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  • Graduation gets moved earlier when Mr. Tipton sells the S.S. Tipton.


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  • Zach and Maya are watching a funny video of Woody, when Woody walks in. He says I thought I deleted all of these videos. Cody and Bailey walk in and are discussing Yale. Bailey says that Yale is sending out their acceptance letters this week. Ms. Tutweiller and Mr. Moseby come in and announce that the ship has been sold, and there's only a week til they reach new York and the ship is dismantled. Bailey and Cody discuss their co-valedictorian speech, and Cody has a huge stack of cards. Maya walks in and says that shes been accepted by the peace corps and been assigned to chad. Zack worries why she's assigned to Chad, and she tells him that chad is a country in Africa. Zack goes running after her. Woody and Madison have a week to put the yearbook together and they take a picture of themselves as the cutest couple. Ms. Tutweiller tells London that she can't graduate until she passes a foreign language. Mr. Moseby catches Zack washing his socks in the blender, and Zack says that the washing machine costs a quarter, and says what you going to fire me. Zack wants to break up with Maya, and tries the breakup speech with Cody, but Cody overreacts. Zack and Maya agree to go to dinner and talk. Zack has feelings for Maya, and doesn't want to break up with her because he loves her. Ms. Tutweiller and London are in the classroom. Ms Tutweiller's speaking Spanish while London makes fun of her in English. Woody finds out that he did bring a second pair of underwear, and Cody suggests that he put them on. Cody finds that he has received his letter from Yale, and doesn't want to open it yet because he and Bailey agreed to open them together. Woody opens it and reads that Cody did not get accepted into Yale. Ms. Tutweiller's banging her head on the desk, and London asks her to stop. She tries again to teach London Spanish but fails at it. Mr. Moseby and Frankie are tearing down the lounge, and Frankie wants to keep Mr. Tipton happy so that she can become the next Mrs. Tipton. Zack and Maya are trying to work out their relationship. Zack says he'll call, but there's not much cell service, and they can't video chat due to almost no internet connection, and there's no light for her to read his mail. Zack than realizes that Maya's breaking up with him, and the conversation that Zack and Cody had is the same one that Maya and Zack are having now. Bailey admits that she opened the letter from Yale, and Cody says that she must be disappointed and she says that she got in. Than she reads his letter and is sad that he did not get in. Ms. Tutweiller finally gets through teaching Spanish to London when London starts touching things and says them in Spanish. Mr. Moseby tells Ms. Tutweiller that she has til 5 o'clock to wrap-up graduation. Ms. Tutweiller wants to talk about their future but Mr. Moseby doesn't. Kurt and Carrie come on board the ship and greets Mr. Moseby. Bailey meets Mr. and Mrs. Martin, and tells them that Cody didn't get in. Maya shows up and says that she won't make it to Thanksgiving, and that Zack isn't coming out either. Carrie goes to Cody, and tries to cheer him up saying that he can go to all the other Ivy League schools, but Cody makes fun of them. Kurt goes to Zack and tells him that there will be other girls, but Zack only wants Maya. When they hear that the other isn't going to graduation, they finally agree to put their problems aside and go to graduation together. As the Valedictorian speech goes, Cody and Bailey discuss all the things they as a class have done. Cody stops when he mentions college, and Bailey stops when she says that they are going there separate ways. Frankie interrupts the graduation and Mr. Moseby finally stands up to Mr. Tipton. Everyone goes through the graduation line, and London is the last one. London thanks Ms. Tutweiller for helping her with everything. The graduates turn their tassels the opposite way and throw up their hats signifying the end of high school. Mr. Moseby proposes to Ms. Tutweiller and she accepts. London thanks Mr. Moseby for everything that he's done for her. He tells her that she can call him with any problems she has, and as she walks by him she calls him and says that she'll miss him. London calls Cody Zack and Zack Cody, and they agree that they will miss him. Zack and Cody thank Mr. Moseby and they say that they'll leave with the hot tub. The show ends with a montage of photos from the entire series including the Suite Life of Zack and Cody

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