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The Curse of Savanti Romero

Renet returns to ask the Turtles for help, to stop Savanti Romero from unleashing an undead army on Modern-day New York.

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Lone Rat and Cubs

The turtles tell the back story behind their creation.


2 Feb. 2014
The Good, the Bad and Casey Jones
After encountering mutants and ninjas, Casey Jones decides to take on "pure evil" alone. When he meets Raphael, the two hot-headed fighters must put their dislike for each other aside and work together against a common foe.
9 Feb. 2014
The Kraang Conspiracy
Feeling left out of the action, April insists on joining the Turtles on a mission to TCRI, where they learn a shocking secret about April's past.
16 Feb. 2014
Fungus Humungous
A fungus mutant spreading through the sewers causes the Turtles and April to experience their worst fears as Leonardo must face his greatest fear--losing his team.
23 Feb. 2014
Metalhead Rewired
When Donnie upgrades Metalhead's artificial intelligence, he must decide if he can trust a sentient Metalhead... or if he has created a new foe.
2 Mar. 2014
Of Rats and Men
The Rat King returns and tries to take control of Splinter again. Meanwhile, April leaves a cat with Mikey and he turns it into a mutant.
14 Mar. 2014
The Manhattan Project: Part 1
Leonardo considers asking Splinter for help while facing Shredder's new assassin; Donnie must put aside his rivalry with Casey in order to uncover a Kraang plot.
14 Mar. 2014
The Manhattan Project: Part 2
Facing Shredder's deadly new assassin, Leo must decide whether to risk his brother's lives or ask for Splinter's help. Donnie must put aside his rivalry with Casey in order to uncover a new Kraang plot.
27 Apr. 2014
Mazes & Mutants
When the Turtles play a fantasy LARP game to get their mind off of things, they must separate the difference between fantasy and reality.
4 May 2014
The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman
The Turtles create a retro-mutagen to help April's father;Stockman-Fly kidnaps April.
11 May 2014
Raphael is worried about Casey's ability to handle big mutant threats; Raphael and Casey cross the paths of Slash and his new partner.
18 May 2014
Pizza Face
Michaelangelo must battle Pizza Face, a mutant pizza that eats humans, in order to save his family.
8 Jun. 2014
The Wrath of Tiger Claw
When Tiger Claw returns, he vows to hunt and destroy the turtles. Meanwhile, Karai finds out the truth about her mother and real father, forcing her to make a life changing decision.
15 Jun. 2014
The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto
As Leo tries to convince the team to attempt to rescue Karai, Anton Zeck steals Shredder's helmet.
22 Jun. 2014
Plan 10
When Raph accidentally damages a Kraang machine, it allows him to switch brains with a Kraang. Now he must find a way to convince his brothers and Splinter that it's really him, before the Kraang controlling his body destroys his brothers or worse, reveals their location to the rest of the Kraang.
29 Jun. 2014
Vengeance is Mine
Leo stages a rescue for Karai against Splinter's wishes.
6 Sep. 2014
A Chinatown Ghost Story
Donnie becomes increasingly jealous of April and Casey's relationship; April is kidnapped by an evil spirit who intends to drain her powers.
12 Sep. 2014
Into Dimension X!
After Mikey gets trapped in Dimension X to try and save Leatherhead, his brothers come to his rescue, but they discover that their little brother has changed.
19 Sep. 2014
The Invasion: Part 1
Leo and Donnie disagree about their plan to stop the Kraang invasion. When Leo makes a critical mistake, he is separated from the team and Donnie must step up as a leader.
19 Sep. 2014
The Invasion: Part 2
Leo and Donnie disagree about their plan to stop the Kraang invasion. When Leo makes a critical mistake, he is separated from the team and Donnie must step up as a leader.
3 Oct. 2014
Within the Woods
After being provoked from stopping the Kraang invasion and being outmatched by Shredder and Kraang Prime, April, Casey and the Turtles take refuge inside a cabin far from the city in the woods.
10 Oct. 2014
A Foot Too Big
When the Turtles discover Bigfoot in the woods, Donnie befriends it and insists they protect it from a hunter.
17 Oct. 2014
Buried Secrets
The turtles find an old alien spacecraft that is connected to April's past.
7 Nov. 2014
The Croaking
Mikey runs away and befriends a mutant frog. Only to learn the frog and his family have nefarious plans.
14 Nov. 2014
In Dreams
The turtles get trapped in their dreams by Dream beavers. They can't escape except with the help of a man.
21 Nov. 2014
Race with the Demon
When Casey and Donatello work together to build a hot rod, a mutant challenges them.

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