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Statham Doing What He Does Best - Kick Ass
A K5 February 2013
Many people say the same things about Jason Statham, He's a typecast or he doesn't do anything different. Which is partly true, but he is good as an action star and in my opinion hes a better actor than what some say. I don't think he does get enough credit seeing how he got into movies almost by accident.

Anyways Parker has a good revenge/crime story its about a professional thief who lives by a simple code, don't steal from people who can't afford it and don't hurt people who don't deserve it. After a successful heist our man is left for dead by his partners. The movie has good action throughout. lots of hand to hand combat, and violent ones at that. It also has a better than usual cast and director for a statham action movie (Good villains + hot leading lady).

Overall, I got what I was expecting for $10 as a fan of Jason Statham and would recommend it for a good popcorn flick.

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Crime thriller which keeps its schizophrenia under control
Neil Welch15 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Robber with morals Parker (Jason Statham), shot and left for dead, wants only to recover his share and teach people how to behave properly. Having tracked those who owe him money down to Palm Beach, he poses as a Texan businessman in order to get a real estate agent to help him identify the property they may be using as a base. He may not have reckoned with the real estate agent having her own agenda, and the crew who owe him money having high powered connections...

This crime caper movie starts off firing on all cylinders. It opens as a robbery gets under way and then stays in full action mode for the best part of an hour. Then Parker arrives in Palm Beach, encounters Jennifer Lopez's hard-up real estate agent, and something really weird happens. You can feel that, at this point, the film badly wants to become a comedy. It never does - it remains a violent, hard boiled crime thriller throughout, but there is always this strong urge for it to be something lighter and frothier whenever Lopez is around.

For all that, I enjoyed it especially given that it didn't always do what I expected it to. It was, as always, a mistake to get Statham to do accents - as well as a generic American accent, he is saddled with having to have a go at a Texan accent, and accordingly he wanders around all over the place - US tough guy, Texas, and (mostly) London, sometimes all in the same sentence. The action sequences are well staged (Statham exhibits powers of recovery on a par with Wolverine's healing factor), with one especially satisfying moment during a fight which produced an audible, "Oof!" from the cinema audience. Good fun, if a little odd in places.
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Every other Jason Statham film ever made
m-atanasoff10 February 2013
Parker, a.k.a. "Every other Jason Statham film ever...but this time with a ten gallon". I won't be going in a detailed review, because if you've seen one Jason Statham flick you've seen every Jason Statham flick. Don't believe me? Here are some common trends I've noticed across his other films also present in this one: 1. Obligatory scene where he runs away from the hospital, minutes after waking up from being shot, beaten and/or mauled by a bear - check. 2. Semi-anonymous protagonist that is just a ridiculous badass for no apparent reason - check. 3. Whatever dubious activities he takes part in are explained to the viewer as honorable in a "everyone gets dirty" kind of way, because you know, JS has a code he adheres to and that automatically makes crime acceptable - check. 4. Women are magnetically compelled to his junk by his mere presence - check. Fast and fancy cars, because. (No I didn't forget the rest of the sentence) - check. 5.Walking around seemingly unfazed with broken appendages, ribs, collar bones, multiple gunshot wounds, knife stabbing wounds and/or bear mace - check.

All and all it's an okayish film, if you've never seen another Jason Statham flick before, but at this point it's just stupid to keep casting him in the same role, in the same film, over and over. It's obvious he's not a brilliant actor, but he has a lot more to offer than what is currently being churned out. Speaking of acting don't get me started on Jeniffer Lopez - her acting is just wince-inducing. Apparently the director thought the same and cast her in the film as a walking butt to centre shots around in the time Jason is off screen, presumably to make JS' male fans feel less awkward and have an excuse about having an erection throughout the movie, because we all know how unsure of themselves "bros" are.

It's a completely forgettable film you will probably regret paying actual real world money to see, because you will feel like you've seen this film at least 4 other times.
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Statham Makes a Great Parker
boblipton26 January 2013
As a fan of Donald Westlake's writing -- he did the Parker books under the pseudonym of Richard Stark -- I have long been bemused by the inability of film makers to adapt his work for the screen. Westlake wrote for the screen himself, and the Parker books are nothing but action and plot. Yes, there's character, but you figure it out from what Parker and his associates do.

