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Full of humor and humanity, Nobody Walks is an emotionally complex, acutely observed and sensual film.
Reminiscent of 2010 Sundance breakout "The Kids Are All Right," Ry Russo-Young's Nobody Walks captures the fallout of an open-minded Los Angeles family shaken up by the arrival of a sexy outsider, only this time, it's the outsider whose perspective takes precedence.
Russo-Young studies the strange species of affluent Angelenus erectus under a microscope that distorts every character into unbelievability.
Nobody Walks is Mumblecore 2.0: The budget is bigger, the cast is littered with recognizable faces from popular television programs, and the production values are more impressive, but the fixation with the low-key, artsy angst of rudderless twenty- and thirtysomethings remains constant.
Sensitively written, nicely shot, expertly acted, and intelligently ambiguous, Nobody Walks still manages to send you out with a shrug.
A good-looking but anecdotally slight dramedy about life and lifestyles in Los Angeles's hip Silver Lake district.
Slant Magazine
The whole thing comes out feeling kind of featureless, beaten flat by its own sense of fairness.
Village Voice
Ultimately, the director and her cinematographer, Christopher Blauvelt (Meek's Cutoff), prove to be more interested in capturing the perfection of L.A.'s perpetual sunshine and the ways in which the people beneath it seem subtly oppressed, as if the light is expecting more of them than they can possibly deliver.
For a film about sexual conquest, Nobody Walks is a frustratingly flaccid affair.
The actors are all completely wasted in this dumb travesty of fumbling, unfocused, oversexed numbskulls who work in the movie business. Everyone connected with Nobody Walks should have done just that-early and quickly.

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