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Carl S11 May 2013
I enjoy this show. You have to take it for what it is, a television show based off of a movie series, in which every episode follows the same pattern. 1- Frank gets a job 2- Frank can't complete the job due to some altercation or problem. 3- Frank bangs a random woman. 4- Frank completes the job.

Somewhere in there is action, which Chris Vance, who I knew from the show Dexter, makes very realistic fight scenes for a television show. There is a buddy relationship with his mechanic Dieter, played by Charly Hübner, who is in love with the Audi R8 and names all the cars after women, and obviously a lot of driving.

Overall, I find it fun, I like the landscapes and choices of location.
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Awesome fun show
p-1424722 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Having been a fan of the Jason Statham movies, I had a lot of expectations for this show from S1 Ep1, and I wasn't disappointed.

This show had everything that made the movies so great. You have the car stunts, the hand to hand fighting, the sexy women, and of cause the stunning French scenery and the little villages that they showed Frank racing around on in each job. This all set this show apart from all other action shows on TV. Scenery especially I believe what made this show. It's own.

In Season 2 they shot a lot more episodes in America and I believe that was a mistake. From the moment they did that, the show would then look like and compete with every other TV shows that had a car chase scene in New York, or Chicargo, or Boston and it just didn't look and seem like the same show that it was in season 1. Whereas when they were doing the show in Europe nobody was doing those sort of stunts and it was like watching a mini movie.

You are probably thinking I enjoyed season 1 more than 2. Overall, that is right. But there were some aspects of season 2 that I did like. I liked Cat's character more than Carla. She was a better partner for Frank as her skill set matched his quite well and it would've been better if they had shown that more. For me the show went downhill when they killed off Dieter. He was a better comic relief / sidekick character than Jules.
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aprolls1113 February 2013
Honestly..i cant believe it is getting such a low rating in IMDb it should definitely get an 8+. First of all i don't understand how people comment on the bad acting or the lack of story line or how Chris Vance is a bad replacement,come on everyone ..u r not seeing an art movie..this show is for hard core action fanatics who love cars and gals...the rest of u who don't..please don't watch this show and write bad comments..this is a fantastic TV series featuring some of the best car chase scenes out there..some scenes do get a bit repetitive ..but its really fun..don't expect too much on the story line as this is NOT a movie but a series with different episodes meant for fun. Stunt scenes are also good and creative..but not as good as in the movies. Each episode is very entertaining and features hot girls too. About Chris Vance,he is a great actor and brings his own style to the frank martin character. He has a lot of style just like Jason and is an excellent transporter. my verdict:action fans please go watch it..chances are you will enjoy
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Good entertainment, awful script
jamieradford21 December 2012
I have just finished watching the first episode of Transporter: The Series and you can see how it has cost a reported four million dollars per episode to make. Unfortunately all that money didn't buy a good script.

Don't get me wrong, I actually enjoyed the first episode from an entertainment perspective; it's just that I wish that the makers of action film and TV would place a little (or a lot) more emphasis on a quality script.

However I have only watched the first episode and am hoping the story lines and scripts improve, as there are many positives to the show that while not fully compensating for the poor screenplay, make it an enjoyable hours' entertainment.

The action scenes are very good, as you would expect with this kind of budget. The car scenes,which of course there are many (it is about a transporter after all)are well executed, and the fighting scenes are very reminiscent of the three films starring Jason Stratham.

The locations are also recognisable from the films, including Frank's house before it was blown up, and François Berléand reprises his role as Inspector Tarconi.

Chris Vance tries his best, and does extremely well considering what he has to work with, and while he is not Jason Stratham, I think he will grow into the role nicely, and will prove to be a good choice as Frank Martin.

