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62 out of 86 people found the following review useful:

Give Me a Break

Author: James Deavoll
19 February 2013

In my ten years of IMDb activity, I have never come across a movie with such laughably fake 'reviews'. I perfectly understand how tastes vary and that one person's hidden gem can be another's stinking turd. But 'Hollow' is, by any objective criteria, pure garbage. The favorable reviews posted here can not possibly be genuine. The movie could have been enjoyably average: a mildly interesting idea squeezed into the found-footage formula of "The Blair Witch Project". It's problem lies squarely with its characters. In real life, panicky people annoy me. You know the type I mean: blubbering and hyperventilating and getting all mindlessly hysterical. I just want to slap them and tell them to grow a spine. My annoyance becomes outright anger when such people are made the protagonists of a movie. And don't tell me it's "realism": millions of people the world over deal with crazy s**t every year without curling up in a ball and begging for death. Every character in "Hollow" runs around screaming and crying, whining and bickering, doing absolutely nothing to help themselves or each other. Every one of them is unbelievably selfish and displays the intelligence of a mildly retarded pre-schooler. They're just so pathetic it's impossible to feel any sympathy, still less empathy. I'm at a loss to understand why movies are made about such people. Why am I supposed to care what happens to them? Why should I bother watching? Complete waste of time: very tough to sit through.

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43 out of 49 people found the following review useful:

IMDb should do something about these fake reviews

Author: Brandon Lewis from Dallas, TX
21 May 2014

I saw an ad for this movie on a horror site. Came to IMDb and saw that it had a 6.5 rating on here. Reviews say how amazing it is. I watched it. It was awful. I assumed I was just trolled by fake reviews. I was. If you look at the positive member reviews, click on the name of the person who posted it. This is the one and only movie those "members" ever reviewed. Didn't even attempt to cover their tracks by throwing in some other random reviews. Nope, just the one.

The people behind this movie are trolls and their movie is awful. In fairness, it's my own fault for not doing making sure the reviews were legit. Lesson learned.

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32 out of 42 people found the following review useful:

One of the worst of its genre; a complete waste of time.

Author: brendanrmorrow from United States
16 March 2013

I love found footage movies. I adored Paranormal Activity, and I'm a huge apologist for The Blair Witch Project as well as, recently, V/H/S. This gimmick, and it is definitely a gimmick, has potential to make for classic horror when put in the right hands.

That didn't happened here. Michael Axelgaard is the definition of the wrong hands.

Hollow is the worst found footage movie I've seen so far. It represents perfectly everything that's wrong with this gimmick, and how easily it can be abused.

Ideally, the first person format should be used to assist in the storytelling. With Paranormal Activity, the movie is all about creating a realistic setting, and much of the plot revolves around observing your room as you sleep. I can't imagine that as a traditionally shot film. It taking place on the protagonist's camera is important.

Movies like Hollow don't use this filmmaking style as a tool; they use it as an excuse.

It's an excuse to make your low budget, equivalent to that of a student film, seem less obvious; an excuse to never actually show anything substantial; an excuse to never fully develop your characters; an excuse to point the camera at someone's feet for minutes at a time and get away with it.

On top of that, nearly every single scare in Hollow is a fake out. The character will point the camera at something, or start to walk somewhere, and things will get quiet. Suddenly, the camera SUDDENLY CUTS to something else, or a bird will fly out.

These can be fun sometimes, but when the ratio of fake out scares to real scares is roughly 9 to 1, there's a serious issue. That number is probably too generous.

Now let's talk about the actual scares. What I mean by this is times we or the characters are frightened by something that turns out to be a real threat - the difference between a cat jumping out at you, and a monster jumping out at you.

I can recall maybe three in the entire film.

And who is the villain, exactly? The closest we get is a tree, which never actually does anything sinister (that skull on the poster is a complete lie), and a jacket. A character's coat becomes one of the major threats of the final act.

