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Sex & Nudity

  • World Without End contains some male and female nudity (plenty of male chests, very few male backsides, rare female breasts), some scenes of sexual intercourse with some movement and moaning (some with a little nudity), many scenes of sexual abuse/rape. Incest, homosexuality, flirting, and sexual references are all present. The sexual situations are plentiful but not strong in nature (with the exception of the rape ones), and the nudity is overall mild and not graphic. Many of the scenes in this section are certainly more irksome than sensual.
  • Themes such as marriage, infidelity, and having children are involved. Several women are forced to marry men they do not love and who mistreat them.
  • Some kissing throughout.
  • A girl is raped by her husband. He roughly grabs her, slams her on the table, and starts thrusting from behind, all while she says "no" and cries (no nudity is seen).
  • A young woman is raped by a young man while another man holds her down and laughs. There is no nudity, but we see him thrusting above her while she cries and says "no". Afterwards she is found crying, terrorized, and bruised, with messy clothes. Later on a man says she was examined and was found to be "torn and bruised".
  • A young man has a sexual interest on his female cousin. His mother makes a reference to him always wanting to take a bath with his cousin when they were little. In one scene, the young man enters her bedroom as his cousin is sleeping, opens her shirt and touches her breast, visibly excited (in the uncensored version, nipple is visible); she wakes up and he leaves. In another scene, he is seen sniffing on a dress, belonging to his cousin, while lying naked in bed (his butt is not seen). In another scene, he masturbates in front of his cousin. Both are fully clothed and no detail is seen, we only hear mild noises of him stroking his penis while moaning. When he climaxes, she makes a remark about how quick he was.
  • A man sexually molests his daughter twice. He gropes her breasts and tries to have sex with her, telling her "camon, it's only a hump". We never see him succeed, but it is mentioned that he did rape her in the past while being drunk.
  • A man and a young woman have sex in the fields. They kiss plenty and start removing/opening up their clothes. The scene ends (no nudity or intercourse is seen). Afterwards we see them lying together, partially unclothed (the man's upper buttocks are seen).
  • A girl and a young man make love in bed while kissing passionately. Little moaning and mild movement. No graphic nudity, only her legs and his back are shown.
  • A man enters a man's bedroom and discloses a young girl hiding behind the bed's curtain, revealing that he knew about their affair. The young girl is naked but covering herself with the sheets (we only see her legs). It is implied they were having sex.
  • Two churchmen have a homosexual relationship, romantic in tone. They are heard talking smoothly in a bedroom, and very briefly seen lying in bed together; they are naked but covered by the sheets, only their bare backs and chests are seen. In one previous scene their relationship was vaguely implied, as one of them suspiciously enters the other man's bedroom. In one later scene one confesses his love to the other.
  • A nun softly kisses another nun, who is unwilling at first, but then responds to her kiss. It is unknown if they go further than the kissing we see.
  • A man is about to have sex with his wife; we see him removing his shirt and telling her wife that he wants her, but that does not happen.
  • A young woman is seen in a bathtub. No nudity.
  • Three young women are briefly seen while cleaning themselves nearby a lake. No nudity is seen apart from their legs.
  • A man forcefully gropes a woman's breasts while inspectioning her body (her bare breasts are partially seen).
  • A man assaults a young woman, trying to rape her. She defends herself and he is taken away by force.
  • A young man threatens to rape a little girl, forcing her mother to marry him.
  • A young man makes a reference about his penis being big and puts a girl's hand on his crotch (they are both fully clothed, the scene happens in public). Later on the same girl jokingly tells her friends that "there was nothing that big".
  • A mother asks his son if he still masturbates.
  • A man sells his daughter to a stranger for a cow. Her new husband runs after her yelling "you are my wife now" (he does not catch her).