Hopefully the script and story lines improve, because Transporter: The Series certainly shows promise, and is well worth a second and perhaps third look.
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Real Good Show
Tallyortoby .25 November 2012
Living in Luxembourg I can watch this show on German TV. I stumbled on it for the 1st episode and got caught into it straight away. For a TV series it's amazing how it really tries to stick to the movies by having the main character live in the house on the Cote d'Azur that got blown up in one of the movies. Vance plays real good and the other actors do a fine job too. Great to see that François Berléand as Inspector Tarconi has been taken over from the movies into the series. I highly recommend watching this series as it evolves in a great way and the 6 episodes aired so far have been superb. Can't wait to see the next 6.
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Incredible Series !!!
Right-Wing-Man4 January 2013
After reading the low IMDb ratings, I wasn't going to watch this show, but unfortunately sometimes people are dead wrong in their opinions on this site. Furthermore, often people give bad marks just because they don't like an actor or director, which is unfortunate. This show is flat out one of the best I have ever seen. I don't ever recall a series with more action... ever! Chris Vance is flat-out an incredible actor. The whole cast is great. The writing is excellent. Luc Besson has created a real winner here. WATCH THIS SHOW>>> You will not be disappointed! Thanks to everyone who created this gem. Chris Vance is an equal of Jason Statham, they are both great in their own rights.!
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Fast Cars and Bad Girls, what's not to like?
Steve Schiff5 November 2014
If you are not looking for a deep storyline and just want honest-to-goodness and shamelessly shallow action, you'll like this series. It does not apologize for being "standard", "cliché", or any other derogatory epithet thrown at it. It's just a straight-up, old-fashioned "good guy kicks ass and gets the girl" kind of show. And that's perfectly OK with me. At the end of a day working hard and studying hard or even on a lazy day-off, I don't necessarily want deep plots and Shakespearean epics, I just want brain-dead, no-holds-barred entertainment of the action and suspense genre. And the transporter delivers (pun very much intended)! Heck, just the hot babes and bad girls are well worth the price of admission! :-)
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Great Action Series
lukezag11 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
After reading some reviews, I really didn't have high hopes for this series. After watching the first episode, I swear I must have been watching a different show. The action scenes were some of the best I've seen on television! The driving, the long combat scenes, well executed and very entertaining!! I've seen 11 of the 12 episodes (episode 7 did not air in English, only German, so I will have to wait for it to air in Canada) and I have to say, well done to the production team for producing such incredible television action on such a limited budget.

I would like to clear up a few points some above reviewers mentioned but didn't seem to explore:

1) Stop comparing this show to the movies. If this had a different title I bet half the negative reviews would suddenly become positive.

2) Regarding the mention of the lack of attention payed to the cars. Not sure if it was you're lack of attention to the show, but Frank has multiple black Audi's.

3) Yes, there is a car chase scene used twice in the series, with different endings. The reasoning for this is Chris Vance (Frank) was injured during production, then filming was halted for nearly a year. Coming back, they did not have the time, nor money, to produce another car scene. So they filmed a different ending and went from there. In my opinion, they did a great job with the situation they were in.

4) No damage to the cars? I must have definitely been watching a different show.

5) The action scenes are boring, the cinematography is bad. What!? Action scenes are literally the best I have seen in a television series. The cinematography is the best part of it! They make it look professional, instead of having the shaky camera during the fight scenes, they use track shots, and dolly's. They make it look intense.

Honestly, you don't have to take my word. But I encourage everyone to watch the series. It may have its odd problems here and there, but overall, it would have to be one of the top Action Series of 2012/2013.

Here's to hoping its renewed for a second season!!
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excellent new series five stars
jeffdewe11 January 2013
all I can say is wow, and I wished this came out years ago.

This series is full action pack, nice cars/women/fight scenes.

what else could you want ?.

I hope it keeps going. So many new series that are good are canceled these days. I hope this one last as long as the Simpsons :.) Basically its a guy who gets paid to transport thing and gets paid for this. But this guy is a honest guy and shows a lot of heart in his work. Its a lot like the movie but better because there is a new episode every week, unlike the movies which only happen like every 3-4 years. The quality of the series is just like the movies which is very rare, the first season cost around $42 million which is a lot for a TV show.

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Great concept, badly executed!
James Hillier15 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I watch TV to be entertained, this show tries hard but falls flat in that most basic of areas.

If you enjoyed the Transporter movies and are looking for more of the same, this series will surely disappoint.

The main actor plays the role in a much different way to Jason Statham's original surly and uncompromising character. With a perpetual twinkle in his eye and a quick quip seemingly always at the ready, Chris Vance's interpretation is more akin to a rich playboy type than the teak-tough 'Transporter'. Still, it is just an interpretation and as such entirely subjective.

