The Raid: Redemption (2011) Poster

Plot Keywords

police swat team
gangster apartment
drug lord apartment building
police officer fight
lieutenant tenement
jakarta indonesia boy killed
dead boy child knocked unconscious
child shot in the neck child killed
child shot first part
police officer neck broken killed in police car
police officer shot in the chest police officer shot in the neck
police officer shot in the head brutality
hiding in a closet fistfight
die hard scenario filmed killing
massacre action hero
tough guy shotgun
rifle tough cop
warrior mixed martial arts
falling through the floor bloody body of child
body count long take
elevator stick fight
security camera organized crime
crime lord undercover cop
undercover surveillance
violence suspense
silencer police brutality
pregnancy carnage
kung fu shootout
blood slow motion scene
dragging a dead body martial art
pentak silat drug factory
drug ring bolo fight
drug use falling from a window
falling from height chained
arrest bolo
hunting knife gas tank
refrigerator grenade
wilhelm scream gore
one man army two against one
shot in the stomach intercom
blood on camera lens title at the end
killed in an elevator kicked in the head
kicked in the chest punched in the stomach
punched in the face broken arm
broken back axe murder
neck breaking police officer shot
police officer stabbed shot through a window
throat slitting explosion
corpse head bashed in
beaten to death beating
torture hung by wrists
stabbed in the hand estranged brother
fight to the death falling through a staircase
falling to death jumping through a window
thrown through a window impalement
running out of ammo suicide attempt
betrayal ambush
flashback video surveillance
character repeating someone else's dialogue character says i love you
shot through the floor shot through a door
child murder knife
blood splatter knife fight
stabbed in the head shot in the face
stabbed in the face stabbed to death
stabbed in the stomach stabbed in the chest
stabbed in the neck stabbed in the leg
shot in the chest shot in the eye
shot to death shot in the throat
shot in the neck shot in the shoulder
shot in the leg shot in the head
hit with a hammer sniper rifle
brawl hand to hand combat
duct tape over mouth strangulation
bullet proof vest sergeant
pistol assault rifle
bare chested male pregnant wife
brother brother relationship husband wife relationship
one day murder
corrupt cop police corruption
rookie cop monitor
urban urban setting
machete police officer killed
crime boss machine gun
high rise police raid
martial arts indonesian
death death of child
surprise ending

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