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Open with Liz seeing Dr. Spaceman about cold sores she's been dealing with. She gets them when she's stressed - while Spaceman gets them from prostitutes. But Liz says she'll take care of her problems soon enough when she gets away for the summer. She wants only to relax outdoors, wear shapeless clothing, learn Spanish and do some mindless activity like gardening.

Jack tells Liz he's tired of the pity tone he's been getting from everybody since Avery was kidnapped by Kim Jong-il. He's having trouble sleeping and misses the little things about Avery: the two of them kicking hippies' hackysacks into the bushes on warm days, for example. To help him feel normal she starts being a bummer.

Liz says goodbye to Jenna for the summer. Jenna has become the new celebrity spokesperson for the Wool Council, meaning she can finally get the time share she wants with Paul in Amsterdam's "premier sex garden."

The writers are still in the office. None of them have any summer plans and they are playing their 18th straight hour of video games. Liz tells them how excited she is for the summer and daydreams about what it will be like: She is in her garden eating fresh tomatoes. Her neighbor Ina Garten (the Barefoot Contessa) invites her over for bruschetta and white wine. Her last order of business is to pay a hate crime fee for cutting the branches off the tree in front of her apartment - the city said the tree was Jewish.

The Wool Commission tells Jenna she has a morality clause in her new contract. They are worried about her relationship with Paul. She thinks if they meet Paul they won't have any concerns. She sings a quasi-disturbing song about sheep and wool. The plan is for the chairman of the council to bring his wife to dinner at Jenna's house the following night. He emphasizes the evening better be "normal."

Kenneth tells Jack that the tradition of his people is to help friends when they are in need. He has brought Jack a home cooked meat. Kenneth sits in the seat Avery usually occupies and Jack points out "you two have similarly-shaped buttocks." Jack stares intently at Kenneth as he says a blessing.

While Liz sits in her backyard enjoying wine and listening to a learn-spanish tape, a golf ball shatters her patio table. It is Tracy, who has just bought everything around her home. Liz is upset that this will ruin what she had hoped would be a normal summer.

When Jack asks Kenneth to come by for dinner again the following night he turns him down. He has to work that night, getting started on spring cleaning for the new office.

Paul - dressed in full Jenna garb - tells her he's bought a new leash for when he walks in the park like a dog. She mentions needing to change their public persona and tell him that night Eugene Grimby from the Wool Council will be coming over for dinner. She suggests he change clothes and Paul bristles. He angrily says he'll have to cancel the sitter. "I'll tell him he won't need to come sit on us after all."

Kenneth finds an angry Jonathan (and his family) doing his cleaning. Jack says he "volunteered" to do Kenneth's work so he would be free to come over again.

Tracy is having a crazy party and Liz is frustrated she'll have to live next to him all summer. Tracy references the next and season and basically guilts Liz into feeling like she has to stay their to keep him happy.

Jack stares at Kenneth and accidentally calls him Avery. He hasn't slept in days and asks Kenneth to put on a pair of earrings. Jack is trying to replace Avery with Kenneth and Kenneth is getting nervous.

A conservatively-dressed Paul tells Grimby he's "in the restaurant business," adding "I really, really love golf-playing." Paul compliments Mrs. Grimby's blouse (the one Paul had on earlier) and Grimby makes a comment about how "wool" the dinner has been thus far. At this point a barded midget in a court jester outfit bursts through the front door and says "greetings, slaves. who's ready to get sat on?" Paul pretends it was a mistake and sends the sitter away. Grimby stands up and compliments Paul on how he handled that "pervert."

Jack forces Kenneth to sleep in his bed with him.

Liz comes back to the office to find the writers still playing the video game. The way the writes have been blowing themselves up in the game and re-spawning so it never ends gives her an idea.

Cut to Liz refusing to pay the fine. She tells the judge the fine is shame and rattles off a bunch of legal cliches from movies. He gives her 12 weeks of community service: "You'll spend your whole summer picking up trash." Liz yells "Freedom!"

Kenneth wake up to find his clothes have been taken. He's wearing one of Avery's robes and Jack asks him to put on her perfume and join him in throwing pennies at hippies. Kenneth tells him he snaps out of it. Jack wonders if God is punishing him "because my hair is better than yours." Kenneth then does an Avery impersonation and scolds him for being pathetic and not spending more time with daughter. Jack says "I get it" and gives Kenneth back his clothes. He's taking his daughter to work with him that day.

Grimby walks up behind what he thinks is Jenna and runs his finger down "her" back. But Paul turns out to reveal he is wearing a dress and we see Jenna dressed up like a man, wearing a full fake beard. She says "this is what we think of your morality clause" and the two kiss. Grimby is disgusted.

Jack finds Liz in the park working a chain gang. She says she having her dream summer after all: Working outside, comfortable clothes, mindless task and learning Spanish from the guards. Jenna walks by wearing a dog outfit while Paul walks her. Tracy shows up with his golf club, having hit a ball on a truck: "Tracy Jordan doesn't not take mulligans."

We see Kenneth watching all of them through a telescope. He says "Yes, I know. I just need more time with them. Give me more time, Jacob! I beg of you!"

To Be Continued . . .
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