The main issue lies within the scripts, and I did watch 4 episodes before finally calling it quits. Car chases and fight scenes alone do not make for entertainment, the whole thing needs to be glued together by an interesting and/or intriguing storyline. Sadly, that is not the case here.
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Too predictable
Ali Imran Mohamed26 December 2012
Firstly, I'd like to say the only good thing I've seen by watching the first episode is Chris Vance's fighting.

Bullets nor rear ending and squishing other cars doesn't even scratch Frank's car. The script and acting of most of the actors are just terrible. Some scenes are just too predictable especially the excessive nudeness which I predicted would be seen often in this series just after seeing the opening scene.

I noticed the inspector from the original series is playing the same role. I'm just wondering why the other aspects couldn't be brought here. It doesn't have to be as good as the movies. Just better than this.

I hope it gets better in time.
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Disappointing even with low expectations
tatsu20507 January 2013
It was clear this show wouldn't be as good as the movies, you don't have the same budget for a TV show. Therefore I watched the first episode with low expectations hoping for some mild entertainment and relaxation after a long day at work. Unfortunately even with expecting not much I got disappointed. The acting is really bad, the humor feels forced, the driving action is boring, the fight scenes are badly directed (could have been way better without quick cuts and some shaky camera) and the tries at coolness remind me of 6 year old boys trying to sound tough at the playground.

I usually give a show at least 2, more often then not 3-4, episodes, before writing it off completely. But I don't see anything here that gives me any hope of it getting better.

Edit: I gave the 2nd episode a shot and it had an even worse script. After I read another review here where the reviewer said the "original" German dub was better and would make more sense I also tried the 3rd episode. About that: 1. The original language the actors talk is English not German. 2. Most of the actors are European and not everyone seems to be really comfortable with speaking English, that, at times, makes it painful to listen to them. The German dub isn't bad if you are used to dubs but to me it's mostly even overacted or underacted and just doesn't feel natural to my ears. 3. The German translation does not only sometimes have a completely different meaning, it is also quite embarrassing when it deviates from the original meaning.

Overall, after watching three episodes, I can't stick to my 3/10 anymore and have to remove one.
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Really Enjoyed Season 1
ighitst22 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I very much enjoyed Season 1 of this series. Carla and Dieter were excellent foils for the Frank Martin character and, while the plots were formulaic, the story lines were enjoyable, the fight and car chase scenes were excellent, and the European setting was beautiful, as were the female guest stars.

I did not enjoy Season 2 to the same extent. With Carla and Dieter absent from Season 2, I thought the series went downhill. I liked Violante Placido, but Frank Martin did not need a "partner" and that became clear as Carla's risk assessment was routinely and consistently ignored. In the later episodes, the addition of Jules in the role of nerdy computer support was simply annoying.

A couple of the last episodes in Season 2, Chimera and Sixteen Hands in particular, were just bad, replete with over the top acting and clichéd characters. After those two episodes, the cancellation of the series seemed like a mercy killing.
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Watching this series in German only
sonx8422 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I saw the English version of the transporters first episode and I was really disappointed. Afterwards I saw the German version and I must say it had more kick to it and it was more intelligent.

Above all I was shocked how different the dialogs wore in the English versus German.

I preferred the original, the German dub. I would recommend watching this series in German only, because the English one is literally crap.

About the series it self. It has its flaws like physics doesn't seem to be really apart of this world.

Spoiler Alert!!!!

For example when Frank jumps off a airplane wing(while it's starting to take off) and dose not have a scratch on him after hitting the concrete at high speeds. Not only is he unharmed, but he is able to jumps up and run after the aircraft.

But low budget mistakes aside this series in my opinion has a unique feel to it and in my book that mean it has a change to survive.
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Awful and stupid
rodut11121 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Transporter the series is embarrassing.It looks like a bad low-budget porn movie.The actors are awful along with the script.

The action is lame and the main character is totally different from the Frank Martin from the movie. The plot is non-realistic and because it is a low budget series there is no damage to the cars.I don't know what the director of the series was doing when they were filming but there are a lot of discrepancies between 2 consecutive shots.For example: someone was talking on a Iphone 4 in the second shot she had a 3G and in the third she had a Iphone 4 again or the part where a person was in a taxi Mercedes E-class and it arrives in an S-class.

