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Slow slide to sub-mediocrity
MrsFuzzy23 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
At first it was a good 'fish-out-of-water' series as DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller) adjusted to life in the tropics. Kris Marshall's DI Humphrey Goodman was a bumbling cartoon figure, who ended up in a 'Love Actually' type of plot and went back home. Now we have an actor who I do not know at all, who can not act. He adds nothing to the show. This show lives and dies by the likeability of the DI and it is not feeling well at all.
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Please put it out of its misery!
judeepolds12 January 2018
This began as a different kind of detective show and was quit enjoyable. Now in its 8th year it is truly on its last legs and needs to be taken out back and humanely put to sleep. The plot is the same every week, they have run out of ideas. All it is now is a way for the BBC to reward it's stars with a free holiday on a sun soaked island. There are some great characters so it is truly a shame to see them trotting out the same awful scripts week after week. PLEASE let it go quietly BBC and spend the money on something more worthwhile!
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Excellent Murder Mystery Series
djg3251412 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The U.K. and the BBC have done it again. Excellent writing, interesting and intelligent mysteries, plot twists, outstanding actors and guest appearances coupled with a beautiful locale. A small Caribbean island, a British protectorate, coupled with a small police team. Doesn't take long before the characters draw you in.

Each episode involves each murder beginning with the very first. They island's small police detachment is led by a U.K. DI or detective inspector. Thus it begins. The murder of the original DI is the first to undergo investigation. A new U.K. inspector us brought in from the London MET. A quirky, stodgy, characterized version of a man. Suit and tie every episode which involves the poor man in suffering the Caribbean heat. He solves the murder which sets the format for the series. A murder, the investigation, the in the 'm sat 10-15 minutes a gathering of all the suspects in one location for the reveal of the murderer. Did I mention the lead DI is also brilliant?

What follows over the course of the series is a very intelligently written murder investigation with the very talented actors playing the police team. Interject some more talented actors as guests and you find an entertaining and addictive series.

OK reveal. After two seasons our intrepid DI is himself murdered. I admit at first I was disappointed but, big but, his replacement from the U.K. is just a quirky and brilliant but much more outgoing and endearingly clumsy. It works. Really well.

With the lack of very little original or intelligent offerings here in the U.S. the Brits step up. I am almost embarrassed by the quality or lack there of of our network shows here. It seems as our Hollywood elites enjoy success financially they are more interested in telling us mere mortals how to think and live because it us common knowledge American actors and entertainment industry personnel are the smartest people on the planet. Not!! Sorry but I am so sick of American actors moralizing to the rest of us. Thank you U.K. and BBC for continuing to offer quality entertainment.
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New character are lacking talent, details are overlooked
kaponodw4 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Loved the first two seasons, but Kris Marshall's character is just badly written. It's old time slapstick and no longer funny, especially after Ben Miller set the pace so well. BTW, every episode they have Polaroid- type photos of all the suspects up on a whiteboard, but no one ever has a camera! I'll go on watching it because it's still a good alternative to the bloody violence in other shows, but sloppy staging is irritating.
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loved the series and still do despite change of lead actor;
socly9 July 2017
I loved the series -- the plots are interesting, the locale lovely, and all the supporting cast is excellent. when the original lead and chief inspector changed my husband stopped watching; the actor lacked something; part, though, was the way the new character was prtrayed, a bumbling silly man; I continue to watch and enjoy for the previously mentioned reasons and as there's nothing else we like at the time he jons me. Now they've changed actors again and introduced a new chief inspector (perhaps the show lost audience for the same reason it lost my husband?)and we're looking forward hopefully to watching and enjoying it again
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Half terrific, half not so much
Laight31 May 2017
There's so much to like about Death in Paradise. The acting is good. The dialogue is quite well-written. The banter is funny. The scenery is lovely. And it's one of the few shows with major acting replacements that work fine -- instead of seeming as though the producers were stuck having to make changes due to actors leaving, it replicates real life situations in which people do actually leave, and others arrive (although in one case, it's rather dramatic...but still works).

What doesn't work is the plotting. All these great elements, and no one can think of a good plot? Every case is about the same: a murder happens and the detectives get to work on no more than four suspects, because apparently every murder case has four suspects. They then do some background work and discover the clue that matters in the past history of one of the suspects. Then they gather in the last ten minutes and the suspect that you're not supposed to suspect is always guilty -- which means, basically, that you know who the murderer is halfway through the program.

