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"If you really want to hang out, you guys have got to learn to share"
skteosk29 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The resolution of the calendar competition is actually quite good. Callum finally notices what everyone else has been saying from the start, that the bet is firmly slanted in the girls' favour, and manages to arrange for some brief humiliation for them before everyone works out he cheated.It's just a shame that Jade only appears in a cameo and doesn't feel the full force of Karl and Toadie's wind-ups.

The plot line of Summer and Tasha competing for Chris' friendship is also rather amusing, with Valentina Novakovic once again demonstrating an ability to be funny without actually saying anything with the looks she gives Summer.Chris once again plays fair and refuses to let them bad mouth each other and it could be an interesting new dynamic.

Callum's search for the truth about his mother gathers pace a bit and, aside from one odd moment when he doesn't know his old address, the set-up works rather well.
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