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Unfolding like a symphony of small humiliations, there isn't a moment in this movie that doesn't feel at least vaguely familiar, and there isn't a moment in this movie that doesn't feel completely true.
Steinfeld is brilliantly able to weave together a character who's both typical and yet surprising in her multidimensional emotions that Nadine slowly works through. She's not a cookie-cutter character.
It's a teen movie that starts off funny ha-ha but turns into something more like a light-fingered psychological thriller. The drama is all in Nadine's personality, in how far she'll go to act out her distress.
Fast, full-hearted and graced with a beautifully modulated lead turn by Hailee Steinfeld, the movie takes the risk of playing it straight and sincere - and the risk pays off.
The Edge Of Seventeen boasts an emotional journey filled with wit, humor and heart, resting easy on the back of Hailee Steinfeld's dynamite performance.
The Edge of Seventeen isn't John Hughes for a new generation - it's much more honest than that.
Slant Magazine
The smartest thing about Kelly Fremon Craig's teen dramedy is its measured take on its protagonist's theatrics.
I can't think of a single situation where Kelly Fremon Craig, who makes her feature debut as a writer-director, takes us to a place we haven't often been. Yet she lays out her heroine's dilemmas with good humor and understanding.
Fremon Craig doesn't radically alter the conventions of the coming-of-age narrative, and so a general predictability settles over the proceedings pretty quickly. With that said, though, she does a good job observing the relationships between her central characters.
Only Hailee Steinfeld's committed performance as Nadine, a troubled high-school junior in Oregon, and Woody Harrelson's deft turn, as a teacher who helps her, make this thin and cliché-riddled comic drama worth watching.

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