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Character error 

Parker hides two guns under tables, one under a tiled table and one under a wooden table. Spaces between the wood pieces of the tabletop are obviously wide enough to see anything attached underneath.


When the driver is shot in the right ear (blood everywhere) at about 17:20, the car goes out of control. When the car veers around the tree and goes skidding on two tires (about 17:38), we see the driver's right ear (17:39) - it is now uninjured.
When the fireworks at the auction goes off, a woman in black dress runs down the center aisle twice.
After his stabbed hand is stitched-up, and he's eating soup, you don't see a bandage or the stitches on his cut hand.
Parker steals a blued M1911-type pistol from the hunters' motel room and it ends up in his duffel bag. Later, the blued M1911 has been replaced by a nickel-plated M1911, Ross's "best .45" from later in the film.
After Parker take a stroll to Clendon's mansion and back to his apartment, he is wearing light gray suit with very light pink shirt, as he about to take off his watch the camera shoots once he's wearing dark suit like navy blue with white shirt, then he's wearing the gray suit again.
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Crew or equipment visible 

When Jason is driving the Bentley and makes a U turn and stops, a crew member and the gear are visible in the door.
(at around 50 mins) As Jennifer drives, the camera tow car are reflected in the buildings she passes.

Factual errors 

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy wears the proper PBCSO uniform but his badge is from the West Palm Beach Police Department and not the County issued PBCSO larger Star badge.


When Parker slides under the garage door as it is closing (twice) at Melander's house, he would have broken the infra red safety beam, so the door should have stopped and re-opened, alerting Mr. Rodrigo and his gang.

Revealing mistakes 

When the SUV goes out of control following the carnival job and goes up on two wheels, one of the shots clearly shows the SUV's lights indicating it is in reverse gear, even though the car is always accelerating and moving forward throughout the scene.
After Parker steals clothing and items from the hotel room belonging to the hunters it is raining. The rain is obviously not real since it moves to cover up the entire frame as Parker is walking. Also the rain falls in an arc suggesting that it is not falling naturally.

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