With this, the fourth attempt to film a Parker novel, the film makers have found a practical if surprising choice for the title role. Jason Statham is not an actor of great oratorical powers, but he is a great physical actor, and he moves constantly like an angry tiger in a cage. The choice of a caper which is set largely in Palm Beach, with its artificial, pointless display of wealth and no other reason for existence is the perfect backdrop for the ferocity of Parker in his battle with Michael Chiklis' Melander; Jennifer Lopez' clueless Leslie, who gets caught up without understanding what is going on, gives the audience a good point of view.

Director Taylor Hackford is not a great director, but he is a highly competent one. Sixty years ago he would have been a major director for a studio, setting and working in the house style. Give him a story he can work with and he will hit all the notes, efficiently and effectively, and he has done so here. If the Parker of this movie is different from the Parker of the books, a bit more philosophical (although it comes down, in the end, to the tigerish "Do what I tell you and I will devour you last") we need to remember that a movie is not a book. This is not Donald Westlake's Parker, nor even the Parker I see when I read the books. However, it's still a very good one and worth your attention.
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Captures the essence of the "Parker" character
brendonm27 June 2013
I've read some of Richard Stark (a.k.a. Donald Westlake) 'Parker' books and this movie pretty much captures the essence of the character. This is not Shakespeare folks. The morality is pretty black and white in these books and Taylor Hackford and the screenwriter captures what this character is about very well. The only thing I found awkward in this movie were the flashbacks in the first third -- but that's a screenplay structure issue, not directing issue. Acting-wise, thought everyone did very well with their roles. No, there's not a lot of depth to anyone, except for perhaps Jennifer Lopez's character who makes it clear she's stuck in a dead-end life post-divorce and needs an out. All in all, a very good, entertaining crime thriller. I won't remember this years from now, but it entertained me and kept my attention throughout. And aside from all this, Stratham makes for one good badass! If you like this, definitely check out "The Bank Job" that he starred in: he really shows his acting chops in that one.
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Good Action Thriller
bob-rutzel-123 May 2013
Parker (Jason Statham) is a thief with codes to live by. He is left for dead by his cohorts in crime when he refuses to join them for another heist. He vows to go after them and get what is his.

Seems that some big stars want to hitch their wagon to a profitable venture such as any Jason Statham movie. Here we have Jennifer Lopez doing that and when I first saw her name associated with this I knew 2-things: She would get a lot of screen time and many, many lines too. Okay, 3-three things: this won't be as good as other Jason Statham movies. I was in cringeville. And, then I watched the movie and was wrong, wrong, wrong. She did good. Who knew?

However, there was a difference with this movie. Most of the time Mr Statham's character goes about his business cutting down the bad guys without any real complication, but in here he meets his match with some bad guys who kind of beat the hell out of him. He still wins, but it's not easy. Some of the fight scenes were too real for me and I had to check myself into the local ER to make sure all was okay. I am fine. Thanks for asking.

Add to the beatings, we have Leslie (Jennifer Lopez) getting in the way of Parker's plan to take out the bad guys. Okay, we knew something like this would happen and we cringed for a bit, but we were pleasantly surprised that she did good. Who knew?

All in all a good action thriller as we would expect from any Jason Statham movie even with a star who hitched her wagon to a profitable venture…..but did good. Who knew? Nick Nolte and Michael Chiklis also star.

Will we see other big stars hitch their wagon to other successful ventures: Matt Damon, Bruce Willis, Arnold (hey, is he back?), Sylvester? Time will tell. We can only hope the scripts will be as good as this one was. Kudos. (7/10)

Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: Yes, briefly, 2-times.. Language: Yes, not much.
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Critics will hate it, but it is better than most
ToledoTrumpton2 April 2017
It is an Action pic, so good action, fun one-liners, and you are pulling for the good bad guys instead of the bad bad guys all the way.

I've wasted so many hours watching movies that cost so much more to make and came with gushing reviews and were garbage, so when this one turned out to be unassuming, likable and fun, I was happily surprised.

Also, silky and sexy performance from Emma Booth, and Lopez is fantastic in her role too. Statham does his thing, but it is the actors around him that have to give what he does credibility.

One of those films that when you think back on it, might not be as shallow as you first thought.
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A 'must see' for Jason Statham fans...
bmennen25 January 2013
Well, SURE, there are places where you must suspend disbelief (it's not THAT easy to steal a car, is it?), and SURE there are plot holes, and SURE there are times when you say to yourself "How did he know to go there?" BUT...this is one enjoyable movie!

