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Still of Saul Rubinek, Aaron Ashmore and Eddie McClintock in Warehouse 13 (2009)Still of Saul Rubinek, Rene Auberjonois and Vanessa Calder in Warehouse 13 (2009)Still of Saul Rubinek in Warehouse 13 (2009)
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Artie and Dr. Calder are reunited on a new case, but when the victims' DNAs reveal a cyber matrix, Hugo Miller, Vanessa's ex-flame, joins the investigation. The search for a cyber peeping Tom threatens to go viral unless they can find the artifact before everyone turns to clay, including Hugo, the only one who can re-write the anti-virus code. Meanwhile, Pete and Myka are retracing their steps to find out how they ended up in bed together, and what they've done to Steve who is MIA.

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