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Author: chips-19 from United States
21 April 2011

Phelous is a very funny show. He is a lot like the Cinema Snob but reviews a wider variety of films. He has dry humor that is hilarious and some of the riffing is on par win mst3k! My favorites include Troll 3, Army of Darkness, Santas Slay and Night of the Living Dead 3D! One thing I think could be improved is that, like the Nostalgia critic, some of the videos drag on too much. Ironically, his review of the film "Birdemic" drags on the most yet that was still one of the best from him. One thing that sets him apart from other reviewers is that his reviews are also kinda like Youtube Poop! Like in the Case 39 review with the random Billy Mays sound clip! Overall, I really like this show.

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Fantastic series

Author: isaackiernan from New York
22 June 2012

Phelous is a very very good show, and full of my kind of humor. One reason I love it is because Phelous reminds me very much of myself. and its great to see someone with my sense of humor actually making something worthwhile.

Phelous (Portrayed brilliantly by Phelan Porteous) is a seemingly immortal man who constantly inflicts upon himself terrible movie after terrible movie. He's died countless times, and even come back as side characters such as the bizarre Selouph, a reverse Phelous who's life's goal is to take over Phelous' show and turn it into a romantic comedy review show. There are also characters such as Phelous D1 (who's motives are never quite clear) and the occasional cameo from a Mortal Kombat Character.

Phelous is perhaps my favorite contributor to the "thatguywiththeglasses" team. He's funny, Very dry (and I do love me some dry humor), and a heck of a lot of fun. If you haven't seen it, I say check it out.

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Sarcasm does not equal intelligence

Author: Shaughn Cameron from Canada
7 January 2013

I can't stand Phelous.

The thing is, his videos aren't inherently bad on their own. Granted it's not particularly funny, and the constant references never really go anywhere, but it's harmless enough. But it's the portrayal of the titular character where the problems begin.

Phelous has only one speed, and that's pure unadulterated sarcasm. Now, I enjoy this kind of delivery and it's the kind of humour I identify with myself. However, Phelous takes this to absolutely ridiculous level. Nearly every single solitary thing that he says is sarcastic, and not in a subtle way either, it's accompanied by the rolling of his eyes, waving of his arms and exaggerated voice. Now, this would be fine once and a while, but when EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE is like this, it gets old... very quickly. Especially when it's done for lines where sarcasm doesn't even fit in. Even taken as a parody of existing reviewers this delivery is incredibly annoying. Being sarcastic doesn't automatically make you witty or funny. It's a little more complicated than that, and looking at the kind of humour prevalent in this series I don't expect to find that here.

Not only that, but the reviews aren't particularly insightful either. Some of the most memorable reviewers either focus on either humour, or deconstructing the subject. Some are capable of even doing both. For example, reviewers like sfbebris explore the background of the subject, explaining the history of the project and how the end result may have become as great or terrible as it was. This manner of delivery isn't always necessary, and I wouldn't expect everyone to do so. But if you aren't brining anything new to the table, and your reviews aren't even remotely funny, one has to wonder why the exist in the first place.

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Author: haterofcrap from Spain
27 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

No matter how much I try, I still don't see what's the big deal about the videos made by the Nostalgia Critic and the other reviewers from the "That Guy with Glasses" website.

Many people seems to love them. Many people quote them in many websites, forums and blogs, and many people consider all the comments made on those videos as the pinnacle of comedy and movie criticism.

Many enjoy those videos. But not me. Perosnally, I hated all the videos made by the Nostalgia Critic, Phelos, the Nostalgi Chick, the Spoony One and the others. I didn't find anything funny, clever, or remotely interesting about them. No matter how much I try, I just don't get what's the big deal about those videos.

In my opinion...Phelous is not much better than the Nostalgia Critic. I find both to be equally annoying and unfunny. Sorry.

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