The rest of the film is a combination of useless filler scenes, mostly revolving around relationship drama that not even these actors seem to care about, and scenes of characters running around screaming as the camera points at the ground, with the viewer not being able to see anything.

The ending is puzzling. Not because it's surprising, but because it's so spectacularly unsurprising that you can't help but scratch your head. The movie forecasts exactly what will happen from the opening scene, and then by the end, it happens. And that's it. It never even attempts to offer anything else.

Hollow is essentially 90 minutes of watching vacation footage your douche bag kind-of-but-not-really friends shot while snorting cocaine and screaming about haunted trees.

But other than that, it was pretty good.

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23 out of 26 people found the following review useful:

Let's bicker, act like idiots and split up!

Author: pesic-1 from Norway
20 May 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

1. You DO NOT need conflict in found footage films. People bickering, screaming, shouting, and so on do not add to the atmosphere.

2. You should not have people do idiotic things, separate in the dark or call out demons.

3. I CANNOT listen to hysterical women weeping any more. Just stop it! I can't stand it! No more women weeping and repeating nonsense!

4. No more people in dark woods filming stuff. Find something else.

5. If you are making a found footage horror then make it simple. Just put characters in a nasty situation, but don't make them act like idiots, don't introduce irritating conflicts between them, and don't give us painfully long stretches of footage where a person carries a camera in the woods and shouts 'Oh my god!' five hundred times in a row.

Yes, this film is utter crap.

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42 out of 66 people found the following review useful:

Worse. Movie. Ever.

Author: demetra materis ( from United States
17 February 2013

I've watched most if not all found footage movies I can get my hands on. Why? Because I am seeking to find a found footage movie that does not disappoint. Some examples that I find to be good FF movies would include the original "Blair Witch Project", Korea's "Haunted Changhi", Australia's "The Tunnel", just to name a few. The Paranormal Activity movies do NOTHING for me and that franchise is the biggest scam since the Star Wars franchise. So if you agree with me here, you will take my review to heart. You can watch this terrible movie "Hollow" for yourself, just know, you've been warned.

The movie is 70% bickering couples/friends, 20% black screen and 9% running, interior car shots and 1% horror- and I'm being generous with that 1%.

The movie is predictable, boring and not scary. You've seen this movie before, it's every other found footage film set in the wilderness. There's nothing new in this film to bend the genre or add to it. Absolutely nothing happening in this movie. It's the most boring movie I've ever seen.

You'd think someone would get a clue as to what to do with these movies to make them more interesting. Put a creepy face in the background once in a while, something, make me WANT to keep watching.

I found myself looking past the television screen, spacing out and not missing a beat in this one.

This is bad. RIP creative and original movies. Your boring self destructive red headed cousin has taken over and did a crap on everything.

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14 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

I want to give it a 1 because they paid people to rate it a 9 or 10.

Author: greedydrunk from Canada
31 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Please look in the comments section of this movie and you will see proof that people were paid to rate this a nine or ten.

This is not a good movie, and lets go over why it is not good.

Found footage film where nothing happens until the last ten minutes.

No ones phone works, what a surprise...

No one is really friends and are easily turned against each other.

People go off alone and get attacked, everyone knows this has happened, one person goes looking for them. This process repeats until everyone is dead.

There are lots of opportunities to leave, no one tries to leave.

Tree is evil and is well known for hundreds of years, yet no one tries to chop it or burn it down, or hire contractors to get rid of it.

For some reason no matter what is happening someone picks up the camera and films...OMG I am being killed, better setup the camera so someone can watch this later.

Its just not good, its not the worst movie I have ever seen but its as boring as your parents vacation pictures until the last ten minutes.

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13 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

What is better than this film? Birdwatching at Night.

