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Plot Keywords

thief left for dead
hospital disguise
heist diner
stabbed in the leg police investigation
boyfriend girlfriend relationship blood
gun held to head gun fu
diving suit armored truck
warrior hotel
security guard double cross
mafia topless female nudity
sawed off shotgun father daughter relationship
shot in the chest shot in the side
pistol hit with a bar stool
pistol whip barbecue
violence hit on the head with a fire extinguisher
shot to death diamond
falling to death rifle
product placement gunfight
posing as fireman hand to hand combat
nightclub lens flare
martial arts murder
broken rib heist gone wrong
shot in the stomach shot in the back
state fair fake id
bare chested male swimming pool
gas mask interracial kiss
internet strangulation
trail of blood interrogation
ambulance father son relationship
shootout auction
betrayal scar
fight hidden gun
escape hostage
robbery rescue
sheriff lives with mother
hit with a chair fake accent
home invasion jewelry robbery
shot in the leg action hero
money one word title
throat slitting stabbed in the hand
news report dog
anti hero shot in the forehead
held at gunpoint kentucky
fire truck fire
gore assassination attempt
cleaning up blood kidnapping
fairground flashback
stolen car police officer
one man army neck breaking
gangster blood splatter
revolver palm beach florida
human shield realtor
brawl mansion
reference to elizabeth taylor stabbed to death
new orleans louisiana millionaire
on the run bar
stabbed in the chest presumed dead
showdown mixed martial arts
stabbed in the throat impersonating a priest
hitman blood stain
kicked in the chest knife
fugitive stitches
impersonating a police officer torture
security camera falling from height
knife in hand boat
crime boss woman in bra and panties
surveillance criminal
helicopter shot in the ear
kicked in the face pickup truck
box office flop explosive
clown costume firecracker
fist fight divorcee
revenge beating
organized crime tough guy
death f word
neo noir stabbed in the neck
shotgun mother daughter relationship
punched in the face shot in the head
stabbed in the shoulder axe
ferris wheel stealing a car
ohio explosion
character repeating someone else's dialogue gun under a table
machine gun assassin
bald chicago illinois
based on novel character name in title
title spoken by character

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