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Greg Madsen (John Hildenbiddle) and Acker Kenmore (Dylan Noebels) are small-time grifters in search of their next payday. but Acker is searching for more meaning in his life after taking a class from offbeat yoga instructor Sullivan Burkes (WT Russell), who begins teaching Acker to find his "inner Octopus" while spurning the advances of his sexy student Cinnamon (Katie Scheaffer).

Greg gets caught up with Freakshow (Justin Freet) and Bisely (Nate Quiroga), a pair of hired goons sent by the reclusive Antonius (Andras Jones) to find a missing girl named Stella Mercuria (Stella Saint Clair). As Freakshow and Bisely trace the path of Stella, we find out more about the mysterious Octopus and how these characters' lives intersect in many surprising ways.


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