Violence & Gore

  • World Without End contains lots of medieval violence, including executions, hanging, poisoning, black plague, battle scenes, revolts, swordfights, fistfights, suicide, and rape. There is also a lot of scenery that includes corpses. War is involved, but only a few times pictured. In many occasions, characters risk to be hanged (or killed in other ways), and are saved at the very last moment. Some characters kill members of their own families. Many of the scenes in this section are either emotional, upsetting, or both.
  • Two despicable, evil, scheming characters in particular kill a lot of people, relatives included, for their own sinister purposes and interests, and another character is a very violent, bloodthirsty young man who enjoys killing, fighting, and raping.
  • Women are severely abused and mistreated throughout, both verbally and physically. Witchcraft is one of the themes of this series, and some women are seen or said to be hanged or burned at the stake, accused of being witches.
  • Many people are hung onscreen. Almost all of these scenes are very upsetting.
  • Many people are ill with black plague, and some of them spew blood violently and seize before dying. The large black papules on their bodies are seen.
  • There are several sword fights throughout.
  • Some fistfights and brawls are also present.
  • A couple of war/battle scenes, in which many people are graphically stabbed to death, sliced with swords, hit with axes, and pierced with arrows, and have their throaths sliced. Lots of dead people, as well as horses, are seen on the ground.
  • A man has an arrow pierced in his arm. A man later extracts it from his bloody arm as he screams in pain (graphic).
  • A man has his arm amputated with a cleaver. The cutting is not shown as he screams in pain, but we see his severed arm.
  • A man has both legs broken with a large hammer (offscreen). We hear him screaming in pain. Later on his swollen knees are seen.
  • A young man slices a man's chest with a sword, killing him (we see a large bloody cut). The murderer's face and neck are sprayed with blood.
  • A man stabs another man in the chest with a knife. He dies.
  • A man hits another man on the head (blood is seen), then repeatedly hits his body. He dies.
  • A man grabs his young pregnant wife by the hair and pushes her down the stairs. She dies. We see blood coming out of her nose.
  • A man tries to strangle a girl. She stabs him in the throat with a large golden cross, blood spurts and he dies.
  • A man assaults his mother and briefly tightens his hand around her throat, threatens her, then goes away.
  • A man slaps a girl.
  • A man hits his young wife in the face. Another man grabs him, pushes him on the ground, and starts hitting and kicking him repeatedly; he then threatens him with an axe and says "you touch her again, I'll split your skull like fire wood".
  • Two young men have a fistfight. One of them has blood on his face (his nose is broken).
  • A young man punches another young man hard on the face, making him fall on the ground.
  • A girl kills herself by cutting her wrists (we do not see the cutting but we do see the deep bloody wound); she is seen inside a bathtub, filled of bloody water.
  • A woman kills herself with poison.
  • A man is poisoned; he starts spitting out blood and having seizures before dying.
  • A man kills a dog with poison (offscreen, we hear the dog weeping and grunting).
  • A dead rabbit is graphically shown cut open as two girls study the insides.
  • A bridge falls off, and several people, along with a few horses, fall into the river below; some die. A woman is hung in the process (the scene is very intense and upsetting).
  • In a river, a man screams "I cannot swim, help me" and hangs on a young woman, who risks to drown; another man comes in and hits the other man in the face, freeing the young woman.
  • Countless injured or dead people are seen in a church while being taken care of.
  • A dead woman is seen hung with "Whore" written on a sign placed on her body.
  • A sick woman dies after a "doctor" performs medicinal blood letting on her. She spews out blood and shakes violently before dying.
  • A woman gets sick with black plague. Blood drips from her nose. She and her daughter are said to be dead.
  • A kid accidentally burns his arm; the scorched skin is seen but there is no blood.
  • A man and his wife have an argument, and hit eachother repeatedly in front of their kids. He punches her in the face and she falls on the ground, yelling him to go away.
  • A man holds a large knife at a kid's throat, threatening his parents; he says "I have killed younger boys than him". The boy ends up unharmed.
  • A man has a piece of arrow removed from his arm by a girl who is medicating him. No graphic detail is seen.
  • Two men, guilty of rape, are about to be executed publicly; a man says they're going to be half-hung and while still alive disemboweled. One of them will be castrated. They are both saved.
  • A girl is about to be hanged, but is saved.
  • A girl is about to be burned at the stake, but is saved.
  • Two men are about to shoot a deer with their arrows, but stop.
  • A post-war scene is pictured, with many dead bodies around (no graphic detail). A woman says "the English have massacred everyone" and "to find them, simply follow the trail of dead people".
  • A girl is raped by her husband. He roughly grabs her, slams her on the table, and starts thrusting from behind, all while she says "no" and cries (no nudity is seen). The day after she is seen with a broken lip as her female friend medicates her; she says "one day he's gonna kill you", the wife replies "maybe I should just give him a child", and her friend answers "so that he'll beat the both of you".
  • A young woman is raped by a young man while another man holds her down and laughs. There is no nudity, but we see him thrusting above her while she cries and says "no". Afterwards she is found crying, terrorized, and bruised, with messy clothes. Later on a man says she was examined and was found to be "torn and bruised".
  • A girl is sexually molested by her father twice. In one scene, her brother hits their father, in the other, she slices her father's hand with a knife (blood is seen). There is reference of him actually raping her while drunk in the past (we do not see it).
  • A man assaults a young woman, trying to rape her; she splashes hot soup on his face and he screams. We then see him being dragged away by a few man, who tie him onto a bed.
  • A young man threatens to rape a little girl, forcing her mother to marry him.
  • A girl is sold by her father to a stranger for a cow. We see her father and another man (her new husband) tying her with a rope and dragging her away as she screams and begs for help. She fortunately manages to escape.
  • A house is set on fire.