Such a shame because with such a great cast and cinematography and fun, this should be a great show. Pleading with the writers: Please, please, come up with a good plot. Just once. S'il vous plait?
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Enjoyable and attractive series with a likable cast giving convincing and sympathetic acting
ma-cortes29 May 2017
At the beginning DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller) is transferred to Saint-Marie's police department . The single and loner Richard arrives in the sunny island to investigate a fellow policeman's killing . Having done so, he finds himself supported by the local police force as Officer Dwayne Myers (Danny John-Jules) , DS Camille Bordey (Sara Martins) and DS Florence Cassell (Joséphine Jobert) . The British inspector is not quite suited the way of life on the island , but he hates the sun , sea , fish and sand . Poole has a difficult and silent temper and often carries out effective interrogations , getting good results in the suspects . The series follow his investigations into killings on the island . Later on , in the series shows up another British DI head the investigative team named DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) .

A nice show created by Robert Thogorood , a series takes five months to shoot , and formed by six seasons ; being filled with twisted cases , suspense , thrills , entertainment and comedy . Starred by two detectives who prove to be a brilliant Inspectors , solving several complex murders and they usually not carry and nor use a firearm . Although the series is set on the fictional island of Saint-Marie, it is in fact shot in the French owned islands of Guadeloupe , they are a group of Caribbean islands located in the Leeward Islands, in the Lesser Antilles . Besides , the hotel Langley Fort Royal and the police station is placed in the town of Honoré , which is actually on the island of Basse-Terre, in the town of Deshaies and the technician team built the rooftop bar that is located on the beach . Sympathetic acting by Ben Miller who starred 17 episodes as the Scotland Yard DI Richard Poole who is sent to the Caribbean island to solve a murder and subsequently to stay on the hot island . He is a British gentleman , a stiff-upper-lips who doesn't like neither seafood , beaches , sea , nor sun . He is hyper-observant , giving surprising observations , executing ploys and finally resolving the twisted cases in an Agatha Christie finale style . When Richard Poole/Ben Miller is killed , he is replaced by Kris Marshal who has to discover the true murderer in a complex intrigue . Kris plays DI Humphrey Goodman , a botcher and recently separated detective , he is a very intelligent and witty inspector ; Kris starred 30 episodes , though in 2017 , it was announced Kris Marshall was leaving the series and Ardal O'Hanlon would take over . Other support actors playing enjoyable roles are the followings : Sara Martins as the beautiful DS Camille Bordey , she starred 28 episodes and finished when she promoted at a Paris precinct , the young and gorgeous Joséphine Jobert as DS Florence Cassell a sub-inspector who helps really to Humphrey , performing 28 episodes , the sympathetic veteran Danny John-Jules as Officer Dwayne Myers who performed all 48 episodes and Don Warrington as chief Commissioner Selwyn Patterson who acted in 29 episodes .
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Who pays these reviewers? This is an AVERAGE one hit wonder program. Nothing special about it. It's too neat and not really exciting. Nothing I would want to subscribe to. That's all I have to NOthing special about it at all. At first I thought it was fun but then the police chief was murdered which made no sense at all. And then along came Humphrey and it became more boring by the second.
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Brilliant Until Season 3 When The Writers Destroy The Story
Kathy Leicester8 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Seasons 1 and 2 are as perfect a television show as you would ever want. Humor, romantic tension that doesn't mean somebody ends up Having Sex at the end of the third episode, brilliant actors, brilliant writing.

Then the writers, at the start of season three.... I swear to God you won't believe anyone could be so willfully stupid.

It is because seasons one and two were so fantastic that I am screaming to everyone Not.To.Watch.Because.Your.Heart.Will.Be.Crushed.For.No.Good.Reason.
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A clever Caribbean mystery series
daneldorado17 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Death in Paradise" is, to my mind, the BEST murder-mystery show on TV. It occupies a far different clime than most of the popular U.S. programs such as perennial faves NCIS and Blue Bloods, yet I get more satisfaction watching the Brit- flavored stories that take place on the laid-back island of St. Marie in the Caribbean, where the detectives work diligently to solve the crimes.

That's the good news. But the bad news is that here in the U.S., where "Death in Paradise" is broadcast by PBS, we have NOT seen a NEW episode all year. We are getting nothing but re-runs. It has, TRULY, been a full year since we've seen a new episode.

Last night, the wife and I hunkered down in our couch, hoping to watch what we thought would be a new episode starring Ardal O'Hanlon as the transplanted Irish detective Jack Mooney and his new Caribbean friends. But no! Instead of a new show, PBS served up the old pilot episode, from 2011... a show we had already watched, FOUR TIMES! Yes, it was a good, insightful story. But we have already seen it numerous times.

