interrupted” and “Walk the Line.”

The two most recent “X-Men” films opened on a Memorial Day weekend, to $91 million (2014) and $66 million (2016). The first and second standalone “Wolverine” movies had initial weekends of $85 million (2009) and $53 million (2013), respectively. All had the then-standard PG-13 rating for Marvel Comics films.
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Before I Fall: Director Ry Russo-Young on the Inspirational Drama

  • LRM Online
For many years, filmmaker Ry Russo-Young was hustling on the indie circuit both as an actor and as a writer/director with her well-received second movie You Won’t Miss Me famously not being released until nearly two years after it premiered at Sundance. Its release was predicated on by winning the less-than-coveted Gotham Award for “Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You.” (It actually beat La La Land director Damian Chazelle’s first movie for that award, too!)

Her fourth movie Before I Fall, adapted from Lauren Oliver’s popular young adult novel, is a giant step forward for Russo-Young in terms of tackling someone else’s material and a movie she didn’t write.

It stars Zoey Deutch (Everybody Wants Some) as Samantha Kingston, a typical high school student who hangs out with the popular girls, who are constantly tormenting a strange classmate named Juliet Sykes
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'Before I Fall' Review: Ya Take on 'Groundhog Day' Heavy on Teen Life Lessons

'Before I Fall' Review: Ya Take on 'Groundhog Day' Heavy on Teen Life Lessons
It would be easy to write off Before I Fall as the Groundhog Day of teen weepies – but something raw keeps breaking through the formula to pull us in. In adapting Lauren Oliver's Ya bestseller, director Ry Russo-Young (Nobody Walks), working from a script by Maria Maggenti, lets glints of honest feeling break through the brick wall of teen formula. Zoey Deutch (Everybody Wants Some!!) excels as Sam Kingston, a high-school mean girl who dies in a car accident. Then she gets up the next morning to repeat the
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Sundance ’17: ‘Before I Fall’ by Ry Russo-Young

Sundance ’17: ‘Before I Fall’ by Ry Russo-Young
by Peter Belsito

Zoey Deutch Halston, Sage Logan Miller in “Before I Fall” by Ry Russo-Young

To begin about this film is to say it is a ‘Ground Hog Day’ story.

The lead character, a popular high school girl, has an unremarkable — if a bit troubling — life, including difficult friends, challenging social life, some boy / sex issues and some big questions for her as to “what’s it all about?”

But why? Toward what end? How to resolve?

As the story begins Sam is one lucky teenager. She’s beautiful, rich, and popular, with the hottest boyfriend and the most loyal friends.

But she and her posse can be cruel and heartless; since elementary school they’ve relentlessly bullied one of their unfortunate female classmates.

On Friday, February 12th, driving home from a party, Sam is in a dramatic car crash.

This mysterious car wreck at the end of her day leads to her — what?
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‘Before I Fall’: Why Indie Auteur Ry Russo-Young Embraced the Ya Genre

  • Indiewire
‘Before I Fall’: Why Indie Auteur Ry Russo-Young Embraced the Ya Genre
Ry Russo-Young was doing breathing exercises with me and her star Zoey Deutch before we sat down to chat about “Before I Fall,” her third film in a row to bow at the Sundance Film Festival. She was calm enough before she started breathing in and out in big, slow puffs, and she was positively beaming when we were done — with good reason.

Russo-Young may be a Sundance mainstay, but she’s never hit the festival with a film quite like “Before I Fall” – that is to say, a film that already has not only a well-regarded distributor (in this case, Open Road), but a set release date just a few weeks out. That’s one way to take the pressure off of the experience, but it’s understandable that the filmmaker would want to take a moment just to collect herself in the midst of the usual festival madness.
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‘Before I Fall’: Film Review | Sundance 2017

