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MPAA Rated PG-13 for mature thematic content involving domestic abuse and drug material, and for some violence, language and smoking

Sex & Nudity

  • *******Warning, This Contains a Lot of Spoilers*********
  • Her sexy imageand actions onstageramp up from there. At a crucial concert, Sister wears a very clingy dress and obviously isn't wearing a bra. She repeatedly caresses her chest, thighs and legs while singing; she rubs the microphone stand suggestively. Men in the audience hoot and holler as if they're at a strip club, while many of the women present express disgust. She also changes clothes on a bus while her sisters hold up coats and a male passenger leers.
  • Sister and her sisters wear increasingly revealing outfits, showing lots of leg and cleavage as the camera zooms in on their undulating hips, chests and backsides as they sing.
  • One of Sister's outfits includes a see-through strip of fabric from shoulder to hemline down the side of her body, showing that she's not wearing any undergarments.
  • Elsewhere, we see one of the sister's in sheer shirts wearing a black bra underneath.
  • As for Sparkle, her mother gives her a red dress sporting a plunging neckline that reveals nearly as much cleavage as a skimpy bikini would.
  • Dee is seen wearing a corset in a dressing room.
  • Twice, Sister and Satin kiss passionately and talk about making love.
  • The second time, Satin tries to tell her he's not interested, but Sister complains (while straddling him in a chair) that she's "horny."
  • Sex obviously plays a big role in their cohabiting relationship.
  • Sparkle and Stix also kiss. But it seems clear that Sparkle is more sexually restrained, a fact she confirms when she pitches a record exec various subjects she'll sing about, telling him she's still a virgin.
  • Stix eventually proposes to Sparkle, and there's nothing to suggest up to that proposal that they've consummated their relationship.
  • Couples at a club make out.
  • Mention is made of Emma bearing Sister out of wedlock, and that Sparkle and Dee came from a relationship with a different man.
  • A record producer tells the sisters "He wants to see how they'd look in bed with him in the morning" he then corrects himself and says "I mean I want to see you in the light of day." Nothing very sexual.

Violence & Gore

  • Two fistfights break out between Levi and Satin, with people pulling the combatants apart both times.
  • As the film progresses, Sister's bruises indicate Satin is physically abusing her. It starts with a black eye, which she tries to convince her siblings is the result of a fall. (They don't buy it.) More bruises emerge, and it gets more and more difficult for Sister to deny what's happening.
  • Eventually, the camera shows Satin chasing Sister through their house, trying to hit her. When she crumples in the fetal position, he takes off his belt and begins to lash her with it.


  • Two S-Words and one use of the abbreviation "BS."
  • God's name is taken in vain eight or more times, twice it's paired with damn.
  • While damn and ass are uttered three or four times each.
  • Name calling (Whore and Hoe.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Frequent scenes at nightclubs picture people swigging various alcoholic beverages.
  • Many characters (Sister, Levi, Satin, even Emma in a discouraged moment) are shown smoking.
  • Sister begins using cocaine when Satin offers it to her (telling her it will enhance their sex life).
  • We see some cocaine on a mirror.
  • Sister drops some on the floor.
  • Once she starts using, Sister looks increasingly doped up.
  • It's clear that she's becoming addicted, and that her dependence upon the drug is destroying her.
  • Sister accuses her mother of having once been passed out and lying in her own vomit after an alcohol and drug binge.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Satin repeatedly mocks the minister and Emma, as well as their spiritual convictions.
  • The fights maybe a little intense for some.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Sister believes that her sex appeal, not her singing, is the key to the group's success. In her first performance with her sisters, she tucks her dress straps in, reveals more cleavage and rips a huge slit up her dress.

Violence & Gore

  • Sparkle and Dee stage an intervention and convince Sister to leave Satin. It's interrupted when he comes home and notices Sister's packed suitcases. Erupting in a rage, Satin hits Sparkle hard in the face, knocking her down. The three sisters then gang up on him, but he fiercely fights them off. Eventually, Dee whacks his head from behind with a fireplace poker killing him. (We see him fall to the ground.) Sister takes the blame for Dee's action, going to prison for several years after being convicted of manslaughter.

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