As sometime contributors to PBS, we thought we would get to see -- finally! -- some new programs starring Detective Mooney and his adorable daughter Siobhan (Grace Stone). In his few, limited appearances, Mooney has been impressive as the new transplant from London. But WHEN will PBS deign to broadcast another new episode?

Impatiently, Dan Navarro, U.S.A.
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Two Seasons Great then Downhill After That
hmartin-0592710 March 2017
Watching the first two seasons what thoroughly enjoyable. Funny, witty, charming cast. Made me want to watch again and again. Then Poole left and in come Chris. Maybe a nice actor but character he played here is just wrong. A complete dunce. I only watched because of the remaining cast. Story lines were always good. I continued on and now in season six they made another change. Going from serious actor to comic actor is the wrong move now they go to a stand up comedian. The only thing I am waiting for now is the cape and sun visor helmet he usually wears. Thermo man to the rescue. NOT. Maybe you can bring Poole back from the dead, say it was all a dream, or nightmare.
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6 years on and it's still winning!
munkeh-181531 March 2017
Me and my wife have been watching and enjoying this since inception. In all honesty, we were not initially taken - unlike others, Ben Miller's quirkiness was almost off-putting at first, trying to typecast the "Brit abroad". I know how and why he ended up there, but really, it was a bit contrived. However, we did warm to him and his methods.

When Kris Marshall arrived, as Humphrey, it has to be noted that the popularity and ratings of the show improved. Many people who have watched it may not have even known about Ben Miller - it was very much a minority programme. It might be interesting to point out that he did more than twice as many episodes too, whilst the popularity has shot through the roof and is now prime-time TV. So we were somewhat disappointed to find out that Kris had decided to move on, particularly as neither of us are fans of Father Ted (for which Ardal O'Hanlon made his name).

Ardal has fitted in splendidly - he is as quirky as the previous two and being Irish, has brought something different to the game. Despite only being in 4 episodes so far, we are now eagerly anticipating the next series.

A note on the supporting cast. Sarah Martins was indeed excellent, although it did feel like her part had gotten as far as it could - not only was she an outstanding officer, she really needed to move on to move up, but the other thing that stood out was that she couldn't really carry on with the "will they, won't they" scenario forever. Fidel was also an excellent character and clearly, there must have been some reasoning behind him leaving.

This TV series is in danger of typecasting people I guess, so I can understand people not wanting to do it forever.
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Went downhill after most of the cast switched
do bu28 February 2017
This was great fun to watch. But then most of the cast left and their replacements are dreadful! Whoever decided that it was OK to replace Camile by Florence and Fidel by J.P. should get laid off immediately!

Florence can't even speak normal English, I really think she learns her lines phonetically. And J.P. is so stupid, no-one could ever believe he could be working for the police.

Such a shame...
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Vital cast members continue to be eliminated
chrisjobs1128515 February 2017
I am truly disgusted with the lack of respect shown by whomever is responsible for casting the show. Season one and two started off great, then they started eliminating the very cast members who made the show so immensely excellent. I cannot imagine why the producers (or whoever it is who controls the cast list) would eliminate the actors and actresses who are making the show so terrific. Could it be the actors' and actresses' agents are asking for too high a salary? Oh, come on, seriously, the executives are making such mountains of money on these shows (thanks to the very talented cast!!). Are they truly so sinfully greedy they won't share the profits with the very people who are helping to create those profits in the first place? I am reluctant to continue watching past season four, episode two, because more and more key cast members will be eliminated, thereby reducing my enjoyment of the show. I had barely gotten over the elimination of Ben Miller, then was shocked to see Gary Carr excised from the show. Next on the chopping block I believe is Sara Martins and this I cannot continue to tolerate. Why even produce a show if you are going to keep changing the core cast, treating both your audience and your valuable cast members as though we are useless trash under the soles of your shoes. Is it simply all about the money for you in the end? If so, enjoy your empty dollars because they will be all you have left. People are more important than money, an elementary life lesson. Please learn this one, it pays greater, more satisfying dividends than mere cash.
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Still enjoyable, but . . . .
RTB12 February 2017
I enjoyed the first two seasons with Ben Stiller and Sue Martins and I love the beautiful island location. I've also always liked the guy who plays Dwayne.

But when the two original leads suddenly left, the show lost something special. I still don't know why they sacked Martins, though the fact that they replaced her with a lighter skinned female lead isn't likely a coincidence. I liked that they had a dark skinned female lead.

The new male lead is funny, but he has no sense of irony or subtlety. He's more slapstick-type, falling over humor, which gets old.

The stories seem to be getting ever more far fetched too.