The acting, the action scenes, and the eye candy (Statham for you XXs, and J-Lo for us XYs) are all great. Oh...and a word about J-Lo. While I've never been a great fan, the poor reviews she received made me curious. Well, she was excellent...and hot as a pistol. That woman has more sex appeal than 5 centerfolds. Patti Lupone plays her mom...very well, I might add.

Statham plays Parker and Parker-like characters in an intrinsically believable manner; that is, marginal characters who live on the edge of the law or beyond it (think "The Transporter" series) with an honorable streak. He slips into this part easily, and like his "Transporter" character, Parker seems little interested in sex. No...he has a singular purpose here as he has had in previous movies: get the job done, and no time for recreation. And once again, his singularity of purpose rings true.

There is, of course, violence, but we all have seen worse; my wife only had to look away twice, and she does not enjoy these types of movies, but goes to humor me (I agreed to see that dreadful "Moonrise Kingdom" after all). But she liked "Parker"--her direct quote was "It kept my interest"--and that was high praise for this kind of flick.

And as Tosh might say: "And for that, we thank you."
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I really wanted to like it
siderite4 May 2013
I wanted to like this movie so much, because I really think Jason Statham has some serious acting skills and he deserves some good scripts. Also the story is based on a book, so it should have been good.

Alas, it was not to be. And it has almost nothing to do with J-Lo being in the movie. The characters are bland, illogical in almost everything they do, even Parker, the Statham's character. Worst than that: they are unsympathetic. You have a lot of greedy people, some of them evil, some of them stupid, and apart from them is Parker, who is not greedy, just stupid. He puts everybody at risk for his own principles, he gets beat up and shot a few times and somehow he still walks. It's like Crank, but without anything fun in it.

I have to say I am a fan of Michael Chiklis, from Vegas, but his role was small and two dimensional. One dimensional, really, but I was going with the cardboard metaphor. You wanna know who was the most clear cut character, the one that did the job and was consistent? Daniel Bernhardt in the role of the Mafia killing machine.

So, bottom line: a waste of time and of good actors.
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Vengeance seeking Statham propels this swell slice of pulp fiction
george.schmidt6 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
PARKER (2013) *** Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Chiklis, Nick Nolte, Wendell Pierce, Clifton Collins, Jr., Bobby Cannavale, Patti LuPone, Carlos Carrasco, Michah Hauptman, Emma Booth. Statham serves well as a revenge seeking crook with a code who is out for vengeance - and his slice of the pie - after a heist of double crosses leaves him for dead. High octane actioner with a swell ensemble and Lopez' best on screen role since "Out Of Sight" as the fly-in- the-ointment real estate agent that comes into Statham's plan-of-action-by default. Directed with gumption by vet Taylor Hackford and John C. McLaughlin's crackerjack adaptation of the late, great pulp fiction scribe Donald E. Weslake's novel "Flashfire" (under the Richard Stark pseudonym).
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Not a love story
kosmasp10 August 2013
While I wasn't aware there was already a "Parker" character (in books that is), I was more drawn to the movie because of the director. Taylor Hackford has done some extraordinary work. Be it "Officer and Gentleman", "Devil's Advocate" or my personal favorite "Blood in Blood out". But you can't compare this to any of those movies of course. I was however surprised seeing him working with Jason Statham. A man more known for his action filled roles.

And while this might not be one of the better works of Hackford, it still is good action cinema. Michael Chiklis has been better though, although he doesn't get much to play with here. Jennifer Lopez gets to play in a good movie too for once (after U-Turn and Out of Sight), but don't expect to see too much of her here. This is the Statham show and that is pretty obvious.
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Too long and predictable, but no flop
Bene Cumb12 April 2013
Of course, similar events - revenge after double-crossing - have been depicted several times and will definitely be depicted in the future as well - but it is the direction and choice of actors that counts. As for Parker, everything is at least okay with those: the director Taylor Hackford is an accredited creator and names like Jason Statham, Nick Nolte, Jennifer Lopez are certain signs of quality and non-boredom. They are pleasant to follow even in less interesting and less veracious scenes.

Well, the script is probably the weakest part of the movie: too much predictability, excessive sections (e.g. Parker-Claire, prolonging the duration to almost 2 hour 15 minutes) and trivial ending (unlike in movies by Guy Ritchie, for example).

