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Year: 2011 | 2012 | 2013

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: The Acid Bath Murderer

1 May 2011
The seemingly admirable and respectable middle class man, John Haigh, guilty of six grotesque murders in which each victim was drained of blood and later dissolved in acid. Haigh's calculated disposal of the bodies was an attempt to acquire their wealth in belief that this would prevent any risk of conviction. Was he a blood thirsty Satanist or one of the most cunning and callous killers who would do anything for money to feed his greed for money.
Fred Dinenage ... Himself - Presenter
Dominik Reynolds ... John George Haigh (JR)
Jennifer Edwards ... Various
Jon Samuel ... John George Haigh
Lewis Till ... McSwan
David Briffett ... Himself - Author, 'The Acid Bath Murders'
Bobby Cummines ... Himself - Chief Executive, Unlock
Vernon Evershed ... Himself - Former Hotel Porter
Richard Franklin ... Himself - Nephew of Haigh's Neighbour
David Wilson ... Himself - Criminologist (as Prof. David Wilson)

Season 1, Episode 2: The Teacup Poisoner

8 May 2011
Graham Young is the serial killer fascinated with poisons and toxic chemicals who began his fatal experiments at the mere age of fourteen when he poisoned his entire family. Released from jail fifteen years later he up-scaled his study, lacing cups of tea with deadly poison to a factory of workers.
Fred Dinenage ... Himself - Presenter
David Wilson ... Himself - Criminologist (as Prof. David Wilson)
David Zeke ... Fred Young
Kathleen Sharrett ... Molly Young

Nicholas Croucher ... Graham Young (JR) (as Nick Croucher)

Robert Moir ... Graham Young
James Clery ... Himself - Forensic Scientist
Bobby Cummines ... Himself - Chief Executive, Unlock
Anthony Holden ... Himself - Author, 'The Young Poisoner's Handbook'
Anthony Odhams ... Himself - Employee of John Hadlands Ltd., 1969-1984

Season 1, Episode 3: Brides in the Bath

22 May 2011
The heartless bigamist murderer George Joseph Smith left his victims with broken hearts, empty bank accounts and in some cases, dead. Drowning three of his seven wives, Smith was hanged for his murderous greed. Fred Dinenage examines how the early use of forensics helped police unmask the killer.

Season 1, Episode 4: The Black Panther

15 May 2011
Scarred by a traumatic and unstable upbringing, Donald Neilson was the serial burglar turned masked murderer obsessed with weapons and military conduct. The meticulous nature to his three murders, became increasingly violent ending in the kidnapping and brutal murder of seventeen year old heiress Lesley Whittle.
Fred Dinenage ... Himself - Presenter

Clive Aitkins ... Derek Astin
Austyn Brown ... Reconstruction Actor
Trisha Lewis ... Reconstruction Actor
Adam Lloyd ... Reconstruction Actor
Ian Lomax ... Reconstruction Actor
Gerry Overton ... Donald Neilson
Tom Carrigan ... Himself - Former Robber
Stuart Mackenzie ... Himself - Former Police Constable
David Wilson ... Himself - Criminologist (as Prof. David Wilson)
Andy Wright ... Himself - Senior Reporter, Shropshire Star 1972-1994
Harold Wright ... Himself - DCS, Staffordshire Police 1946-1977

Season 1, Episode 5: The Welsh Child Killer

29 May 2011
Fifteen year old killer Harold Jones brutally murdered two young girls in 1921 giving the reasons for the murders as a 'desire to kill'. After narrowly escaping prosecution on his first attack, Jones was eventually caught red handed when the mutilated body of his second victim was discovered in his attic. Not yet 16 Jones escaped hanging merely by the virtue of his age. We'll examine new evidence that shows Jones may have later gone on to become 'Jack the Stripper', an unidentified serial killer in the 1960's.

Season 1, Episode 6: John Christie

1 May 2011
The extraordinary tale of deceitful compulsive liar John Christie, who murdered six women and stored them in his home in Rillington Place between 1943-53. Christie initially framed his neighbour, Timothy Evans, who was consequently hanged for the supposed murder of his wife and child, leading to a strong public outcry upon discovery and the eventual abolition of capital punishment.
Fred Dinenage ... Himself - Presenter
David Wilson ... Himself - Criminologist (as Prof. David Wilson)
Bertram Bristow ... Reconstruction Actor (as Bertie Bristow)
Judy Bristow ... Reconstruction Actor
Rachel Barker ... Beryl Evans
Melissa Humby ... Reconstruction Actor
Victoria Jacob ... Ethel Christie
Jessie Lilley ... Reconstruction Actor
Adam Nowell ... Timothy Evans
Paul Ramshaw ... John Christie
Emily Spake ... Reconstruction Actor
Natascha Thomas ... Reconstruction Actor
Edward Marston ... Himself - Biographer
John Olsson ... Himself - Forensic Linguist
Leonard Trevallion ... Himself - Metropolitan Police Force, 1935-1954

Season 1, Episode 7: Ruth Ellis

12 June 2011
A brutal crime of passion that gripped the nation and saw Ruth Ellis hanged after murdering her estranged lover at the violent climax of a destructive relationship fuelled by jealousy. We'll examine what punishment may have been dealt out to Ruth had she committed the murder in today's modern age.

