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The Prognosis is Terminal for Amy in this Preview for Inoperable: Out December 1st!

Tagline: "In This Hospital the Patients Never Leave..." The horror film Inoperable had its World Premiere in late October, at FearNYC. Now, this terrifying title is preparing for a limited theatrical run, in the United States. The film, from director Christopher Lawrence Chapman (Clowntown, 2016), stars Danielle Harris (Hatchet III), Katie Keene (Lost Lake) and several others. A trailer for the film was released in 2016; it has already received over 14 million views. Now, a specific release date has been announced for Inoperable. Updated story details are also here. Inoperable involves a swirling hurricane. It is approaching a hospital, which is stuck in a time loop. Amy (Harris) will have to find a way out, before the storm hits or be stuck in this strange universe, forever! Inoperable will see several major U.S. cities in early December. On December 1st, the film will be available nationwide. Cities hosting the theatrical launch include: Los Angeles,
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Uncover the Origins of Marcus Nash and David Clairs Lost Lake - Arrives on VOD Today!

Filmmaker Marcus Nash's new horror thriller 'Lost Lake' arrives in the Us on both VOD and on iTunes from today the 26 October. The movies stars Ezra Buzzington ('The Hills Have Eyes'), Katie Keene, John Shartzer, Pat McNeely and Kimberly Stewart and promises a whole heap of supernatural scares along the way. Producer David Clair has summed up his experiences on the project which opens today in an article entitled 'Lost Lake - Origins' which you can check out below. Read about how Clair faced various casting issues plus his shared journey of exciting location scouting for the production....
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