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Plot Summary

  • Stuck in the ocean miles from shore, Dexter is rescued by an old boat carrying illegal immigrants to the US. He even manages to render them a service. Once ashore, he heads home hoping to figure out where and when Travis will stage his last tableau. Travis has holed up in a small house and has killed the occupants. While he's away, the police show up and Dexter has something of a surprise waiting for him. Dexter makes it to son Harrison's school recital only to have Travis take the child. Meanwhile, Debra has a plan to catch Travis and gets LaGuerta's support for her plan. Debra also comes to terms with her feelings for Dexter. In his final confrontation with Travis, Dexter has him tied down on his execution table. Someone walks in just as he's committing the deed.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • Dexter is adrift in the middle of the ocean but is rescued by a boat transporting illegal immigrants to Miami. When he arrives home, he does not have any idea where Travis might be. But he is summoned to a crime scene in a house where Travis was hidden after killing the dwellers. Then he goes with Harrison to a recital about Noah's Ark at school and Travis kidnaps his son to sacrifice him during the eclipse staging his last tableau. Debra is supported by LaGuerta in her plan of putting one police officer on the top of each skyscraper of Miami. But Dexter rescues Harrison and defeats Travis, bringing him to a killer room at the old church. But he has an unexpected visitor while killing the Doomsday Killer.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Debra dispatches officers to skyscrapers in downtown Miami as Travis attempts to evade authorities.

    - Written by Brandon Smith


Dexter is adrift in the ocean, alive and unburned, clutching a piece of the lifeboat. When that makeshift float sinks...

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