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A largely predictable story, but the movie sells it
Nozz28 September 2015
Looking a bit like Joselito the Spanish child superstar of a generation ago, Itai Shcherback as Igor emits sufficient believability to carry the movie. The movie compares a move to Israel, which is more about the travails of adjustment, to the migration of cranes, which is more about the dangers along the way, but the comparison is well drawn, as is the comparison between the cranes' family unit (they mate for life) and the humans' family unit (a little more complicated). Igor is compared to a crane that has lost the support of its parents, as indeed Igor's father has lost the support of his employer and his mother has not exactly landed in a pot of jam either. There is not a lot of wildlife photography, but the human story, proceeding almost but not exactly along expectable lines, works all right.
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