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Incredibly schmaltzy pseudo drama romcom
Warning: Spoilers
"Sehnsucht nach Paradise Island" is another adaptation of an Emilie Richards novel. The result is pretty bad, maybe also because the writing/directing team was not too experienced. Bust past has shown us that it is almost impossible to turn these books into quality movies. So I hold that in their favor. The script was downright bad. Forestieri and Zierl had their moments and could save it occasionally, Carpendale not really.

Apart from the obvious love interest plot and Carpendale playing the perfect partner (eurgh...), there is a story about a sunken treasure which serves as the films dramatic center. Not successfully though. I cared about it as little as about one character's cardiac struggles. The dialogs are really really horrible and so are the British names of the central characters. It's all very embarrassing. Apart from the female main character's looks. Often they are really unattractive in these novel movies, but Forestieri is pretty stunning. So are the landscapes. But you could watch a nature documentary for that factor too and you would not have to sit through this film's truly pathetic ending either. At least it couldn't break the movie as it was 80% crap before that already. Not recommended at all and these 4 stars are truly generous.
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