Author: the_silver_angel_13 from United States
20 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have watched numerous amounts of "handy-cam" and "found footage" movies, and more keep returning to the big screen- ever since The Blair Witch Project became a big hit. Before watching I try to start with a fresh mind, hoping to find that diamond in the rough. Sadly- this movie did not make the cut. Per usual to this genre, you get a small background to both events and characters in blips of "film footage". The day filming is more coherent however, than the night filming- where you will only find ambiance in the camera light. The movie rarely picks up pace; and it seems only to do so when people are screaming and running away for no apparent reason- other than seeing mangled animal remains, complete darkness, or a man's jacket. (I also didn't appreciate how the last 25 minutes of the movie was filmed in a car... Main shots were knees in that great ambiance I spoke of.) There is also brief nudity (cute blonde takes her top off)- which seems to be found in most B-Horror these days. In conclusion, if you enjoy people yelling for missing company, noises you would never really hear in the dark, and a lot of shots of tree branches, then I would suggest this movie to you! However, I would use considerable hesitation in doing so.

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25 out of 38 people found the following review useful:

I have no idea what movie the other reviewers watched

Author: ihearthorrorfilm from United States
20 February 2013

This movie is part of the Found Footage genre, which if you've been keeping up with my posts, I'm a huge fan of. Unfortunately, this one didn't make my cut of favorites. The story is about two couples that go on holiday to the English countryside and uncover an ancient evil… wait for it… TREE.

There were times where I thought it was going to get good, but it ended up never going anywhere. By the end of the movie, I got that feeling where I wanted all the characters to hurry up and die. The outcome of the end of the movie literally made me shout out "Is that it?" Found footage films are almost always hit & miss in terms of being entertaining/scary. This one is definitely a MISS in my opinion.

Pease like me on Facebook! We love getting suggestions and warnings on everything horror:

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11 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

Movie Ended on a Dead Silent Theatre

Author: Stéphane Arbour from Montreal
17 June 2014

I remember seeing this movie at the Fantasia Festival in Montreal. I am a big fan of those Found Footage movies... really I do love them, but That movie... boring... bland... forgettable at most.

I kinda felt bad in the theater... the producer and director where present and were happy to present us the movie in exclusivity... people seemed happy and all in the room... but by the time the movie ended, it was dead silence... the movie crew were standing in front of the screen, waiting for perhaps some cheering or even question from the viewers... but Nothing... everyone in the theater were bummed and leaving silently. Producers were standing still in an awkward silent room with people trying to flee. Yeah the movie is that bad.

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8 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Wholly unoriginal found footage nonsense.

Author: BA_Harrison from Hampshire, England
23 April 2014

Four twenty-somethings—Emma (Emily Plumtree), her fiancé Scott (Matt Stokoe), her best friend James (Sam Stockman), and his girlfriend Lynne (Jessica Ellerby)—take a holiday in the countryside where an evil presence lurks inside an ancient, hollow oak tree, preying on negative thoughts, causing relationships to crumble and ultimately driving victims to a terrible fate.

Hollow has been described as the British Blair Witch Project, which is another way of saying that it is a complete and utter rip-off of the 1999 found footage 'classic', only set in rural Suffolk, England. And if, like me, you weren't all that impressed by Blair Witch, then I think it's highly unlikely that you'll enjoy this one either.

With four characters experiencing relationships issues, it proves extremely tedious. What's more boring than watching people wander aimlessly round the countryside in the dark? Watching them doing it while bickering, that's what! After an hour-and-a-half of following the unlikeable quartet as they investigate the local legend of Greyfriar's Hollow (as the tree is known), snort coke, argue, get lost, and become scared of their own shadows, you'll be longing for them all to die. Which they do, of course.*

2/10, plus one point for the gratuitous nudity from blonde hottie Ellerby (whose character is so dumb she doesn't think to wipe the tape when filmed in the bathroom), but minus one for for the contrived manner in which a good length of stout rope, so vital to the film's final scene, is shoe-horned into the script (really, who the hell uses rope for securing luggage to a roof-rack when bungee cords and tie down straps work so much better?).

*NOT a spoiler, since we are told that they all die in the very first scene.

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