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Interesting take on exhibition reviewing
joecoolbrad19 July 2011
Lindsay Ellis plays a character known as the Nostalgia Chick who reviews classic movies in light of adult issues. Or at least, that's as much as I can get in a nutshell. She, as a member of Channel Awesome is in name an exhibition reviewer, i.e a reviewer who produces reviews for entertainment. However, Lindsay is best when she deals with adult issues in media, such as feminism in an area which is male-dominated. In a way, that reflects her position on the site, as she is part of a minority of female reviewers. In fact, she was chosen for the site on the basis that the site was imbalanced.

If you're expecting another Nostalgia Critic, who picks apart movies for every flaw while making jokes, you're going to be disappointed. Lindsay is different, her reviews are much more big-picture and, rather than dealing with the movie chronologically, deals with it in parts. This makes for an interesting review style which sets her apart from the other reviewers on the site.

So, to conclude, The Nostalgia Chick is a must-see for all fans of cinema and nostalgia.
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Humor and intelligence wrapped up in pig-tales
renardazur8 May 2012
First of all: I can't believe that this show hasn't got higher ratings. This is just ridiculous.

Nostalgia Chick is a spin-of of The Nostalgia Critic and is part of the Channel Awesome team. NChick has developed a different style than the NC, which is more interesting than just going through a movie chronologically and pointing out the ridiculousness on screen. NChick did this in the beginning but has introduced a level of analysis to the show – that makes you feel like you're getting more out of it than a laugh. It has a nice balance between seriousness and comedy, the latter has improved a lot after including Lindsay's friends; Nella and Elisa. One of my favorite moments is in the review of a My Little Pony movie – which in itself would make you want to bang your head against the wall – but gets absolutely epic combined with Nella playing with her old My Little Pony.

Having watched a lot of Channel Awesome-contributors lately, I'm really getting to appreciate the over-all quality of this show - especially after watching The Nostalgia Critic. Yes, he's really funny, but his show has a rather monotone form. You always knows what's going to happen; yelling in frustration, drinking, shooting at the screen etc. With NChick You never quite know what's going to happen and it makes the show feel much fresher than others. Not to mention her on-screen presence which never turns awkward – unless David Bowie is in sight.
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Thomas Stansfield30 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I tried watching Nostalgia Chick but I can't sit through her reviews, her acting is just so cringe worthy and bland. Her reviews are pretty much in a rude manner rather then humorous, which is seen in her Lorax review when she was having a go at obsessed fans over adaptations. Her 'humour' is really not great and it's so flat that you could mistaking her as a whining hipster. I admit she does have great knowledge of film, which is good, and I don't have any hate for her, but her acting needs to improve when it comes to humour and don't make it sound like, as I said before, a whining hipster. Nostalgia Critic put much more effort of humour into his reviews. So Nostalgia Chick fans but I find her humour shallow and annoying.
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Pretty awesome
callist24 October 2012
I've been watching various shows from That Guy With the Glasses for years now, and though Nostalgia Chick may rate consistently beneath her male counterpart, I've always preferred her reviews to his (though I do enjoy both).

Maybe it's because the Critic thrives on what I in my head call 'boy humor' - not fart or sex jokes, no, but loud humor with big gestures and lots of yelling. To watch the Chick is very, very different from that; this is the place to go for the dry humor, the sarcasm, the knowing look and an arched eye-brow. In-depth analyses are a must and I must say, I enjoy them every time.

A very consistently high-quality show, can only recommend it.
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Less Humorous than "Nostalgia Critic", but Still Entertaining
michael_the_nermal10 August 2012
"The Nostalgia Chick" is an online film reviewer who is located on the same website as "The Nostalgia Critic", but her style is markedly different from her namesake. One gets the impression that she takes reviewing films a lot more seriously than "The Nostalgia Critic". One hint is that she rarely reviews films in character; that is to say, she reviews movies straightforwardly as herself, rather than as a fictional persona. She also does not dress in a distinctive costume as does the Nostalgia Critic; the only hints of a distinct "identity" seem to be her pigtails (she once sported a bow tie and Goth makeup, but discarded them early on in her program). The Nostalgia Chick's main appeal is the academic approach she takes to reviewing movies; in contrast, the Nostalgia Critic attempts to appeal to a broad audience through comedic acting and skits. She presents each review like a mini college lecture, complete with a structured analysis of plot and theme. If this sounds too dry, the Nostalgia Chick always injects sarcastic wit and humor into her reviews, preventing them from seeming like genuine college lectures. It helps to think of the Chick more as a really funny and clever graduate student rather than a stuffy tweed-jacketed, grey-haired professor. Those who are liberal arts majors at America's great institutions of higher learning will be instantly hooked to the reviews of "The Nostalgia Chick", in particular English and Film majors. Oddly, the Chick chooses to review movies that are remarkably similar content-wise to those of the Critic: "family films" and animated movies from the 1980s and 1990s. A few online reviewers have criticized the Nostalgia Chick for wasting her prodigious intellect on superficial family fare which does not merit the detailed analysis she gives; still, viewers might see the irony of giving term paper-style reviews of facile kiddie cartoons as charming and entertaining.

