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1 Jan. 1970
Any Other Night
It's New Year's Eve, the last day of 1969. While Chief Constable Cullen desperately tries to get all four division chiefs of Thamesford Constabulary to bury their hatchets and make them get along with each other despite their animosity, a van load of tires worth several hundred pounds is stolen from the police compound. It's back to duty for the partying CID task force team. Their task - join efforts, catch the culprits and solve their last crime case in 1969.
8 Jan. 1970
The Aggro Boy
Task Force has been requested to assist with crowd control on the night of an important soccer match. While Superintendent John Watt and Detective Inspector Harry Hawkins are coordinating the operation, a young hooligan is planning to have himself a ball - by drowning his aggression in blood and violence. Soon Charlie Barlow and John Watt find themselves in a desperate race against time when the hunter suddenly becomes the prey.
15 Jan. 1970
Standing Orders
While on the lookout for an escaped prisoner, PC Snow gets involved in a strike at a local factory. As the strike becomes more aggressive, task force members move in and try to de-escalate. Soon DI Harry Hawkins finds trouble heading his way when he inadvertently steps on the toes of a contractor who doesn't appreciate that Hawkins insists to act in accordance with the law.
22 Jan. 1970
Private Mischief
Superintendent Watt gets on the case of a former police officer who seems to be impersonating a CID constable and is harassing the barman at a local pub. Although Charlie Barlow doesn't like the idea, he gives his okay to go after the impostor with high tech surveillance equipment when CC Cullen requests a lawyer-proof case. But things get tense when Sergeant Jackson is assaulted by the impostor and his accomplice. Shortly thereafter, the impostor is severely beaten and ends up in hospital, and all of a sudden Sergeant Jackson finds himself in an awkward position that...
29 Jan. 1970
Open and Shut
A case of domestic disturbance turns into murder, and Chief Superintendent Barlow thinks he has an open and shut case on his hands. But soon Charlie Barlow has to admit to himself that he has been wrong, and it tales all his and the CID team's skills to solve this puzzling case.
5 Feb. 1970
Sprats and Mackerels
A rumor causes Thamesford task force to investigate at Eastcote docks where someone allegedly brings illegal immigrants into the country. WP/DC Betty Donald goes undercover, posing as a juvenile delinquent, while Sergeant Jackson receives an undercover assignment at a nearby camping site. Soon the investigation turns into a run against time when a bunch of abandoned illegal immigrants need to be located before they end up dead.
12 Feb. 1970
Like Any Other Friday...
The Thursday Man, a notorious burglar, has kept Thamesford task force busy for quite some time. But the team is hard on his trail when he strikes again at the home of a former war hero. While investigating the latest burglary, the detectives uncover another secret that involves stolen handguns and could lead to another, more serious crime. And Chief Superintendent Charlie Barlow is in for a surprise as well.
19 Feb. 1970
Power of the Press
Sergeants Evans and Jackson get a special assignment: Playing chaperones for a Times reporter whom Chief Constable Cullen suspects of being after a scandal and planning to use Thamesford Constabulary as scapegoat. But what begins as a cat and mouse game turns nasty when DI Harry Hawkins finds out that the press is after apparent cases of corruption within police ranks. CC Cullen, however, has his own game in mind, and Task Force members have to tread carefully as they realize they're walking on very thin ice.
26 Feb. 1970
Trust a Woman
While investigating the case of a missing Swedish au pair, WP/DC Betty Donald comes across some information about local criminal Christopher Connor who seems to be plotting a crime. As it turns out, Connor and three accomplices plan to rob a jeweler's store. But Superintendent Watt doesn't trust Betty Donald's informer and smells a rat.
5 Mar. 1970
The Hermit
A gang of thieves have chosen Thamesford as their hunting ground. Their prey are elderly people, their objects of desire are valuable antiques and silverware, their base of operation is a London antique shop. Superintendent John Watt, however, is hard on their case. But the gang is well organized, they work fast and efficiently. Undercover investigation doesn't get Thamesford CID anywhere, until the culprits set their eyes on the silverware of old war veteran James Portland, aka the hermit.
12 Mar. 1970
A senator from the United States is about to visit Oldcote Parish Church, and it's a Task Force job to see that he is protected and nothing untoward is going to happen. It's a job that is not to be taken lightly because the senator has been receiving threats for quite some time. Someone seems to be out to kill him. Preparations are made and safety precautions are taken but ultimately Thamesford CID must accept the fact that there is no such thing as fool-proof security.
16 Sep. 1970
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23 Sep. 1970
Sunday, Sweet Sunday
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30 Sep. 1970
Safe in the Streets?
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7 Oct. 1970
Good Listener
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14 Oct. 1970
Time Expired
When Sergeant Jackson spots ex-convict Ingram, the task force suspect the recently released former prisoner is trying to located a loot of stolen bullion which had been hidden at an unknown location just before Ingram and his soon-to-be-released partner in crime Thompson were arrested. There's a lot of hard, dirty and arduous work to be done, but it's not the task force members who sweat over it.
21 Oct. 1970
Chief Superintendent Charlie Barlow is having himself a ball lecturing crime investigation officers how to proceed when investigating a murder case. But things soon turn nasty when the body of a teenage girl is found on the beach. Barlow and his team are forced to deal with the prime suspect, a window cleaner, and a grief-stricken father. Will Charlie Barlow be able to solve the case and show the inexperienced officers how the job is done?
28 Oct. 1970
Without Favour
While investigating a series of thefts Sergeant Evans steps on the toes of a shady landlord who allegedly employs some enforcers to collect rent due from his tenants. Evans gets into trouble with his superiors when he decides to take matters in his own capable hands and pays the landlord a visit for a friendly chat and a warning. Meanwhile, Superintendent John Watt has his own problems to deal with, having been assigned to substitute for Chief Constable Cullen as guest speaker at the Kingsley Rotary Club.
4 Nov. 1970
Never Hit a Lady
Thamesford CID is investigating some cases of highway piracy. The robbers focus on lorry loads containing whiskey. Prime suspect is a Scottish lorry driver who seems to be involved in the crimes. When WP/DC Betty Donald volunteers for an undercover assignment posing as a prostitute to win the suspect's confidence, she soon discovers the risks her job entails - the hard way.
11 Nov. 1970
Its Ugly Head
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18 Nov. 1970
Who Wants Pride...?
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25 Nov. 1970
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2 Dec. 1970
Do Me a Favour
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16 Dec. 1970
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23 Dec. 1970
A World Full of Rooms
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30 Dec. 1970
The Lie Direct
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