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MPAA Rated R for some violence/disturbing images, and for a sexual reference

Sex & Nudity

  • Zoomed in camera shot of clothed women's breasts. Very short scene and played for comedic effect.
  • Someone refers to an alcoholic drink as "the rape bottle".
  • A joke is made about oral sex.
  • Jokes about a phallic toy are made.
  • A reference to recording sex is made.
  • The beginnings of a sex scene are shown. Barechested male and topless but covered female. heavy kissing, but interrupted.
  • Innuendo is frequent.
  • A body is shown in only underwear.
  • A body is shown in only a nightshirt and panties.
  • 5/10

Violence & Gore

  • Several shots of blackened frozen dead bodies.
  • A man burns his mouth with hot food.
  • A frozen bloody tongue is shown.
  • Various injuries are described.
  • A character's face and arm are shown bloodied.
  • A character's broken leg is shown, bloody and with a portion of the bone protruding. Quick, but graphic.
  • Characters are shot at with a flare gun.
  • A character is shot. No blood is shown.
  • A dead body with a bloody face is shown. Bloody scratches are shown on limbs and his bloody mouth is opened by the characters.
  • Dried blood is shown on walls and floors.
  • A character is shown with a bloody hand and a pool of blood below the hand.
  • 6/10


  • 3 uses of F*** and derivitives
  • 39 uses of S*** and derivitives
  • 3 uses of A** and derivitives
  • 1 use of B***h
  • 1 use of B*****d
  • Mild profanity and name-calling such as freakin', pussies, stupid, hell, idiot, dumb, dick, gay, screw, douchebag, joker.
  • Some religious profanity.
  • 6/10

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The main characters all take flaming shots of an alcoholic drink.
  • Smoking is shown in the background.
  • Use of LSD is referenced.
  • Characters are shown drinking whiskey.
  • 3/10

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Through the entire movie you know that the main characters end up either dead or missing.
  • Frequent references to an incident where nine backpackers died. Possible reasons are discussed.
  • A frightened, crying woman recounts a nightmare. This scene is shown twice.
  • A woman's eyelids are frozen shut.
  • A woman recounts finding bodies in a search party.
  • Characters are distressed as the tension of the movie builds.
  • A man describes his bad acid trip.
  • Distant figures are shown in the background of a camera shot and the characters are unaware of their presence.
  • During some tense points of the film, the camera flickers with static.
  • People are caught in an avalanche, some without proper clothes on. During this scene, a woman is propelled head first into the camera and the screen cracks.
  • A character's leg is broken and must be set. Lots of screaming and yelling.
  • A some scenes of the film are shot in night-vision and are very tense.
  • The entire last third of the film has dark or flickering lights and is very intense in general.
  • Indistinct photos of people fused to machinery are shown. Not graphic, but disturbing.
  • A body is found in a dark room.
  • 7/10
  • Total: 27/50


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Charred mutated skeletons are shown.
  • Characters see current footage of themselves through a camera they are holding. Their realization of this is frightening.
  • Mutated humanoid creatures attack some characters. One is partially eaten. during this scene, one of the creatures jaws is partially unhinged and one of the creatures shakes it's head back and forth at inhuman speeds. This sequence is very frightening. The scene is sometimes seen in night-vision and are very tense and frightening. The footage is shot as if it were a handheld camcorder, thus many of these instances are indistinct or just flashes.
  • Two dead bodies on meat hooks raise their heads. They look dried out and zombie like. Very frightening.

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