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Season 1

Bend It Like Ballistico
On the day of the 5-a-side regional finals, Rudy captures one of the teams in his energy-draining ZONE-OUT ZONE to lure the Sportlets into a "football (soccer) trap."
Instant Champion
A young boy wants to be a winning soccer ball "juggler" and falls for Rudy Rude's 'Instant Champion' devices and tricks.
Yo-Yo Hero
The Super Sportlets get the best of a young bully working with Rudy Rude by building him up instead of tearing him down.
Rules of the Game
Rudy Rude traps Amy and she's the only Sportlet who knows how to play basketball and that's Rudy's "challenge sport".
Spin and Win
Rudy Rude tricks two Freestyle Flying Dish champs into using an energy-sucking disk. The Super Sportlets take on Rudy and his cheating henchman, Tommy Tornado, hoping to beat their foe before the disc drains all of their Ener-Joy.
New Game in Town
Rudy Rude makes up a sport, "Flabby-Ball", with his own unique rules and penalties.
Crouching Dancer Hidden Martial Art
Rudy traps Charm and a Capoeira student in a force-field.
Better Skate Than Never
Rudy crashes a skateboarding demonstration and puts on an amazing show: is Rudy actually a talented boarder or is he cheating?
Run Sportlets Run
Athletica helps a young marathon runner break through "The Runner's Wall" to victory.
Home Run Challenge
A young baseball phenomenon and his dad learn from the Super Sportlets that there's more to the game than just pitching.
Game Set and Match
A self-centered tennis star gets a lesson in teamwork, while Strongo gets a lesson in not being "too" strong.
Taekwondo: Way of the Foot
The Super Sportlets teach Spencer, a young martial artist, that even the most impossible of techniques can be accomplished if it is broken down to the basics.
Trojan Horse
In a challenge game of volleyball, the Sportlets can't figure out WHAT Rudy has pulled out of his hat to sap their Ener-Joy.
See No Rudy
The Super-Sportlets face off with Rudy in a game of dodgeball. Rudy's advantage? His team is invisible.
If the Shoe Fits
Youth soccer players learn that a big-time shoe endorsement doesn't make you a great player, and, in this case, it makes you the pawns of Rudy Rude.
When Rudy Rude accidentally unleashes Ener-Joy on himself, he becomes "good" Rudy, forcing Lord Less to send Tommy Tornado to put things "right."
Horsing Around
Rudy plants Ener-joy draining devices in the machines at the Kids Workout Factory and believes he has succeeded in sucking the Super Sportlets dry. But a pommel horse competition with Strongo proves him wrong.
The Wheel Deal
Rudy creates BMX bikes that steal energy. The survival of the Super- Sportlets rest with a daredevil rider with an old beat-up bike.
Ruby Rude
The Sportlets think their worst enemy is Rudy Rude until they meet Rudy's ruthless cousin, Ruby.
No 'I' in Team
Ballistico's ego gets the better of him and he and Darby both learn that teamwork requires a team, not just a "star."
Slam Dunk
Rudy loses his RHD and has a 2-man slam-dunk team compete with the Super-Sportlets to win it back.
Just for Kicks
Rudy thinks he's beaten the Super-Sportlets when he calls for a game of flag football and two of the Super-Sportlets are on Rudy's team.
Robot Ringer
The Super Sportlet's learn the secret about the Olympic sport of Taekwondo Sparring by battling Rudy Rude's super sparring robot. It's not in the power, but the strategy.
Breakdance Bullies
Lord Less gives Rudy a camera that creates evil duplicates of Ballistico and Athletica. There's only one way to determine who the good guys are - a breakdance dance-off.
Lord Less on the Loose
Lord Less changes bodies with Rudy, and Rudy changes body with Charm. Who's got whose body? And how is this going to affect the four new challenges Lord Less has put before the Super-Sportlets? Is it Rudy? Or Charm?

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