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Season 1

6 Nov. 2009
Jonty De Wolfe is the very strange vice-chancellor of red-brick Kirke University,who enjoys making male students cry and sometimes wears a green dress. Kirke needs money and matters are not helped when dizzy administrative assistant causes finance officer Jason Armitage to accidentally authorize paying the staff twice over. De Wolfe has several solutions to the problem,such as trying to blackmail students to pay and claiming that the money was spent on a non-existent statue. But when shy,retiring Maths lecturer Imogen Moffat writes the best-selling 'The Joy of Zero',...
5 Apr. 2011
Publication, Publication, Publication
An extended version of the pilot episode introduces us to Jonty De Wolfe,weird ,cross-dressing vice-chancellor of red brick Kirke University. Kirke is strapped for cash and matters are not helped when dizzy administrative assistant Nicole accidentally causes finance officer Jason Armitage to pay the staff twice. De Wolfe tries blackmailing students and claiming the cash went on the commission of a statue to make up the shortfall. However the fact that unassuming Maths lecturer Imogen Moffat has written the best-selling book 'The Joy of Zero' brings welcome benefits to...
12 Apr. 2011
The Culling Fields
The bank manager insists that De Wolfe make more cuts and,dismissing Jason's suggestion that nobody gets paid for the next month,works out that twenty-five per cent of the staff must lose their jobs, a process he carries out somewhat randomly,shouting through a megaphone that certain lecturers have to go. Nicole is worried since she lied on her C.V. that she has GCSE Maths and persuades Imogen to give her a crash course in exchange for a coveted place in the netball team. Matt is saved because,if he went,his adoring post-graduate and campus sports star Flat-Pack would...
19 Apr. 2011
Hurricane George
Unaware that Flat-Pack has a crush on her Imogen continues to give Maths lessons to Nicole,who is disappointed to learn that Jason has a controlling girl-friend,whilst foul-mouthed,unpopular engineering lecturer Lydia is annoyed that nobody wants to celebrate her birthday. For De Wolfe however,disaster looms when the education department sends frosty no-nonsense Canadian 'restructuring' expert Georgina 'George' Bryan to look at ways to cut costs at Kirke. She is understandably dismissive of De Wolfe's childish rudeness and Matt's flippancy - but De Wolfe sees only one...
26 Apr. 2011
Come Together
Matt has to bed management consultant George so that she will go easy on down-sizing at Kirke. She is initially resistant but eventually succumbs. Unfortunately by this time Matt and Imogen discover that, for all their initial mutual hostility, they are actually very fond of each other and, seeing Matt go off with George, Imogen beds young Flat-Pack on the rebound. Jason tries to dump his girl-friend over the phone to go out with Nicole but ends up proposing to her whilst Lydia is so unpopular that nobody will go on holiday with her to spare her the single person ...
3 May 2011
Following his afternoon delight with George Matt buys an ice cream and is surprised to find the vendor is De Wolfe. Matt is not pleased with himself as he has discovered that he has feelings for Imogen,who seems to feel the same way and does her best to avoid the love-sick Flat-Pack. Jason,despite having got engaged,also cannot fight his feelings for Nicole,sniffing her seat and getting suspicious over her continuing Maths lessons with Imogen - as she had once professed to being a lesbian. George charges De Vere with finding news stories or local artefacts to help ...
10 May 2011
The Final Preliminary Report of Doom
Several months have past and De Vere,fearing George's negative report on her findings,kidnaps an Oriental Maths child prodigy in the hopes of saving Kirke. Nicole and Jason get it together at last and become a couple but Matt is finding it hard to maintain a heartless persona as he learns that Imogen is going on holiday with Flat-Pack and ends up brawling in the canteen with him. Kirke is saved when it is discovered that George is pregnant by Matt - very unprofessional - and so she is persuaded to give Kirke a glowing report and be rewarded by a job there. Everybody ...

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