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Clever, compelling
Indie Friendlie19 March 2012
We here at Indie Friendlie.com watched this clever and captivating French- language, short film and really enjoyed it.

The premise: a piano tuner who pretends to be blind in order to win the sympathy of his clients and is doing well, until he witnesses a murder while on the job.

This short film needs to be a feature film, and bring the cast and crew along to the bigger project for the big screen, as performances and direction were clean and on point.

We are definitely looking forward to the next film from director Olivier Treiner.
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The prodigy
jotix10031 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The awaited debut of Adrien, a young pianist on his way to fame, is a complete disaster. As he is about to perform his opening number, nerves get the best of him. Adrien freezes, failing to produce the music the audience has come to hear. Facing his inability to play in public, he decides to become a piano tuner. To add a selling point, he passes himself as blind, figuring clients will leave him alone. Adrien becomes a sort of voyeur in the many homes where he is asked to fix the family piano. Since he is blind, most people take him for granted, doing things they would not do in front of others.

Thus, we watch Adrien visit different homes. A big surprise awaits him at the last home he has been called. For one thing, he keeps a booklet to record his appointments. As he rings the bell of the last apartment, he is surprised when nobody wants to open the door. He perseveres in getting an older woman to let him into the place, where to his complete amazement a crime has been committed. Adrien's only alternative is to fix the instrument, then play it as a way to distract the older woman.

Conceived and directed by Oliver Treiner, "The Piano Tuner" is a different short story that is not only original, but also reveals Adrien's mind working to overcome his problem. As the young man begins to feel comfortable doing a job for which he has not trained, he gets to a situation way beyond his control. Mr. Treiner gets an intense performance from Gregoire Leprince-Ringuet, who totally dominates every aspect of the story.
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The best short I've seen in a long time :) !
R. Ignacio Litardo7 April 2012
If you like (classical) piano, black humour and losers with a heart, this gem will leave you wanting more... to live more.

Maybe enjoying more films, listening to piano playing and or playing it yourself if you're lucky, and yes, watching out for the unmerciful meek looking stranger :)!

Centered exclusively on Adrien, he's got a husky buddy not very convincing, a sort of love interest and little else. It's a limited world for a guy who's failed at something he values a lot. So he's got to pick up the pieces and start again... changing some personal information in the process :).

Utterly enjoyable!
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Kirpianuscus21 October 2017
a film saved by its last part. because, except it, "The Piano Tuner" is only a correct film a bout a young man deceived by its failure.good performances, not bad story. the spice - a trap. changing everything. and proposing a portrait of fall and desire, revenge and destiny. the music. and the characters. the dialogue in the cafe. and the confession changing the perspective about Adrien. and the presence in the apartment of an old lady. as the presence of the price of a game who defines its precise rules.
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Saved by the second half
Warning: Spoilers
"L'accordeur" or "The Piano Tuner" is a French 14-minute short film from over 5 years ago written and directed by Olivier Treiner. It is one of 2 short films he has made and looking at how many awards it won, this is certainly his most successful work so far. Will he make it big in the next years? We'll see. As for this one here, we have a child prodigy piano player who fails at an important even and decides to act as a blind man then and work as a piano tuner. So far, it does not sound very realistic, so Treiner definitely could have done a better job with the story I guess. But thanks to the decent second half, this one here is not a failure, but a solid watch. The murder plot elevates the story by so so much and actually changes this film sufficiently to the positive that I recommend it. Thumbs down. No real greatness, but a decent little movie. This description also fits the acting in here. Make sure you get subtitles if you aren't fluent in French.
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