Clive Aitkins ... Reconstruction Actor
Lee Caine
Fred Dinenage ... Himself - Presenter
Dimitri Doudeskos
Adam Eveson ... David Blakely

Billie Fulford-Brown ... Ruth Ellis
Samantha Charity Hall
Adam Nowell

Nick Thomas-Webster ... Police Officer
Lewis Till ... Desmond Cussen

Nathan Webb ... Reconstruction Actor

Season 1, Episode 8: Derek Bentley

5 June 2011
Derek Bentley, the nineteen year old executed at Wandsworth prison, for his part in the murder of PC Sidney Miles during a break in at a warehouse in Surrey. As a minor Bentley's accomplice Christopher Craig, who actually shot the officer, escaped execution and a long sentence leaving Bentley alone to take the fall. With the help of Criminologist Professor David Wilson we'll discover how his case changed the law.
Neil Burns ... PC Fairfax
Lee Caine
Fred Dinenage ... Himself - Presenter
Jennifer Edwards
Oliver Gratton ... Derek Bentley
Jamie Saunders ... Chrisopher craig

Nick Thomas-Webster ... Police Officer
Angela Wakefield

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Lord Lucan

7 October 2012
Fred Dinenage looks back over the life of Lord Lucan; the aristocratic figure whose glamorous life became tainted by murder, mistaken identity and events that would launch the biggest manhunt in British history. Lord Lucan's life had gone from gambling, parties and weekends in the country to a bitter divorce, a custody battle for his children and huge debts. His only way out was to murder his wife - instead he murdered the nanny when he mistook her for Lady Lucan. He then attacked his estranged wife who managed to escape with severe injuries. Meanwhile Lord Lucan was making his own exit; he disappeared after the attacks, only visiting a friend briefly, he was never seen again. There have been many reported sightings around the world but the Lord Lucan mystery continues...
Fred Dinenage ... Himself - Presenter
Don Baker ... Himself - Sergeant, Metropolitan Police 1965-1991
Brenda Fenton ... Herself - Fashion Illustrator
James Ruddick ... Himself - Author, 'Lord Lucan: What Really Happened'
Bob Strange ... Himself - Reporter, Evening Standard 1971-1976
Linda Stratmann ... Herself - Author, 'Lord Lucan Mystery'

Nathan Webb ... Lucan friend
David Wilson ... Himself - Criminologist (as Prof. David Wilson)

Season 2, Episode 2: Peter Manuel

14 October 2012
Fred Dinenage examines the horrific murders performed by Scottish serial killer Peter Manuel. Manuel was hanged at the age of 31, convicted of 7 murders but suspected of many more. He was a cold ruthless killer with no motive and an in controllable rage... who just wanted to be the centre of attention.

Season 2, Episode 3: Mary Bell

21 October 2012
Fred Dinenage examines the brutal crimes of Child Killer Mary Bell. At just 11 years old Mary Bell shocked the country when she was convicted of strangling two young boys aged just 3 and 4. What made this child commit such horrific acts and can children who have murdered change?

Season 2, Episode 4: The Monster Butler

28 October 2012
Fred Dinenage investigates one of Scotland's most enigmatic serial killer - Archibald Hall, known as the Monster Butler. Hall's lust for a luxurious lifestyle turned him from a conman into a callous murderer.
Fred Dinenage ... Himself - Presenter
David Wilson ... Himself - Criminologist

Clive Aitkins ... Reconstruction Actor

Norma Dixit ... Dorothy Scott-Ellis

Nick Thomas-Webster ... Police Officer

Season 2, Episode 5: John Straffen

4 November 2012
Fred Dinenage looks back over the life of John Straffen; at the age of 21 he strangled two little girls but escaped the hangman's noose due to his low IQ of just 58. After six months at Broadmoor Straffen escaped and committed a third murder on another young girl in a local village. This time he was reprimanded in maximum security prisons and remained so for the next 55 years. Straffen died in prison in 2007 but continues to carry the title of Britain's longest serving prisoner.

Season 2, Episode 6: The Cannock Chase Murders

11 November 2012
During the 1960s, fear spread through the local community of Cannock Chase. Children were being snatched from the streets, sexually assaulted and murdered. Fred Dinenage re investigates the brutal killings that sparked one of the biggest manhunts in police history, and led to the conviction of Raymond Leslie Morris. Fred meets detectives Conrad Joseph and John Farrall who worked first hand on the child killer hunt and finds out with Professor David Wilson how difficult putting together a photofit of a killer is.

