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Sex & Nudity

  • Various female characters at times wear clothing that is tight-fitting or low-cut.
  • Mona Lisa grabs Raph to her suggestively.
  • As soon as Raph impresses Mona Lisa she says, in a very seductive voice, that their noses "shall meet in the flesh" and later says, also in a seductive voice, that she want's to have a "one on one training session" next time they meet.
  • Raph and Mona kiss just after they meet and they make out 3 times in just 1 episode when they see each other again.
  • Mona Lisa stops Raph from telling her that he loves her and they don't take time to get to know each other at all before they start obsessively kissing.
  • Raph teases Donnie for just analyzing sewage with April instead of being all romantic with her.
  • Donnie is very sweet and devoted to April, and she does kiss him on the cheek a couple of times, but she overall just treats him like a freak for loving her just cause he's a mutant.
  • Casey Jones pinches April's butt, she runs up and hugs him a couple of times, they go to the movies together, and the looks on their faces makes their relationship seem suggestive.
  • Mikey appears to make out with Ice Cream Kitty in the "Of Mice and Men" episode.
  • Their are 2 close up kissing scenes in the shows that the turtles watch.

Violence & Gore

  • Martial arts violence throughout.
  • Casey Jones repeatedly beats Donnie with a hockey stick in the "Weird World of Wyrm" episode and laughs at him when he's stuck in a thorn patch.
  • Casey Jones knocks April down with a hockey puck when they first meet, pushes her multiple times, and even kicked her once to try and wake her.
  • Leo very roughly threw his crush Karai into a pillar when he could have easily just pinned her down to stop her.


  • Some use of the word "shell" to replace the word "hell" such as "shellraiser
  • Raph almost swears in the "Beyond the Known Universe" episode, but Donnie stops him.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some characters are mutated and the mutants may seem scary and may creep some people out.
  • One character named the Muck Man has an eyeball that comes in and out in a very disturbing way.
  • Leo screams at Donnie a couple of time and yells in a very frightening manner.
  • Their are a couple of very disgusting of scenes that may be a bit intense.

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