Nevertheless, Parker is still an above-average A-movie, qualifying well for a sociable entertainment.
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No one will expect much from a Jason Statham movie released in January, but "Parker" is still surprisingly disappointing.
GoneWithTheTwins24 January 2013
"Parker" is quite the conundrum. It's not bizarre enough in visuals to be unique, nor is it edited flashily enough to be contemporary. It's not overly violent, exploitive, gratuitous, or edgy in any manner and the story is severely lacking creativity. The combination of Statham and Lopez is curious at best, but Statham doesn't rack up an impressive body count or engage in smartly choreographed warfare, while Lopez fails to be tough, intelligent, or genuinely sympathetic. Kicking off with the most generic of setups (borrowing heavily from Kubrick's "The Killing" and discernibly reminiscent of Mel Gibson's "Payback," itself adapted from the first Parker novel "The Hunter," whereas this feature is supposedly penned from the 19th book titled "Flashfire"), the film meanders through timid heist events until its anticlimactic, borderline documentary-like conclusion.

At the Ohio State Fair, Parker (Jason Statham) orchestrates a burglary of ticket sales that tiptoes past the one million dollar mark. He's aided by distraction man Hardwicke (Michah Hauptman), whose fire divertissement becomes deadly, and two gunmen posing as clowns (Clifton Collins Jr. as Ross and Michael Chiklis as Melander). A fifth accomplice, Carlson (Wendell Pierce), drives the getaway police vehicle. When Parker only wants his cut of the money, refusing to use the entire take as seed money for another, much more elaborate caper, the others shoot him and leave him for dead. Barely escaping with his life, Parker follows the foursome to West Palm Beach, Florida, where he enlists the help of real estate agent Leslie Rodgers (Jennifer Lopez) to aid in his various righting of wrongs. "It's the principle," insists Parker, when his longtime mentor Hurley (Nick Nolte) tries to convince him to let the whole thing go. "You wanna get yourself killed over principle?"

The character of Parker, as written by Richard Stark in more than twenty novels, somehow manages to be continually adapted in enervated ways (save for John Boorman's exceptional "Point Blank"). He's clearly no James Bond, instead stumbling into comical costumes for simple robberies (the scores are planned out in a method clearly devoid of screenwriter knowledge of "The Sting") and repetitive grand theft auto. He also possesses an archaic and conflicting code of ethics that forces him to thwart criminals as if he were Batman. The editing sports flashbacks that embarrassingly reexamine moments that occurred mere minutes beforehand – the most bewildering of which repeats a scene depicting Chiklis being villainous, as if audiences might forget which actor is the antagonist. There is some humor tied to the initial interactions, but this is quickly substituted for romantic drama of the painfully stifled kind.

This leads to Jennifer Lopez, whose character is introduced late in the film and for almost no reason at all. Parker is already pointlessly entangled with a love interest (the young blonde Claire, played by the forgettable but frequently nude Emma Booth), causing Leslie to appear desperate. She's pushing 40, divorced, in debt, broke, and lives with her mother. She tries to force herself on Parker, who promptly rejects her, creating a role that is swiftly pathetic, withering, foolish, and nearly suicidal. Thanks to a scene in which she willingly strips for him to prove she's not wearing a wire, she's also quite fit. Why would any accomplished, self-respecting woman want this part?

While Leslie is the most lamentable character in the screenplay, it's difficult to ignore the fact that almost every other persona is written to behave and react exactly how they shouldn't. Claire is unbelievably shrewd when it comes to circumventing a kidnapping attempt; Melander is always on the lookout, even when he wouldn't be anticipating an appearance by Parker, who in turn ponders over events he wasn't present for; Rodgers is impossibly brave when confronting vicious men from an underworld she's completely unaccustomed to; and gun and knife wounds seem to disappear just minutes after they've been acquired, certainly never getting in the way of physical combat (the most ludicrous is a brief but heavy-hitting scuffle in which the camera goes to great lengths to make the defeated appear catatonic at best – yet he strikes back with full, unfazed force seconds later as if he were Jason Voorhees). No one will expect much from a Jason Statham movie released in January, but "Parker" is still surprisingly disappointing.

