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Sensation Comics #14: The Story of Fir Balsam

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28 Feb. 2011
KISS Comics
Today's reviews are of two comics based on the band "KISS". "Psycho Circus" from 1997 and "KISS 4K" from 2008.
11 Apr. 2011
Lady Gaga #1
Linkara reviews a comic about a creepy Lady Gaga fan.
18 Apr. 2011
Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Parts 1-3
Although not a fan of the first Star Trek movie, Linkara reviews the 3-part comic adaptation of the movie and likes the fact that the comic is actually a lot better-paced than the movie.
16 May 2011
Ultimatum #1 and #2
Linkara reviews Ultimatum. Considered one of the worst comics to not only come from the Ultimate Marvel Universe, but one of the worst to ever be made. Meanwhile the Ninja Style Dancer gets himself into a bit more trouble than he was hoping for.
23 May 2011
Ultimatum #3 and #4
Linkara continues Ultimatum. The death toll rises, the plot gets more baffling, and it doesn't get any better. The Ninja Style Dancer is still in trouble from the last episode.
30 May 2011
Ultimatum #5
Linkara finishes up Ultimatum. We also see the end of the side plot with the Ninja Style Dancer.
1 Aug. 2011
Star Trek 2- Gold Key
As Linkara unveils Comicron One's new artificial intelligence supercomputer, Iron Liz accidentally gets transported to the Mirror Universe where an evil Linkara reviews a classic Star Trek comic.
15 Aug. 2011
NBComics #1
Linkara takes a look at a comic promoting NBC's long-since retired Saturday morning line-up. He checks out such uninteresting cliffhangers involving Wish Kid, Yogi Bear, ProStars, Chip and Pepper, Saved by the Bell and other shows we didn't get up early to watch.
31 Oct. 2011
Pokemon - The Electric Tale of Pikachu #1
It's Linkara Vs. The Entity. Since the Entity is practically a God it does Linkara no use to fight it so he runs into his room to review Pokémon The Electric Tale of Pikachu. After the review he decides to face the Entity head on.
27 Apr. 2011
Storyline Recap
The first 150 episodes of "Atop the Four Wall" condensed into a 4-minute recap.