They used the same scene, filmed from another angle, twice....

I am a fan of The Transporter movies but this is "blasphemy".I admit this opinion is just from the firs episode, but i don't want or wish to see the second one.

This has a lot to say about this series.
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For rather simple minds
imdb-neweyes7 December 2012
The formula is always the same: Beautiful cars, always the same (repetative) and good looking car scenes, even more beautiful girls and a Transporter that has more problems to get rid of those girls than coping with the bad guys.

The stories are not even memorable for 10 minutes after the show.

I think there is a reason, why this show runs nearby a similar German show in Germany with similar (un-)interesting stories.

But who cares, if the cars and girls are there?? The main actor tries hard to give a good acting, but he stands no chance, because the whole setting is so limited.

The original Transporter films had some inspiring elements. But this is just a rip of for people who adore girls and cars.

Who needs a story?
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Very Enjoyable Show
raregrit9 September 2013
My tastes in Television tend to be out and out Action, Suspense Dramas, Thrillers and Sci-Fi (if it's any good).

Transporter: The Series, clearly falls into the out and out Action genre.

There are many more eloquently written reviews of this online, most seem to have been posted by people who were stupid enough, to expect something from this Series that it clearly was never going to be.

If you're a Man, enjoy fast driving, half naked women (on occasion), and lots of violence, with good fight scenes, where bad people get their comeuppance you should really enjoy this show.

In fact if you liked all three Transporter Movie's I would watch this, while it's not Jason Statham, (like it would be on a TV Show) it's sheer entertainment.

It is (as with a lot of show's taken from movies) nowhere near as polished as the Movie's, and is a little corny here and there, but this was never meant to be anything other than an Action TV Series, which it does rather well.
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Good show
Matt Roadhouse21 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I always seem to like International ventures for shows. Gives a well rounded mix of talent and some exposure to other cultures.

The fight choreography and stunts (mainly with cars) is top notch, even compared to films. Quite diverse in the use of camera angles and placement for many scenes as well.

There is a thread comparing it to Burn Notice, but honestly that show cannot hold a candle to the above statements.

Vance seems to have taken the role as more of a Bond-esque character, which is fine. Statham was always cool-headed, charming etc, so I feel it is fitting.

Like Bond, he does seem to 'deliver a package' regularly.

Has some T&A for the demographic its targeted at. The French are far from prudes, so I think its a good fit.

Some don't seem to like it due to plot/writing. It delivers where it is focused on, and you could say (the other) about almost any show on TV these days :)
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Transporter the series is amazing,, Must watch!!!
coolboy-19984 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
many people are telling me, its awful and Chris Vance cant beat Jason Statham, 1) this is not a match between Chris Vance and Jason Statham 2) both of them are great actors 3) the show is amazing, I agree there are some low budget filming problems, but other than that its a great show and I recommend the HBO Canada to do another Season and have a bit better Budget and HBO should air this on US TV, because if they don't air this in US, its not going to be a big hit and no one will know about it. There is another problem, as I said this problem I think is part of the low Budget problem, the problem is that Audi A8 Doesn't have Manual Transmission, I think this is a fault that should be fixed in the next Season, Anyways these are all small problems but it would be better if they fix it and I think the only way to fix it is to Raise the Budget a bit and bring better crew, Anyways I totally recommend you to watch this series, The Cast is great, The Story is great & the action is great!
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O so bad.
Oliver Harman27 January 2013
You know those action shows/movies that are so bad they are good? This isn't one of those.

Chris Vance is actually not bad as an action hero, so props there.

Let's break it down.

The car chases, are good, but then you realize the shots are just repeating and Frank's car seems to be made of adamantium.

The script is unsurprisingly terrible, no points lost here, mindless action is and mindless action does.

The girls are gorgeous, as are the settings.

The fight scenes are terrible. You actually see fists fly way off the mark and its slowed down so you can't not notice the horrible choreography?

There's an attempt to make cooky camera angles, but each one obviously makes for a terrible take so every now and then you get a blurry half second shot from inside something.

Continuity is some of the worst I have ever seen. People change outfits, phones, cars with alarmingly regularity, let's just pretend Frank's own car doesn't change make/model and transmission mysteriously.