  • The Massie Twins (
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Excellent action thriller!
manusanchez9011 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Parker" is a thriller made for the thrilling action movies fans and specially, for Jason Statham's fans. It is an enjoyable thriller full of action and violence. First, I must state that I did not read or know the novel it is based upon, so my review does not compare the book with the movie. "Parker" does not add anything really new, but it surely entertains and has some solid script and plot as well as a nice photography of Miami. Statham delivers a very good performance, but nothing different of what he always does. Jennifer Lopez worked very well in this movie, as well. The problem is that they work better when separated than when together. This means that they are both good actors who do a good job in "Parker", but they do not have any chemistry together, unlike Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", for example. The action scenes are rather realistic and very violent (specially one in which the protagonist is beated up by his own colleagues and another in the balcony of a hotel). The director Taylor Hackford has done a very good job because the movie amused movie during its entire length. Although the end is quite predictable, the movie contains some interesting twists. The cast is focused on both Jason and Jlo. The other actors simply did a fine job. In conclusion, this is a very recommendable movie, specially when you just feel like action, entertainment, a nice city to watch and attractive people like Jason Statham and Jlo. Do not expect anything very profound! 8
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An excellent down to Earth thriller!
josephanthonytaylor18 May 2013
With out giving much away, I have to really praise this movie. The film accomplishes creating a down to Earth thriller with the dramatic ups and downs of a well written story.

In today's movie world, most movies create thrill by just using special effects that show cars being blown away, chases, and gun battles. Special effects are fine and thrilling, but a movie created by computer effects is devoid of real creativity.

In Parker however, the thrills come from the characters' interactions and situations. Now, you really need imagination and creativity in order to accomplish such level of reality.

The film presents the two main characters in a very realistic way. Furthermore, the female lead played by Jennifer Lopez, is played to perfection.

It is very sad to observe that this film did not get proper distribution here in New York City. Originally, the movie was going to be shown at several AMC Theaters including the Lincoln Square 13. While it did play in several AMC Houses, it never played the Lincoln Square 13. The Lincoln Square 13 seems to be the AMC Flagship here in NYC.

In my opinion, the fact that this movie did not played in that house hurt the movie at the box office.

All-in-all, I hope there is a sequel to Parker with the same actors playing the lead roles. I also will like to see the sequel promoted and distributed more efficiently.
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Excellent action film with great photography
psagray26 July 2013
"Parker" (Jason Statham) is a thief with a code of ethics very particular robs only the rich. After an operation, is betrayed by his team and left for dead. Then decides to adopt a new identity, what is proposed, with the help of a beautiful woman (Jennifer Lopez), is to take the spoils and mourn his former partners have crossed his path

It is an entertaining film right and evasion, which positively remember that old action genre, where the story stood out more than the special effects. In "Parker", the script is not very original, but very well told and entertaining enough. One thing to be grateful for this film, is that unlike most of the current action genre in three aspects, there are few locations, few scenes full of explosive special effects and few night scenes, where poor lighting and the frantic rate of the camera deceives the viewer,

