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Their influence abides: where to next in the Coen brothers' universe?

John Turturro resurrects Jesus Quintana, a proposed sequel to Barton Fink, and a third series of Fargo on TV ... As the pasticheurs become the pastiched, welcome to the ever expanding Coens cosmos

“Nobody fucks with the Jesus!” So said the purple jumpsuited Latino bowler, Eagles fan and sex offender Jesus Quintana in The Big Lebowski. Save, perhaps, the man playing him. Last week, news broke that Turturro was resurrecting the character in a remake of the 70s French surreal comedy Les Valseuses. Called Going Places, it’s currently filming in New York.

It has long been Turturro’s ambition to give his scene-stealing turn another airing, and he isn’t alone in thinking the Big Lebowski just wasn’t big enough. Jeff Bridges has expressed a willingness to reprise the Dude; Tara Reid, who played Lebowski’s trophy wife, Bunny, made a painfully unfunny Funny or Die parody trailer for The Big Lebowski 2.
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Jeff Bridges Wants A Little Dude To Take Point In The Big Lebowski Sequel

Similar to the proposed Beetlejuice sequel, a follow-up to The Big Lebowski is a prospect that’s never too far from the conversation. It’s also something that The Dude himself, Jeff Bridges, has weighed in on before, even if the Coen brothers firmly believe that a sequel is merely pie in the sky.

But through time, talk of a sequel spun out in a different direction than many had expected, with John Turturro emerging as the chief candidate to take point on a Big Lebowski spinoff, one that would revolve around “pederast” bowler Jesus Quintana. Granted, that pitch hasn’t gained much traction in years gone by, although the concept of revisiting Joel and Ethan Coen’s ’98 cult classic is entirely off the table. Not yet.

Ahead of Hell or High Water releasing in theaters – David Mackenzie’s neo-Western thriller that sees him star opposite Chris Pine and Ben Foster
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Will The Big Lebowski 2 Ever Happen? Here's What The Coen Brothers Say

If paid any attention to your local theater, especially during the summer months, well aware of how Hollywood feels about sequels. It adores them. Any title they can slap a number on and any name recognition they can exploit is fair game. Given the state of the current landscape, it.s always nice to hear that some of our favorite titles won.t be sequelized, rebooted, or otherwise revisited. And there.s one we can add to that list as we.ll never see another Big Lebowski. Hyping up their latest cinematic endeavor, the star-studded, movie studio-set romp Hail, Caesar!, the sibling directorial duo Joel and Ethan Coen put the brakes on any potential for The Big Lebowski 2 to happen. Addressing the desire of some for a sequel, and people like Tara Reid saying it is happening, with Variety, Joel Coen said: In this case,
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Chris Klein will be back for another slice of 'American Pie'

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The gang is coming back together.

Chris Klein has officially signed on to bring the original "American Pie" back to life with "American Reunion." He joins key players Seann William Scott, Jason Biggs, Eugene Levy and Alyson Hannigan, who are already committed to the film.

Offers are reportedly still out there for Mena Suvari and Tara Reid (if she's not too busy with "The Big Lebowski 2," that is).

Klein will reprise his role as Chris "Oz" Ostreicher in the fourth installment of the series, People confirms. According to his rep, the actor is "very excited to reunite with the original cast."

Filming is set to begin on May 24, so the rest of the cast better sign on quick!
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Tara Reid talks about making her new 'Big Lebowski 2' spoof for FunnyOrDie -- Exclusive

Tara Reid talks about making her new 'Big Lebowski 2' spoof for FunnyOrDie -- Exclusive
Earlier this year, Tara Reid was widely mocked for incorrectly stating that work would soon begin on The Big Lebowski 2. (Those who had a little fun at Ms. Reid’s expense included Lebowski auteur Ethan Coen, who declared ”I’m glad she’s working on it. We’ll watch it when it comes out.”) Now the American Pie actress has turned that frown upside down (and really tied her mistake together) by making a fake Big Lebowski 2 trailer for Reid plays every important character from the original classic comedy, except for her actual role of trophy wife
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