It's still fun, but not nearly as good as it was.
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Easy going crime drama
studioAT16 October 2016
Out of nowhere 'Death in Paradise' has quickly become one of the best loved British crime dramas in recent years.

It's gone through some changes, notably losing both of it's original leads and some of the supporting cast too, but the basic premise remains the same - a bumbling inspector solving crimes on a tropical island.

It walks a nice line between being comic and dramatic and has been taken to new levels of popularity since Kris Marshall took over from Ben Miller.

Yes, I think the plots are becoming a bit more off the wall now, and every possible angle of relationship between the inspector and his glamorous female assistant has been used, but for the time being this show is at the top of its game.
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Brilliant, but ...
ebada_shawky27 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I would have given this a 10 out of 10 if Ben Miller was still the lead, he was absolutely brilliant as DI Poole; he was natural and funny, smart in his own way, and, most of all, the culture clash was very entertaining. However, once Ben Miller was out, followed by Sara Martins, the show lost its unique appeal. I'm still watching because of the gorgeous setting and the brilliant writing, however, Kris Marshall as DI Goodman is just boring, and why did they resort to that cliché of a clumsy man trying to find a woman? It is the worst aspect of the show. I understand that Ben Miller wanted out to spend more time with his family, but they should have found a better replacement for him.
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daisymay12144 September 2016
Before seeing a few episodes of Death In Paradise, I had thought that Doc Martin was the best, brightest show ever made.

I am now in love with the characters, the absolutely beautiful location and the writing of this show.

Ben Miller had me in his pocket every episode and was so believable that I wanted to help him.

Kris Marshall has me laughing out loud and so beautifully portrays the brilliant klutz that I am always sorry when the episode ends.

The remainder of the cast are just as wonderful. Sara Martins and Josephine Jobert , Elizabetrh Bourgine and the wickedly funny Danny John Jules.

I have watched every season available to me here in the US and can't wait for more. I am happily and impatiently hooked.

Looking forward to next season!! Thanks.
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Utterly likable Who Dun-nit......
s327616914 July 2016
Take the polite murder premise made famous by the likes of Agatha Christie, give it a modern make over and transplant it to a beautiful, tropical setting and you have Death in Paradise.

This is yet another of those light hearted (if that's the right word) murder mysteries the UK excels at. Its got a good cast too, including a very British, Columbo style, head detective, whose goofily affable, disorganized presence, hides a sharp crime solving mind.

This is a very watchable series that does present some rather challenging, often complex mysteries, reminiscent of Jonathan Creek. The kind of murder puzzles that will have you guessing what happened, right up till the end.

Simply out, there's a lot to like here. A good premise, a cast with great chemistry and intriguing murder mystery stories every episode. Nine out of ten from me.
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Great at first
Melanie Young26 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Death In Paradise is fantastic and I would recommend it to everyone! Well, I'd recommend the First and Second season.

When Ben Miller left, the program became a bit rubbish at first, but then, I guess, I got used to it and continued to watch. Then Sara Martins and Gary Carr left and it went downhill from there. The writing became sloppy, the acting became poor and it was just awful! Josephine Jobert and Tobi Bakare's characters are completely useless, Kris Marshall's acting is cringe-worthy and Danny John-Jules is about as funny as a chicken crossing the road.

Take my word for it, this program is NOT worth watching anymore and should have ended when Camille left.
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Best Murder Mystery show since Agatha Christie
me-mac13 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
My son recommended this show to me two years ago. No sex, no violence. Pure mystery. It is wonderful. I've looked forward to every episode and am eagerly awaiting Series 5 to be available to Canada. I've enjoyed both Richard and Humphrey; probably because they are so different. Richard solved the mysteries by keeping his thoughts to himself, but Humphrey talks things out with his colleagues. I could usually see how Richard arrived at his conclusions, but I can never figure out what triggers Humphrey's conclusions. I do miss the old regulars but the new ones are all good. At least no one tried to replace them with someone who was supposed to be the same. The shows are all well written. I would recommend this to anyone who liked Agatha Christie.
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Awesome show!
castleage-1057612 February 2016
I've seen this show called a "whodunnit-lite". Perhaps it's because it doesn't have the same intensity and heavy drama as other BBC mysteries. I don't believe that this show's stories are any more or less complex than those others. In my opinion, Death in Paradise has an effective combination of drama & comedy. If that makes it a "whodunnit-lite" then so be it. Also what differentiates it from other shows for me is its ability to keep my interest in & loyalty to the show despite the departures of key characters - Richard, Camille & Fidel. Although I miss them, the new characters - Humphrey, Florence & JP have more than made up for their loss. Kudos to the casting team for being so good at their jobs! Hope they keep this one going for many more seasons!
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Love everything about this program
nicholls_les22 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is one program that has everything I like and one show I cannot miss. I have bought every box set so far.