Another novelty in this film is the fact of seeing Jennifer Lopez in action films such as at the beginning.
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Cesare Roma12 May 2013
simply it's a wonderful movie .. one of the best movies for Jason :) Parker is a thief who has an unusual code. He doesn't steal from the poor and hurt innocent people. He is asked to join 4 other guys one of whom is related to a known mobster. They pull off the job flawlessly and Parker wants to part ways with them. But because he refused to join them for another job they try to kill him. They dispose of his body but someone finds him and he is still alive and takes him to the hospital. After recovering he sets out to get back at the ones who tried to kill him, another one of his codes. He learns where they are and poses as a wealthy Texan looking to buy a house. So he hires a Realtor, Leslie Rogers to show him around. He is actually trying to find out where they're holed up. And when he finds it, he sets out on his plan to get them. But when they learn he is alive, they contact the mobster to take care of him. So he sends a killer to take care of him.
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Parker delivers action-entertainment-fun
dgefroh12 May 2013
If you enjoy action movies, tough guys, an engaging plot, and decent acting, this one more than fills the bill. Going into this one I was somewhat apprehensive as Jason Statham movies miss more than they hit, and when you throw Jennifer Lopez in, I was really quite leery and afraid this one was going to be stupid and a typical Statham slam-fest....WRONG!! I've got to give it to both Lopez and Statham for pulling off not only a entertaining movie, but for also doing really quit a good job of selling their respective roles. The storyline has been done before, but there are enough twists and turns in this movie to keep it fresh and not totally predictable. My suggestion for you is if this type of movie is your thing, then don't miss this one.
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"Nothing but bills . . ."
Hot 888 Mama1 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
. . . is the funniest line in a movie that has more than a few. Delivered by Jennifer Lopez as a struggling Boca Raton, FL, realtor in the second of three postscripts to the main story, it reflects the matter-of-fact tone tinged with a touch of irony that pervades director Taylor Hackford's screen version of the Richard Stark novel Flashfire. Unlike, say the recent Schwarzenegger vehicle THE LAST STAND, Parker is NOT a movie which defies common sense from the get-go. Parker is not a cartoon (except for the implausible number of injuries the title character played by Jason Statham is able to bounce back from in the span of 2 hours; but given the level of abuse his character took in CRANK #1 & #2, Parker is at least a little more convincing). Parker's mentor Nick Nolte and his ad hoc partner Leslie (played by Lopez) are on-screen just enough to balance Parker's character with a check here and there, but not too much. Ditto Emma Booth as Parker's lover (and frequent nurse) Claire. The opening set piece filmed at the Ohio State Fair is more fun, perhaps, than the later jewel auction heist, but at least neither scene has viewers cringing for the safety of an aged retired California governor. Two thumbs up!
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Entertaining and Typical Jason Statham movie
Ranbud27 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Decided to have a Sunday date with the wife and picked this movie, you already know what you are getting with a Jason Statham movie and this one was no exception. Adding J'Lo to the mix really helped this movie out as she she a great job of acting here and I am not really a J'Lo fan normally. She was actually believable in this film and all that was really missing from this movie was maybe a few comedy quotes that would have helped it out a bit more with a chuckle here and there. I read these reviews before I pick the movies to go see and some reviewers like to really dwell on the same thing that professional reviewers deal with. What I like to read, is real people and how these people enjoy the movie as entertainment. This movie will not disappoint you if you like Jason Statham movies. It was entertainment, a night with with the wife, what more can you ask for right? All in all it was still a good movie and worth the price of admission.
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A lot of action, yet the story is to good to be true, still good eye candy in the form of J. Lo!
Danny Blankenship27 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Parker" is one of those action movies that you watch and feel entertained it's a crowd pleaser with a happy ending as everything ends in a way that's all most to good to be true like the anti hero Parker(Statham)getting revenge and getting money and splitting it with a woman Leslie(Jennifer Lopez) who needs it! Anyway Jason Statham is Parker a thief who after getting double crossed by his crew of bad guys goes off and assumes his own new identity and he relocates and meets and has a friendship with an unlikely woman named Leslie Rodgers(Jennifer Lopez). The meeting and new travel takes place in sunny south Florida and Ms. Rodgers is a desperate little lady divorced and living at home with her soap opera addicted mother, her only love is her job as a Realtor and selling rich real estate thru out Palm Beach and Miami. Her meeting with Parker despite dangerous and cautious will lead her to a rich bank account! Most liked and remembered is the eye candy scene of Lopez's Rodgers character stripping down to a sexy silk black bra and panties with white polka dots! Wow Jennifer is one sexy lady. Overall good action film with a happy ending that's blended with sex appeal.
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Very Good Movie
mikeholliday514 July 2013
This is a good good movie, kudos to Lopez, Stratham. This is a very underrated flick, I hope Parker has more to come. Good movie!!!! I have to admit, Lopez is a better actress than she is given scores for. And Stratham, well, it's Jason. I love this as well as Killshot, another very good flick. Enjoy! I don't understand why I need ten lines of omission to satisfy but I'll try. Good movies, enjoy it, Lopez is a very good actor. What more do you want? This is nuts, OK, ten lines of text, let me, a good movie, I have no clue as to this ten line text thing but that's me so anyway happy 4th and stay out of trouble?
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Casey's Movie Mania: PARKER (2013)
caseymoviemania28 January 2013
Terribly clunky and painfully routine, Taylor Hackford's big screen adaptation of the late novelist's Donald E. Westlake's PARKER (who died in 2008) is nothing more than your typical, undemanding Jason Statham-centric crime thriller.

The movie opens quite promisingly with Parker (Jason Statham), who is put in charge by veteran thief Hurley (Nick Nolte) to lead a crew of four: Melander (Michael Chiklis), Ross (Clifton Collins Jr.), Hardwicke (Micah Hauptman), and Carlson (Wendell Pierce) -- for a big heist at the Ohio State Fair. The heist is successful, and they manage to get away with more than $1 million in cash. However, things get out of hand when Parker respectfully refuses Melander's offer to invest their take in an upcoming diamond heist that would net them a bigger payday. A violent shootout ensues, and Parker ends up being shot and left for dead. Fortunately, Parker is lucky enough to be alive after he is rescued by two kind strangers. After Parker is slowly recovered from his bullet wounds, he's determined for payback time against Melander and his gang. With the help of Hurley and Hurley's daughter Claire (Emma Booth), Parker subsequently discovers that the gang's next heist will take place in West Palm Beach, Florida.

