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Family relationships and romantic ties collide in Tracy D. Smiths feature directorial debut, with brutal emotional results. A mother begins to tell her children she has a terminal illness, while her children and grandchild struggle to fix their own messy emotional lives. There are enough melodramatic subplots to make your head spin, but Everything and Everyone functions primarily as a showcase for some of the best acting talent Canadas west coast has to offer. Gabrielle Rose is typically elegant as the matriarch facing down her exit from this world. Ryan Robbins has tremendous screen presence as the actor who cant face his mothers illness, while neglecting his own sons needs. Lane Edwards is pitch-perfect in an understated turn as a man eager to bring his troubled boyfriend some peace and intimacy. And Chad Willett, one of Canadas most promising young actors, is tremendous as a psychologically scarred, self-hating gay man. With its unexpected plot twists and turns, Everything and Everyone gives this superb ensemble the room they need to show just how affecting screen acting can be.


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