Season 2, Episode 7: Patrick McKay

18 November 2012

Fred Dinenage ... Himself - Presenter
David Wilson ... Himself - Criminologist (as Prof. David Wilson)

Season 2, Episode 8: The Blackout Ripper

25 November 2012
Fred Dinenage looks back over the life and crimes of RAF cadet Gordon Cummins. During the London Blitz of 1942, terror stalked the war torn streets. It was not just the horror of German bombs falling from the sky... the fear was created by a spree killer. It just one week four women were brutally killed and two women attacked. Not since Jack the Ripper had there been such a gruesome spate of murders... earning Cummins the title... The Blackout Ripper.

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Jack the Ripper

5 November 2013
Fred Dinenage: Murder Casebook reinvestigates the most infamous murders from the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries, exploring them from a modern perspective.
Fred Dinenage ... Himself - Presenter
David Wilson ... Himself - Criminologist (as Professor David Wilson)
Seth Thomas Marron ... Reconstruction Actor

Renee Daly ... Mary Ann Nichols (as Renee Smith)
Amanda Luck ... Reconstruction Actor
Claire Howes ... Mary Jane Kelly
Sarah-Jane Goodall ... Reconstruction Actor

Emma Wilde ... Elizabeth Stride
Alex Mott ... Reconstruction Actor
William Lee Caine ... Reconstruction Actor
Daniel Knight ... Reconstruction Actor

Clive Aitkins ... Reconstruction Actor
James Mitchell ... Reconstruction Actor
DeeDee Smith ... Reconstruction Actor
Mark Tilbury ... Reconstruction Actor
John Bennett ... Himself - Author, 'CSI: Whitechapel'
Norman Kirtlan ... Himself - Forensic Expert
Linda Stratmann ... Herself - Author, 'Greater London Murders'

Season 3, Episode 2: The Moors Murders

10 November 2013
Ian Brady and Myra Hindley abducted, assaulted and murdered 5 children in the Manchester area, burying 4 of them on Saddleworth Moor. 50 years later, Fred Dinenage asks who were this young couple whose mug shots have haunted the public for so many years?
Fred Dinenage ... Himself - Presenter

Adam Bellamy ... Detective

Charlotte Dunnico ... Maureen hindley
David Wilson ... Himself - Criminologist (as Prof. David Wilson)

Season 3, Episode 3: The A6 Murder

19 November 2013

Fred Dinenage ... Himself - Presenter
David Wilson ... Himself - Criminologist
Chris Keenan ... James Hanratty
Geoffrey Bindman ... Himself
John Eddleston ... Himself
John Kerr ... Himself
Jamie Robinson ... Michael Gregsten

Season 3, Episode 4: Babes in the Wood

26 November 2013
For twenty six years the public believed that two children found dead in Epping Forest in 1970 had died of exposure. Then in 1996 a convicted child murderer, Ronald Jebson, called police from Wakefield Prison.
Fred Dinenage ... Himself - Presenter
David Wilson ... Himself - Criminologist
Steve Biedermann ... DI Declan Donnelly
Chris Cowlin ... CID Officer
Abbie Hills ... Susan Blatchford
Jonathan Whittington ... Dog Walker

Season 3, Episode 5: The Cannibal of Rotenburg

3 December 2013
In Germany in 2002, a case came to light that shocked the world. A man in a rural German village had filmed himself dismembering, killing and eating another man. Armin Meiwes was to become known as The Cannibal of Rotenburg. In this special episode Fred Dinenage travels to Germany and asks leading experts on the case: What would make one man want to eat another?
Fred Dinenage ... Himself - Presenter
David Wilson ... Himself - Expert Presenter
Gisela Friedrichsen ... Herself - Journalist
Andrew Hillier
David Holmes ... Himself
Penelope Bouchôt Humbert
Courtney Knipe
Oliver McMillan
Stuart Mulcaster
Niall Murray
Henry Newman
Manfred Risse ... Himself - Pathologist
Manfred Stuck ... Himself
Gero von Pelchrzim ... Himself - Defence Attoney

Season 3, Episode 6: The Monster of Worcester

10 December 2013
On Friday 13th April 1973 the bodies of three children were found impaled on garden railings. The murderer? The family's lodger David McGreavy. Fred Dinenage discovers the critical mistake that cost the children their lives and asks what caused the babysitter to embark on such a barbaric killing spree.

Clive Aitkins ... Reconstruction Actor
Benjamin Belbin
Tony Bishop ... Journalist
Jordan Bramley
Emmi-Mai Cao
Edson Chace
Paul Connew ... Ex Editor Sunday Mirror
Fred Dinenage ... Himself - Presenter
Mike Espezel ... Doctor

Jack Gover
Jordan Hiscott
Jennifer Icely

Marcus Kinsella
Russ Parsons
Jack Pibworth
Dorothy Urry ... Herself
Jonathan Whittington ... Police Officer
David Wilson ... Himself - Criminologist
Elizabeth Yardley ... Herself -Criminologist

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