Adapted from Lauren Oliver’s successful Ya novel of the same name, director Ry Russo-Young’s fourth feature Before I Fall sees the indie director (Nobody Walks, You Wont Miss Me, Orphans) successfully transitioning to mainstream filmmaking. The story of a popular high school senior (Zoey Deutch, from Dirty Grandpa) caught in a time loop that forces her to relive a crucial day in her life over and over, this neatly written Heathers-meets-Groundhog Day high-concept package delivers both technical polish and a toothsome yet likeable cast. Better still, it has just enough tragic edge to draw young adults, and young-at-heart adults, with...
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‘Before I Fall’ Star Zoey Deutch On Her Character’s Surprising Journey Toward Redemption — Sundance Studio

  • Deadline
‘Before I Fall’ Star Zoey Deutch On Her Character’s Surprising Journey Toward Redemption — Sundance Studio
A filmmaker known largely for 2012’s Nobody Walks—a 2012 Grand Jury Prize nominee starring Olivia Thirlby and John Krasinski—filmmaker Ry-Russo Young is back at Sundance in 2017 with Before I Fall, a young adult drama based on Lauren Oliver’s bestselling novel. Set for distribution by Open Road Films for a March 3 release, Before I Fall follows a day in the life of Sam (Zoey Deutch), a popular high schooler with everything going for her who gets into a fatal car accident…
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Sundance Film Review: ‘Before I Fall’

Sundance Film Review: ‘Before I Fall’
To a film critic, reviewing Ya movies can feel like being forced to relive the horrors of high school over and over again. But to a teenager, that doesn’t sound like such a bad thing, especially when the characters are pretty and potentially more fabulous than you are. That’s basically the appeal of “Before I Fall,” Ry Russo-Young’s impressively stylish adaptation of the popular Lauren Oliver novel, in which the most beautiful girl in school dies unexpectedly, only to reawaken that same morning, blessed/cursed to repeat the day until she gets it right.

Like “Groundhog Day” for audiences too young to get the reference, “Before I Fall” suggests that the decisions we make really matter, though it’s not at all clear about why Sam Kingston (“Vampire Academy” star Zoey Deutch) is caught in an infinite loop, or what she needs to do to break it.
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Zoey Deutch Experiences Groundhog Day In Sundance Trailer For Before I Fall

“Maybe for you there’s a tomorrow – maybe there are 1,000 – but for some of us, there’s only today.” Time travel, and the concept of reliving one defining moment over and over again ad nauseam, is something that’s been a fixture of the film world since Groundhog Day. That’s not to say Harold Ramis’ seminal comedy-drama was the first to dump its protagonist in a mind-bending time loop, but it’s certainly one of the more accomplished examples, and few movies have come close ever since.

And though it’s not strictly speaking apples to apples, Open Road Films and director Ry Russo-Young (Nobody Walks) are prepping Before I Fall for its premiere at this weekend’s Sundance Film Festival. It incorporates many of the same storytelling devices seen in Groundhog Day – the endless time loop, a protagonist in need of a life lesson – but instead favors teen drama over existential angst.
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Before I Fall Trailer Arrives Online Before Sundance

  • Cinelinx
Edge of Tomorrow, Groundhogs Day, two examples of how living the same day over and over make for a great film. And now we have our first look at a new installment that looks to be a great film.

The Sundance Film Festival is home every year to countless amazing films. It's an event I hope to one day cover. This year is no exception. With so many incredible films already announced to debut, Before I Fall is on a lot of critics watch lists. Directed by Ry Russo-Young (Nobody Walks) brings to life the best selling young adult novel of the same name, written by Lauren Oliver.

Vampire Academy and Everybody Wants Some!! breakout star Zoey Deutch stars as the films lead Samantha Kingston who is stuck reliving the same terrible day over and over. A story point we've seen before, but if used properly makes for a very
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It’s Ya ‘Groundhog Day’ In New Trailer For Ry Russo-Young’s ‘Before I Fall’ Starring Zoey Deutch & Halston Sage

  • The Playlist
Groundhog Day” remains the shining cinematic example of the (comedic) horror of living the same day over and over and over again. But for teenagers, where each twenty-four hours can play out like dramatic epic, the idea of reliving a heightened twenty-fours might seem terrifying, but that’s what “Before I Fall” dives into.

