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Comic Book Quickies #6

Break out the fruit pies, it's time for another Comic Book Quickies. So, what little slices of pie does Linkara have to stomach this time? Spider-Man has to stop Printout-Man from not only causing a run on the bank, but...

Season 5

27 Feb. 2012
Mr. T #2
16 Apr. 2012
Superman #701
Linkara reviews a comic about Superman going for a walk through Philadelphia, where the Man of Steel attempts to right some wrongs, and does so in very questionable ways.
30 Jul. 2012
Spider-Man: One More Day - 200th Episode
Guest stars galore pop up as Linkara celebrates his 200th episode by reviewing the one comic he swore he would never review: The infamous Spider-Man comic "One More Day."
20 Aug. 2012
Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #1
While Holokara reviews an Elseworlds comic about what Gotham City would be like if Catwoman were the defender and Batman were a homicidal maniac, Linkara learns a shocking truth about himself.
3 Sep. 2012
Psychoman #1
Holokara reviews Psychoman #1, a bad comic written by a man who ended up murdered shortly after the comic was written. Meanwhile, Linkara has a heart-to-heart talk with Margaret, the spirit of his magic gun.
22 Oct. 2012
Spider-Man: Power and Responsibility
In honor of AT4W's fourth anniversary, Linkara revisits the Spider-Man Clone Saga with the four-part story that started it all: Power and Responsibility.
3 Dec. 2012
Superman's Christmas Adventure
Linkara heads back to the Golden Age to review a Superman Christmas comic featuring cartoonish villains, an absurd plot to destroy Christmas and questions the Man of Steel's ethics.
10 Dec. 2012
Archie's Christmas Stocking
Harvey gets a visit from the Nostalgia Critic as his past is recalled, which ironically includes Linkara's review of an Archie Christmas comic. Guest starring Doug Walker.
24 Dec. 2012
Batman: Noel
For Christmas Eve, Linkara reviews a really good Christmas Carol comic adaptation: the Batman graphic novel Noel. Also Harvey encounters the ghost of Christmas Future who turns out to be Linkara Prime and we learn the real reason for the tension between Harvey and Linkara.

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