Some of the acting is downright atrocious, but again, mindless action what do you expect?

And finally the audio, as though edited on Moviemaker by a novice, strange surround sound choices where people will whisper to your left despite being center frame and talking normally, the ADR is laughable at best and charchaters off-screen seem to talk endlessly during fight scenes so you don't forget they are there. Cars randomly increase in volume, did this even go through a professional post sound studio or did the cash get blown in the chase scenes?


It is too bad to even waste your time with, budget seems to have been blown on a couple of car chase scenes and not much else.

Luc Besson obviously didn't provide anything but the name and money, his gloriously touch is sadly absent.
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Stupid script, but kind of entertaining.
rukmal19875 January 2013
This is about a guy who drives a Audi from point A to B, picking up 'packages' and delivering them. He is hired because he doesn't ask questions and because he does his job well.I'm not really sure if I like this or dislike it. There are some good fight scenes (like Chinese movies. But no flying so kind of highly believable). To be honest there is no story in most of the scenes. I mean how can you, since it is about a driver. No mystery no twists and turns. You know who the bad guy is from the beginning so the story will about how the driver will fight his way out and do the job (deliver the package) at the end. Well I don't see this series going to be a hit. But it is not as bad as some other action TV shows. The acting is pretty amateur. Wonder why they didn't hire some good actors since they sure must have put a lot of money in all those fast car stunts and things. The scenery too is nice. You get some nude scene too. That might help to sell the show. Besides that hardly see anything promising in it. They could have done better with a bit more writing. Anyways it is up to the viewer to decide whether they are going to like it or not. I will give a 5 for this.
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Excellent show
nathan-689-40971718 May 2013
Well, Frank is cool, the show will grow on you, here are my personal remarks about this show: the Audi should be an S8 instead of A8, the chase cars are always the Mercedes ML350 which anyone knows about cars will know that its a car that can not get out of its way, the other thing is, the awesome Audi roars so amazing but yet the dogs are so close on his tale, this show has to make more sense. Frank is not bad at all, the concept of the show is wonderful, Andrea is sooooooooooooooooo Awesome, what a pretty and sexy lady, she is great in her part, the inspector is great, oh my God, the area, the house, the ocean are second to NONE. I hope they keep this show running, its unique, with changes to remarks made, I could rate this show easily a good 9.
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Transporter, fabulous show!!!
cparrish7438 February 2015
I loved this show and was sorry to find out it was over a couple of years ago. Chris Vance is great and easy on the eyes. The car chases are exciting and never a boring moment. The series ended badly and we never had a real closing. I wish they would make more of these. I liked seeing the countryside in Europe and all of the excellent fight scenes. It was unique and I found it to be an awesome ride!!!

I don't understand some of the bad reviews unless it was just the inability to accept the changes from the movie.

Bring it back and let us have a little something different to watch and a bit of excitement to boot!!!
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it's not rubbish but it's not brilliant either
jonnithomas4 October 2014
It's a shallow TV series based on a good film series.

The acting is basic but acceptable considering how bad the script and the story lines are. It seems to have been written for 14 year old boys that like cars.

Part of the problem is that the action/fight scenes lack any realism. to try to increase realism there are jerky or speeded up shots of punches being thrown and cars being driven. the problem is that ends up being irritating as the cutting from shot to shot doesn't make it look fast at all.

Also the cars often don't react how they actually would at speed. I own an Audi A8 and they do not slide at the back at high speed unless you have very very low tyre pressure at the rear and high ones at the front and drive like a gorilla. presumably the character as a professional driver wouldn't.

so don't expect much from the series as you won't get too much.
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I felt generous giving it 2 stars.

1- The acting is awful, either overacted or underacted, maybe its what another user said, most of the actors are European and don't feel comfortable speaking in English, or maybe the script is just CRAP, either way its terrible.

2- That guy has nothing on Jason Statham, he's not cool, not a good actor, even when he tries to say or do things like Jason, he just cant do it.

I don't see this show going to the second season.

And the only reason i gave it 2 stars instead of one is because the do have nice cars, nice looking girls and the breasts you see in the first episode. LOL

Do yourself a favor, don't watch this. It's really painfully bad!!!
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