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This is the first adaptation of a Richard Stark/Parker novel to use the character name Parker. Although the following movies are based on the "Parker" novels, the name was always changed: Point Blank (1967) (Walker), The Split (1968) (McClain), The Outfit (1973) (Macklin), Slayground (1983) (Stone) and Payback (1999) (Porter).
Parker calls his girlfriend and her phone displays a caller ID of (504) 723-2343, which, when Googled, is the phone number of a Louisiana film crew person with the last name of Parker (who doesn't appear to have worked on this movie).
The first Parker film since author Donald E. Westlake's death in 2008. Westlake is credited under his famous pseudonym Richard Stark, which he wrote all of the Parker novels under.
While showing Parker a mansion in Palm Beach, Leslie inquires if he's married, and Parker tells her that his wife passed away. While Parker could be lying as part of his alias, this could be a reference to the first Parker novel "The Hunter" where Parker's wife commits suicide after he returns from being betrayed and left for dead by his wife and partner. "The Hunter" was previously adapted in John Boorman's Point Blank with Lee Marvin and Brian Helgeland's Payback with Mel Gibson.
When Parker is holding the chair to Hardwicke's brother's neck, he threatens to break his trachea. This is possibly a reference to one of Statham's previous movies, Safe (2012), where he breaks someone's trachea and says "I didn't know tracheas could break."
When Parker is telling Hurley about his principles, he states that without them, life would be led by chaos. "Nobody likes chaos." Statham starred in a movie that received mixed reviews, called Chaos (2005).
Due to his commitments to this film and Wild Card, Jason Statham couldn't accept the lead antagonist role of Owen Shaw in Fast and Furious 6. He would instead play Deckard Shaw, the older brother of Owen Shaw, in Furious 7.
When Parker (Jason Statham ) threatens Norte (Carlos Carrasco ) with a gun, Norte mentions that he is neutral like Sweden, but Parker corrects him to Switzerland. Actually both countries are neutral.
Director Hackford tells in the DVD bonus, film commentary, that the heist sequence was shot half in Ohio and the other half in Louisiana, because the fire sequence could have never been made in the middle of a crowd, the actual Ohio feast, carnival. So he explained that they used extras for the fire sequence in Louisiana and used the actual crowd in Ohio, where no one among the mob could recognize the actors such as Statham - who was disguised as a priest - Chiklis and so on...So the audience watched, during one minute, several shots made one thousand miles in between.
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JLo and Bobby Cannavale previously starred together in "Shall We Dance" (2004).
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