  • World Without End has a fair amount of profanity and rude language, but nothing particularly strong.
  • Rare uses of the F-word.
  • "Damn", "Hell" and "Bastard" are heard.
  • Other profanities, including derogatory terms towards women ("Bitch" and "Whore"), are also heard.
  • A dead woman is seen hung with "Whore" written on a sign placed on her body.
  • Several uses of Jesus' and God's names.
  • Some sexual references.
  • Two churchmen have a homosexual romantic relationship, and one confesses his love to the other. Two nuns agree that even if it is a mortal sin, they are good people, and if it's for love, they wonder if God really cares. In another scene, the same two nuns kiss eachother; one remarks that if it's done for love, God doesn't mind. Both scenes might upset religious or homophobic people.
  • A nun says "what if God was only a story we made up, just to have some comfort?" and cries. Her faith in God weakens throughout the series, but ultimately does not expire.
  • One of the main characters is a mad churchman who does awful things to innocent people in the name of God and Christianity.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some wine drinking, from mild to moderate.
  • A man is said to have raped his daughter when drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Many intense and/or violent scenes.
  • The black plague scenes are intense and the papules are gross-looking.
  • Sudden deaths happen frequently in this series. Many characters' deaths are emotional and sad.
  • Several scenes are extremely upsetting to watch. This includes: all the scenes involving rape or sexual abuse; a girl being sold by her father for a cow; a man having both legs broken with a large hammer; certain characters being hung; people being forced or threatened to do something; a dog being poisoned and killed by a man; all the scenes involving three specific characters who do horrible things to others.
  • Recommended age for viewing: 14+ (grisly medieval violence, language, sexual contents including rape, some nudity)


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A young woman has sex with a young man in order to obtain something. She enters his bedroom and wakes him up; he gets out of the bed, and his fully naked body can be partially seen (mostly his back and chest, the pube area is obscured). He tells her to strip down and she begins to do so (no nudity is seen). The scene ends, implying they had sex. Later on, the woman has two children: one is of her husband's, the other is of the afore mentioned man.
  • A man and a young girl have sex in a church. They are seen standing and thrusting (no nudity except the girl's legs and thighs). The scene is brief. The girl is cheating on her husband, and is later said to be pregnant.
  • A man starts to grope and undress a girl, who is his cousin, in order to examinate her, but is stopped. No nudity.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman kills a man, who is her brother, by poisoning him. We see him, blurred in the background, tossing himself around the room, coughing and gasping for air, then hear a tud when he falls to the floor, dead.
  • A woman drowns a man, who is her brother.
  • A woman, ill with black plague, cuts a few papules on her arm (the cutting is not seen, we only see the blood dripping), and drips the blood inside a rose, who then she proceeds to send to a man, in order to infect him (he, in fact, dies).

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