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Season 1

14 Apr. 2012
Episode #1.1
Hugh,the earl of Manton,and his snobbish wife Louisa set sail on the 'Titanic' for New York,where Hugh has business. Their daughter Georgiana, a fervent suffragette just released from jail,accompanies them. On the train to Southampton the trio meet Hugh's lawyer Irishman John Batley and his vocal wife Muriel,who despises her husband's subservience to the aristocracy,as well as the aristocracy itself, and a tea party on board the 'Titanic'ends in an argument between the two wives. Barnes,the earl's valet,and Mabel Watson,Louisa's maid,are served dinner with the ...
14 Apr. 2012
Episode #1.2
Jim Maloney is in charge of completing the electrics on the Titanic. He's actually an engineer but being a Catholic in West Belfast, working as an installer is the best job he can get. The work is falling behind schedule and he's offered free passage on the ship's maiden voyage, in steerage, for himself and his family if he can get the work completed on time. He accepts but finds a way to get a cabin in second class. John and Muriel Batley row after their tea with Lord and Lady Manton. After striking the iceberg, they reconcile and decide that their lives are worth ...
14 Apr. 2012
Episode #1.3
Second-class passenger Peter Lubov is an anarchist and a wanted man. Theresa Maloney is instantly attracted to him and they kiss, only to be caught by her husband Jim. Paolo got his position on board as a steward courtesy of his brother Mario who got one of the regular employees drunk. He has a dream of living in America where everyone has the opportunity to improve himself. He and Annie become close. Mabel Watson admits to having taken a brooch from her mistress' jewel case. After the iceberg hits, Lubov and Jim put their differences aside to ensure that Theresa and ...
15 Apr. 2012
Episode #1.4
After RMS Titanic strikes the iceberg passengers and crew face a life or death situation. Paolo desperately tries to save his brother who has been locked in a cupboard with the Italian stewards. Mabel Watson is locked in a stateroom while she is desperately looking for her book. Jim Maloney finds himself having to rescue one of this children. John and Muriel Batley cling to life on wreckage after the ship goes down as do many other of the passengers. Only one of the life boats returns to rescue those in the water. For the most part, they are too late. Most of the ...

 Season 1 

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