"The Nostalgia Chick", like "The Nostalgia Critic", combines the visual art of Youtube entertainment with the biting wit and satire of written sources (humor-based Internet film and TV review sites targeted towards a young adult audience, like the Onion AV Club, but also earlier humor magazines like SPY Magazine and the National Lampoon). By combining intelligence and humor to her reviews, "The Nostalgia Chick" is sure to draw in a large audience of primarily college students. Highly recommended for young and older adults.
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Honestly, I think this is a good example of internet reviewing.
Morbius Fitzgerald11 September 2014
The Nostalgia Critic is by far one of the most famous of internet critics, however in 2008, Doug Walker decided to have a spin off show that would look at Nostalgic movies that were targeted at a female audience. From that, we got Lindsay Ellis as the Nostalgia Chick. A very different breed of animal from her male counterpart.

For one thing, I don't actually think her reviews are that funny. Sometimes they are but for the most part she delivers her reviews in a serious light. So as a spin off to a satire review show, you'd probably think its awful but for the jokes that are there, they're delivered in a dry, witty way that its actually a welcome change of pace from the "scream" reviews that Doug Walker throws out, its almost like The Cinema Snob at some points.

I also admit that out of anyone on Channel Awesome, if I want a review that would not only be the most informative but also the one that could "sell" the movie, I watch Lindsay's review. Even though I don't agree with everything she says about movies (example, I actually liked Labyrinth and The Fifth Element, I don't like Wall-E) but I at least know that with each movie she reviews she has a well thought out argument that justifies why she feels the movie is crap or if she likes it.

So overall, this isn't the same style of comedy that you'd normally find on Channel Awesome but in all fairness, Lindsay does explain her thoughts on movies rather well, to a point where it never feels like she's just blindly hating. If you're into web critics, go check this show out.
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The female Nostalgia Critic
Stompgal_8729 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I first heard of the Nostalgia Chick whilst searching for Nostalgia Critic episodes on YouTube and I was curious to know what she was like compared to the NC.

The first episode of the Nostalgia Chick I watched was 'Matilda,' featuring a guest appearance from Mara Wilson herself. 'Matilda' was one of my favourite films as a child and Lindsay Ellis, who found it so-so, reviewed it in a less OTT way than Doug reviews his films but it still maintained the standard format of his reviews. The parts where Mara's eyes glowed red whilst getting revenge on Lindsay were somewhat creepy.

Other episodes I enjoyed were 'My Little Pony' (which features inter-cut scenes of Lindsay's BFF Nella playing with the toys) and 'Charlie's Angels' (another favourite film of mine). The episodes where Lindsay counted down the 'Top 10 Worst Disney Sequels' and the 'Top 5 Least Awful Disney Sequels' were addictive because I'm a huge fan of Disney and I wanted to see what she thought of the sequels she reviewed. Sorry to be digressing a bit here but the Disney sequels I've seen so far were 'Pocahontas 2 (which was okay),' 'Return to Neverland' (almost as good as the original 'Peter Pan' but worth watching), the Cinderella sequels (both of which were as good as the original, 'Cinderella 3' being the best sequel) and 'The Rescuers Down Under' (also as entertaining as the original but not direct-to-video). The Aladdin sequels look decent too, but I haven't seen any of them in full. I also watched the 'Labyrinth' (a film never saw as a child) episode that had some hidden innuendos (e.g. David Bowie's 'talent') as well as a mention of the 'Big Lipped Alligator Moment' when referring to the dancing fire gang singing 'Chilly Down.'

The only downside of the Nostalgia Chick is that I found her insulting in the worst Disney sequels episode (e.g. calling the Beast an a**hole after he lands on the ice in 'the Enchanted Christmas') , but at least she's not as over the top as the Nostalgia Critic.

Overall, the Nostalgia Chick is another must-see internet series that is so far every bit as entertaining as the Nostalgia Critic, but I have yet to watch more episodes. 8/10.
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Yeah! I like it but it's not a show I'll watch regularly
WakenPayne31 January 2014
That Guy With The Glasses has some awesome reviewers, and while I haven't seen all of them my favourites are Nostalgia Critic, Cinema Snob, DVD-R Hell and The Spoony Experiment (I know he left the site but he is still one of my favourites). I did watch a couple of the reviews Lidsay Ellis does and while they are pretty good I'm probably not going to watch every single episode as it comes out (like I do with a couple of the others I mentioned).

So in the beginning The Nostalgia Chick was basically a female equivalent of The Nostalgia Critic, basically more about cracking the next joke than reviewing the movie, but the reason why I like the others is that with Spoony, NC and DVD-R Hell they managed to carry it pretty strongly and the points of why they don't like the movie are within the jokes, or with The Cinema Snob it's to show what an idiot the character is. Here, the Nostalgia Chick was using sarcastic and dry humour to convey... near-references and over-exaggerations of something about the movie, so as you probably may have guessed this didn't really last that long until the identity of the show was changed.

Now it's pretty much a regular review show with a few jokes being cracked. I will say this makes way for, I have to be honest some of the best reviews on the site. I mean granted they aren't as entertaining as Cinema Snob or Nostalgia Critic but she does throw legitimate points as to why the movie is either good, bad or okay.

With that said despite her throwing very legitimate points her jokes don't really work. Some of them are funny, while others aren't. It can be entertaining and for the most part it is but I just feel as if these reviews are not for me.
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