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Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating Superman

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Atomic Robo, vol. 3

Linkara's Patreon sponsors provide him with another good comic, but a very strange one. It follows the adventures of Atomic Robo, a man with the body of a robot, created by the great Nikola Tesla, as he, along with ...

Season 6

14 Jan. 2013
Raver #1
21 Jan. 2013
Transformers #31
By popular demand, Linkara takes a trip to the Car Wash of Doom when he reviews the single, silliest story in Marvel's original Transformers comic book series.
4 Feb. 2013
All-Star Batman and Robin #5
Linkara reviews another issue of All-Star Batman and Robin and endures more of Frank Miller's sexist, immoral craziness.
11 Feb. 2013
Youngblood #5/Star Wars 3-D #1
After his magic gun is stolen by the Gunslinger, Linkara swears revenge and orders Comicron One to pursue the Gunslinger's ship, ensuing in a battle where Linkara is shocked to learn his adversary's true intentions. And to make matters worse, Dr. Insano(Noah Antwiler)returns and commandeers Neutro in an attempt to take over the world forcing Linkara and the Gunslinger to team up. And along the way, Linkara reviews Youngblood #5 and a 3D Star Wars comic.
1 Apr. 2013
Target $20 Lamp Review
It's April Fools Day, and Linkara is reviewing a lamp... or is he reviewing a crappy B-movie about Frankenstein meeting space monsters while dressed up like The Cinema Snob?
15 Apr. 2013
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
While he considers the much-reviled Star Trek V as a guilty pleasure, Linkara reviews the movie's comic adaptation and finds that despite its flaws, it is much better than the movie itself.
6 May 2013
Spider-Man 2099 #1
Linkara begins his month-long look at Marvel's 2099 line of comics as he reviews the first issue featuring a futuristic version of Spider-Man.
3 Jun. 2013
Comic Book Quickies #1
Linkara reads a variety of short comics, including a Hostess ad with Spider-Man pitted against the Human Computer, a Star Wars comic that's logically bankrupt, and another hostess ad with The Incredible Hulk against the Phoomey Goonies.
8 Jul. 2013
All-Star Batman and Robin #6
Back to All-Star Crazy Steve and Dick Grayson Age 12. Unfortunately, their story stalls yet again, this time to rejoin Black Canary and even introduce a vulgar Batgirl. Meanwhile, Linkara discovers that Nimue may be hiding something.
15 Jul. 2013
Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: A Deadly Choice
Linkara revisits his old friends the Tandy Computer Whiz Kids, but this time, instead of plugging computers, they're running an ill-conceived hotline in a vain attempt to stop fellow pupils from using drugs.
21 Oct. 2013
Spider-Man: Crossfire
For his fifth anniversary, Linkara revisits the Spider-Man Clone Saga by reviewing a two-part story featuring the Web-Slinger's rematch with Judas Traveller. However, he has to spend it trying to deactivate Nimue before she kills him. Meanwhile, The Gunslinger receives Linkara's distress signal and reluctantly comes to the rescue. And the true culprit behind Nimue's malfunction is revealed at the end.
16 Dec. 2013
Star Trek: The Next Generation #2
Linkara reviews a Star Trek comic, only in a different way this time. In the spirit of the holidays, he's reviewing it entirely in rhyme.

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