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From the farm porch cattle seen in the distance instantly move from the fence to the tree line.
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Character error 

Captain Whitaker asks his co-pilot to switch controls to manual and calls the handle to do so "red". The handle shown is yellow.
When Whip is in the bar and orders and orange juice and a double Stoli, the bartender only serves him a single. The standard US shot is 1.5oz (47ml) and takes three seconds to pour with a standard shot pour, which is exactly how long it took the bartender to pour. It's also evident that there is only a single shot in the glass.
Whip says: "Dad was a pilot, he was 332nd Airborne, he was Tuskegee..." The word "Airborne" should have been "Fighter Group."
When Whip asks Nicole where she lives she says "the Georgian Terraces," but her room is in the Georgian Gardens. The Georgian Terrace (singular) is a venerable hotel where actors often stay when they're filming in Atlanta.


The whites of Whip's eyes change from extremely bloodshot to normal in the first scene of him in the hospital after the crash.
When the plane is out of control and flying upside down, the view from the house on the ground shows that the plane is only about 100ft above the ground, however the view from the cockpit window suggests the plane is flying about 2000ft above the ground.
The character Katerina is wearing two different types of underwear in the hotel scene.
When Whip looks at his iPhone, the time on the locked screen says 1:16 - 1:17, but when the phone is unlocked it says 8:52.
When Whip drives up to his father's house at a farm, he parks his car directly facing the house. He then dumps out all the alcohol and after he takes out the trash bag full of empty cans and bottles, you can see through the door that the car is now nearly facing completely away from the house. The continuity of the previous scene does not suggest that he may have left the house and returned.
The outgoing message on the answering machine at Whitaker's father's house is shorter the second time we hear it.
When Nicole leaves an envelope for Whip, it appears to be sealed. When Whip finds the envelope later that day, the rear flap is clearly unsealed.
When climbing after takeoff, there are two times when the altimeter shows them descending. Shortly before the crash, the altimeter shows them at 700 feet, then at 1000 feet.
The cockpit is clearly recognized as a MD-80 aircraft, but the PFD (Primary Flight Display) closeup shoots are from a Boeing 737-800.
When Whip parks in front of his ex-wife's house, his car lands on the curb only inches from a fire hydrant. However, in the next wide shot of him getting out of the car and walking across the street, the car is off the curb, with no fire hydrant in sight.
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Errors in geography 

When Whip wakes in the hospital, he is told that he is in a hospital in south Atlanta. Later, he looks out the window at the Concourse Buildings (The "King" and "Queen"), which are north of Atlanta.
Nicole mentions that her apartment is in Bankhead, which is on the west side of Atlanta, but when the skyline is visible from her apartment, it is east of downtown.

Factual errors 

The NTSB investigation portrayed in the movie includes recovered data from the Cockpit Voice Recorder. US law requires Cockpit Voice Recorders to include at least 30 minutes of audio data from both pilots and Air Traffic Control radio transmissions. The time taken for the plane to crash less than 30 minutes so the audio from the CVR should have included cockpit discussion about Captain Whitaker sleeping as shown in the movie. This audio would have raised serious questions about Captain Whitaker's behavior (aside from his alcohol and drug usage) but nothing about that is mentioned at any point during the NTSB hearing.
During the interrogation, the NTSB official refers to the "jackscrew that articulates the horizontal stabilizer, also known as the elevator". The horizontal stabilizer and elevator are not the same; the elevator is only a part of the stabilizer.
Captain Whittaker and Hugh Lang visit the crash site. Lang describes the left wing hitting the ground, subsequent discussion between the two men implies that left wing hit the rear fuselage and drove the left engine nacelle into the fuselage. It's implied that this is what killed the four passengers. However, the view of the crashed plane clearly shows the left engine nacelle intact and attached to the outside of the fuselage.
During the moments just before the crash, the First Officer extinguishes the engine fires by pulling so called T-handles. When a T-handle is pulled it activates the fire extinguisher, but also it cuts off the fuel flow to deprive the fire of it. In the movie the engines are seen operating after the T-handles are pulled.
When rolling out of the the inverted flight and the command "Full flaps" is given the co-pilot pushes the flaps-lever forward which in every plane would retract the flaps.

Revealing mistakes 

Mobile phone footage of the plane crash is shown on news programmes throughout the film, but during the actual events of the plane crash there is nobody on the ground (as seen from the cockpit of the plane) in the correct position to have taken it.
When Whip looks at his iPhone, the date on the locked screen says October 20th, but his calendar on the home screen says the 8th.
While Whip is in his hospital bed, the NTSB agent sets down a recorder. The light on the recorder is "blinking" red, which means it is paused in recording mode. If it were recording, the red light would be "solid". It does turn solid at the end when the agent motions to turn the recorder off -- which is really "record".

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