Based on the book by Lauren Oliver, this is a Ya movie bringing a slightly different flavor, with indie director Ry Russo-Young (“You Won’t Miss Me,” “Nobody Walks”) behind the camera for the story that follows Sam who relives the day she dies, over and over.

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'Nobody Walks in La': Film Review

'Nobody Walks in La': Film Review
Jesse Shapiro's debut feature concerns two young friends spending a day aimlessly wandering the streets of Los Angeles. A veritable love letter to the city in which it's set, Nobody Walks in La feels like a more mobile and less intellectual variation on My Dinner With Andre. But despite its decidedly modest nature, the film — as aimless as the pair's wanderings — has its charms, thanks in large part to the appealing performances by its two leads.

The central characters are longtime friends Miles (Adam Shapiro) and Becca (Kim Shaw), each facing life crises. Miles has just suffered a...
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Before I Fall Trailer Finds Zoey Deutch Stuck In A Nightmarish Time Loop

Samantha Kingston has it all, the lucky sod; fast approaching the end of her high school years, she’s able to surround herself with the perfect friends, along with the near-perfect boyfriend, as she prepares to make that defining step into adulthood. A final blowout is on the cards, then, but it’s here that Samantha’s life is quite literally turned on its head, after her and her friends experience a severe car accident.

Just when you think it’s all over for Zoey Deutch’s character, she’s inexplicably whisked back to relive the same day over, and over, and over again in a fashion not too dissimilar to Groundhog Day. That is, in a nutshell, the core premise of Before I Fall, Ry Russo-Young’s (Nobody Walks) big-screen take on Lauren Oliver’s eponymous best-seller. What’s interesting here is that Oliver’s novel boasts a passionate built-in fanbase,
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Before I Fall Trailer: Zoey Deutch stuck in high school loop

Kayti Burt Nov 21, 2016

Here's the trailer for Before I Fall, an adaptation of the young adult novel of the same name...

It's Groundhog Day meets If I Stay in the new trailer for Before I Fall, the feature film adaptation of Lauren Oliver's bestselling young adult novel that sees protagonist Samantha Kingston forced to relive the same high school day over and over again. Nightmare, right?

Well, it's more complicated than that. Samantha isn't your typical young adult protagonist outsider. She is part of a mean girl-type clique of girls with lots of lessons to learn about their effect on those around them. It's a pretty cool twist on many genres: time travel, high school coming-of-age, and teen romance.

The film is directed by Ry Russo-Young (Nobody Walks) and stars Zoey Deutch in its lead role, which is a major point in its favour. Deutch carried the Vampire Academy
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‘Groundhog Day’ Meets High School Drama in Trailer for Ry Russo-Young’s ‘Before I Fall’

While Groundhog Day set the time-loop standard in Hollywood, we’ve seen some sci-fi movies (Edge of Tomorrow and Source Code) take on the concept. Now it’s time for a Ya adaptation to see what it can do in the scenario. Based on Lauren Oliver‘s book, Before I Fall has up-and-coming director Ry Russo-Young (Nobody Walks) behind it and the first trailer has landed today.

The drama follows Everybody Wants Some!! star Zoey Deutch as high school is nearly over. One night after she gets into a car accident, she wakes up reliving the same day again. With the directorial talent behind this one, hopefully it sets itself apart from other Ya fare. Also starring Halston Sage, Logan Miller, Kian Lawley, Elena Kampouris, Diego Boneta, Jennifer Beals, Cynthy Wu, and Medalion Rahimi, check out the trailer below.

What if you had only one day to change absolutely everything?
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First Trailer For Ry Russo-Young’s Young Adult Drama ‘Before I Fall’ Starring Zoey Deutch & Halston Sage

  • The Playlist
Ry Russo-Young came to the attention of cinephiles with her distinctly independent features “You Won’t Miss Me” and “Nobody Walks,” which is why it’s a bit surprising to see her behind the camera for a movie based on a young adult property. But if she can bring her indie sensibilities to this particular genre and create something special, then “Before I Fall” will definitely be worth paying attention to.

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