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Best House episode in a long time
vincent_ireland11 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Simply one of the best in quite a while. Really gripping and hard hitting stuff. It's hard to believe so much was packed into the 45 minute format. Just goes to show what can be done when the bar is high. Take the House story arc alone. He finds out that he's risked his life with experimental rat medicine. He opts to perform life threatening surgery on himself. This is filmed so viscerally, it's genuinely hard to watch. You know he's stoned himself to handle the pain, but he can't be so stoned that he passes out or cuts an artery. It doesn't get much more messed up than this, even for House. You feel like you're there with him, in the bath tub, alone, rat poison in the veins, a set of tumors in a withered leg, a scalpel and a bunch of drugs. When it starts to go wrong and he starts calling all his "friends", you sense his aloneness. It makes you reflect on who you could call in such a situation. And that it would wind up to be Cuddy who answers his calls, coming with child in toe, was quite poetic. The family united! So dysfunctional and yet so very poignant... The story arcs for Taub, 13, Foreman and Chase are equally strong, and only space forbids me to comment on their dramas. This probably should have been extended into a double episode and been the season finale... On a side note, this one reminded me of a great Stephen King short story, entitled "Survivor Type", about another junkie doctor who also performs major surgery on himself. Brief, gripping and well worth a read, a good accompaniment to this episode. Some things just stay with you.
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Best house episode I've ever seen
Tony Richens17 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This episode is without a doubt the best episode I've ever seen its full of witty one liners and great stories , finally house is back to the way it was before intelligent gory and heartfelt , you can see each character change in this episode into a completely new person you see sides to the characters you never actually thought was there , examples:

House: I new he was ignorant and a egoistic manic but i never thought he was so egotistical he would give himself 6 anesthetics and remove tumors from his own leg in the bath tub.

13: Shes very stubborn and until now I've never seen her not back down from something , when chase and her got into a brawl over her friend i really thought she would carry on fighting but she remained down and they took her friend to the hospital.

Cuddy: I really thought she wouldn't answer her phone , i'd assumed even if house explained to her over the phone what he had done , she would of thought he was up to his old games again , shes become extremely trusting in other people

Taub: I've finally gained some respect for his character hes finally pushed the normal boundaries of the show and gotten a girl pregnant and touched a lap dancer at a strip club , finally the man is becoming interesting.

Foreman: Rather than just walk off and leave his friend walking into a oncoming calamity , he asked him 3 times to get in the car hes starting to care a lot more about his colleges , but hes still a power control freak.

So this one episode has resuscitated the characters to a point where the show has become even more interesting i can only hope this show goes on for 10 seasons , just like every other decent show out there.
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