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Village Voice
If Shakespeare High lacks the tightness and emotional tension a competition doc needs to take off, we get to know enough of these preternaturally self-assured kids to care about what happens to them beyond the finals.
Slant Magazine
These SoCal kids are passionate about their craft and it shows in their renditions of the famous bard's work.
Performing Shakespeare can save children's lives. That is the persuasive argument of Alex Rotaru's documentary Shakespeare High, an inspiring, if too short and overcrowded, examination of the competition among high schools at the 90th annual Drama Teachers Association of Southern California Shakespeare Festival.
It's impossible not to root for these driven, high-spirited participants - and for the longevity of this invaluable program.
Stage performance is good training for life, claims this documentary about a high school Shakespeare competition.
Alex Rotaru's very busy documentary focuses more on the kids' stories than on their work; considering how sensational some of them are, it's probably a strategic advantage.
Unless you really dig "Glee"-level displays of high-school drama geekery, you and your date may want to quickly exeunt.

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