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I'm proud to support our next generation of researchers, the best and the brightest.
paolo ceccacci16 October 2017
Three young doctors (a Caucasian, a mulatto and a girl from Chinese ancestry) were willing to win the Langston research grant. The Asiatic girl managed to win the prize much to the disapproval of the other two. Right after, the mixed race guy had an argument with doctor Langston, calling him a phony. Langston's wife report his husband missing the day after and detectives soon realize his body was cremated in place of a navy old man just deceased, whose body was donated for research to Bedford University. It's easy to figure out somebody inside the research facility has to be the perp. Is it the prankster white man (who used to make up dead people in order to post pictures in social network), the partially black man (doctor's disowned son) or the workaholic girl? Or neither of the three?

I'm sick of seeing Goren all the episodes in psychologist session. It's totally out of storyline, director should have deleted that meaningless shooting from the beginning.
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