Ben Miller was excellent as DI Poole and his death was quite a shock at the end of series 2, however Kris Marshall has proved to be a capable replacement and did not fall into the trap of being a copy of Ben's character.

I also loved Sara Martins character Camlle Bordey and it was a shame she also left,although the way she did leaves it open for her to return. Élizabeth Bourgine as Camille's mother is also a great character and I am pleased she remains. Joséphine Jobert as DS Florence Cassell is a good enough replacement for Camille.

Then there is the marvellous Danny John-Jules who adds some humour to the show. He was also brilliant in Red Dwarf. Gary Carr as Fidel was brilliant and the two were a great double act, Tobi Bakare as JP doesn't quite fill that space.

I thought it was a shame that Lenora Crichlow played a villain in the very first episode because she had great chemistry with Ben Miller.

Of course the fantastic Mr Don Warrington plays his part as Commissioner Selwyn Patterson perfectly.

There is so much to love about the show, not just the excellent cast just mentioned. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful and it is good to have a TV show playing some good Reggae music.

The Murder plots are good and some easier to solve than others and a few repeated in slightly different ways but I have no complaints and this show gets 10 out of 10 in every department.

Long may it continue.
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Seasons One and Two - brilliant fun
hamish-2585126 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Saint Marie, a fictional Caribbean island, has changed hands many times, as the Police Commissioner tells Detective Inspector Richard Poole upon his arrival. From the French, to the Dutch, to the English, to the Dutch, to the French, and then back to the English again... but it's still mostly French. Oh, great, says Poole, with no amusement whatever, having just found that the airline has managed to lose his baggage. There's only one flight, there's only one airport - but it's happened anyway - and there's a murder to solve.

And this sets the stage. DI Poole is the quintessential starchy Brit abroad, an Englishman wearing formal suits in tropical heat and desperately in search of a simple cup of tea. He doesn't like sun, sand, or salt water. Or the French, or island food, or island time, or most of what nearly everyone else would consider paradise. Which is a problem, if you're trapped on a Caribbean island by scheming superior officers back in good old London.

DI Poole is awkward. Infuriating, even. He's breathtakingly rude - without meaning to be, or even aware of it - but still. He doesn't understand people, and people don't understand him. But he does understand murder. When it comes to solving an impossible murder, nobody does it better.

It's not really about the denouement, though. Yes, there's a rather traditional gathering of suspects in a room and explaining who, how and why, but the clever murders and equally clever detective work aren't the show's greatest strength. Where the show excels is in the interplay between the characters and their clearly drawn and very different personalities. Most of the fun is seeing how people play off each other along the way.

Ben Miller's turn as DI Poole anchors the show. He's every bit the social outcast, but there's steel under the gaffes. It makes him a man to be reckoned with, and therein lies his charisma. It's not an easy role for an actor to do. Poole could very easily have been an unsympathetic character, but Miller manages to humanise him.

It'd be easy, and a mistake, to overlook Sara Martins' turn as Camille Bowden, Poole's second in command and crime-scene partner. Everything that Poole isn't, Bowden is. It's a difficult balancing act, frequently quite bluntly done, but the show simply wouldn't work without it.

They're supported by Danny John-Jules and Gary Carr, as the seasoned but carefree Constable Dwayne, and the young and idealistic Constable Fidel. The screenwriters allow quite a bit of time for these two characters to stand up in their own ways, further rounding out the team. There's a delightfully sly Police Commissioner popping in from time to time as well.

There aren't car chases, shootouts, or sex scenes. It's not that kind of show. Instead, people have parents or babies – or, in Dwayne's case, ex-girfriends – and forget about the very expensive, very detailed sets typical of high-budget American shows. The series works with what it can get, and is all the stronger for it.

Wit, charm, and good clean fun - an absolute delight.
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Good show.
atlantic-344465 October 2015
Love this show as does my wife. We like Humphrey very much and the actors for both he and Richard play the role as good comedians as well. The show is suspenseful and is totally enjoyable. The cross play between the characters is well done. Also the beautiful scenery does not hurt. There is enough suspense to keep the viewer guessing as to the outcome. Camille is charming. Dwayne is jealous of Fidel and constantly trying to one up him. Fidel sometimes gets frustrated with Dwayne but also often wins. Some "old friend" actors appear from time to time in roles not the usual for them. Can not wait for another season to be shown in the US and also on Netflix.
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