In order to carry out his revenge plan smoothly, he travels there and disguise as a wealthy Texan seeking to purchase a new home. There, he gets to know a struggling real-estate agent named Leslie Rodgers (Jennifer Lopez), who gradually learns the truth behind Parker's motivation and demands to get a fair cut from him as well.

On the surface, putting a respectable Hollywood veteran like Taylor Hackford and BLACK SWAN screenwriter John J. McLaughlin on a task to adapt one of Westlake's most famous characters, one might easily assume that PARKER is going to be a great hard-boiled crime thriller. Unfortunately it's a big surprise that the movie turns out to be a ho-hum experience. McLaughlin's adapted screenplay is bloated with too many excess baggage, particularly in the long-winded middle section involving Jennifer Lopez's character. Problem is, the casting of Jennifer Lopez is the main reason why the movie drags a lot. It's also pity to see Lopez nowadays isn't a worthwhile actress she used to be, as she comes across more of a window-dressing part than a necessary character (how else would you explain that she is mostly showcased as a sex object where the camera simply loves to focus on her butt than her acting talent?). Another problem is Hackford's uneven direction. After a promising start, he quickly loses steam midway with his erratic pacing and barely recovers ever since. It's also a shame that most of the supposedly first-rate cast (notably Nick Nolte and Michael Chiklis) are neglected to strict caricatures.

Despite most of its glaring flaws, PARKER remains a fairly decent time-waster. Jason Statham is suitably cast as a no-nonsense criminal vows to seek vengeance. While his character as Parker is more of the same cool-mannered role we used to see him from other movies, he's always entertaining enough to watch for especially when comes to action sequence. Speaking of action, this is where the movie often comes alive (even though they are not barely enough to justify this as a satisfying whole). Earlier in the movie, an ugly shootout inside the moving fan is truly an exhilarating set-piece. Some of the brutally realistic fight scenes are well-choreographed as well, even though there are times the editing tends to get too frenetic until it's hard to distinguish what is really going on.
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Jennifer Lopez pays the director to be in this film
imdb-4518 August 2013
Wow is this movie a terrible mess. It's a Statham standard, whom I love. But the insults to the intelligence are just remarkable. If you're going to put together a by the numbers movie then just do it well.

Jennifer Lopez cannot act. She is a disaster. This movie is an excuse for her to have a large role and try to show off how beautiful she thinks she is. Word to Jenny from the block - you have aged. You're not that hot. You're sad, very sad.

Parker is a thief who is double crossed. He's not going to hunt down the gang that tried to kill him and couldn't do so even though he should have been dead at least twice. As he goes through this far-fetched and forgettable story, he meets Jennifer Lopez, a woman who is a desperate female willing to do anything - and I mean anything - to land a few hundred dollars to make her car payments.

Not very good butt kicking. Lots of incredibly stupid dialog. The only thing that would have been worthwhile would have been to make this into a threesome and a more restricted rating. Other than that, this movie has nothing compelling. It's a bad C movie. Skip it.
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I expected the worst and I was damn' wrong
Warning: Spoilers
I am a Richard Stark's novels die hard fan since the 70's. I started reading them at 12 years old. Parker is one of may all novels favourite. I have seen all the movies adapted from this gruesome, hard boiled professional robber's tales. Of course, Lee Marvin is the best above all, and the first too...

This very movie is a good surprise for me. Not because it is a masterpiece, far from that, that's not HEAT!!! But, you see, I don't like Jason Statham that much, and I was really afraid of what I might have to deal with. I was scared. Statham as PARKER character ??!!!!

After all, I think that's here the best Statham movie ever. The overall film is rather faithful to the novel itself and to the authentic PARKER's "soul" too.

Besides, in most Parker stories, the scheme is nearly always the same ; He pulls a heist and outsiders try to grab the dol from him. You find this in most of the novels. Here, that's the contrary. HE robs the robbers after their heist, but it's only because the guys initially screwed with him.

Taylord Hackford is not an action film maker, and he made here a rather fine job. I hope there will be some sequels. Statham as PARKER is fine for me.
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