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It's classical week on "Dancing with the Stars," and things are starting to get heated as just five points last week separated the top from the bottom (among the remaining couples).

The pros talk about how much bigger and more dramatic the musical performances will be, and wonder if it will impact the dancers' ability to focus.

Romeo & Chelsie: After a demonstration of the paso doble by the "DWTS Troupe," Romeo is excited to do the dramatic dance and bounce back from the criticism of last week. Head judge Len Goodman says it was full of passion and intensity. He says Romeo is "like a young colt" and tells Chelsie to get the whip out and work on Romeo's technique. Bruno Tonioli points out that the musical phrasing was difficult and Romeo managed to get it right. Carrie Ann Inaba says she had to deduct for a lift, but it was the first time she's seen "a paso with swagger." Scores: 7, 8, 8. Total: 23

Kendra & Louis: Coming off a solid rumba, Kendra is feeling like her hard work is paying off, but she's now faced with a "proper, very ladylike Viennese waltz to classical music -- yeah, I'm screwed." She decides that her Viennese waltz is now "Mafia Waltz," because the classical music is Italian. From the moment she finishes, Kendra is disappointed because she messed up. Bruno reinforces this, but tells her that she should transform into the character. Carrie Ann says she sees that Kendra is trying really hard, but tells Kendra shouldn't be afraid of elegance. Len says it had flow and movement, and tells Bruno not to be cruel to the dancers because they're beginners. Scores: 6, 6, 6. Total: 18

Sugar Ray & Anna: Anna pulls Sugar Ray into her world of Russian ballet when they draw Tchaikovsky's "Waltz of the Flowers." She takes him to a ballet class so he can get familiar with the movents. They dance the Viennese waltz. Carrie Ann says it was "like watching a sixth-grade performance" and it made her smile. She says she fell in love with the dance because he's so entertaining. Len says "Sugar Ray Leonard turns into the Sugar Plum Ferry." He says that as much as technique and performance are important, so is entertainment. Bruno says "it had a wonderful cartoonish charm." He says it was perfect, as entertainment. Scores: 7, 7, 7. Total 21.

Petra & Dmitry: Dmitry explains to Petra in rehearsal that the challenge with the classical music is that it doesn't have a defined beat. He struggles to get her to tap into her aggressive side. He sets up a photo shoot so she can strike the paso poses and remember those feelings to translate them to the dance floor. Len says he would have liked more authority through Petra's feet and legs, but overall he's more impressed than depressed. He didn't expect it to work for her, but turned out alright. Bruno does a dramatic striptease as he explains that Petra embodied "Carmen," who knows what she wants and goes and gets it. Carrie Ann says Petra is "on a roll." She says it was "absolutely gorgeous," but tells Petra to work a little more on her core strength. Scores: 8, 7, 8. Total: 23

Ralph & Karina: Ralph vows to come up with a sexy waltz that will make the judges rave and help him get his mojo back. After weeks of comments about his hands being weird and out of place, he's focusing on them. The dramatic dance earns a roaring standing ovation from the crowd, and Bruno rises to his feet to say it was "totally hot" and romantic. Carrie Ann says there's an honest connection to the emotions when Ralph dances. Len says that Ralph has "been in the wilderness for two weeks -- you're back." Scores: 8, 8, 9. Total: 25

Hines & Kym: Hines is worried about the lack of lyrics in the music because he usually times all of his steps to the lyrics. He's nervous about surviving the paso doble. Carrie Ann, after finally getting a chance to talk over the roaring crowd, says Hines is "in the zone." Len says Hines is the most determined of all the celebrities and adds that he's "really doing great." Bruno says Hines has a killer instinct and is "truly explosive." Scores: 9, 8, 8. Total: 25

Chelsea & Mark: Chelsea wants the world to know that she and Mark are a force, so she's determined to make the most of her Viennese waltz. Len says there is no doubt that Mark is a marvelous teacher and Chelsea is a fantastic dancer. "So why is it that every time I see you, there's something I don't like?" The question enrages Bruno, but Len explains that the dance is 300 years old and is the most traditional of all. Mark defends the choreography, saying Chelsea is 22, but Len insists that her job is to interpret the dance that is 300 years old. He says Mark distracted her with all the other stuff, but he liked it anyway. Bruno says it was the best dance of the night, calling it magical. Carrie Ann says sometimes she agrees with Len, "but tonight, I agree with Bruno!" Scores: 9, 8, 9. Total: 26

Chris & Cheryl: A week after letting his personal side show, Chris declares that "Chris Jericho is back," and he's arrived just in time for the paso doble. Cheryl hopes to draw on Chris' wrestling persona to get him into character. Bruno is impressed that Chris hit all the accents in the music so well and says it was "excellent." Carrie Ann praises Chris' technique and form, adding, "Watch out for this guy." Len says the dance wasn't bad, and it started well. But as the music grew and got more powerful, Chris didn't. But he liked it. Scores: 8, 7, 8. Total: 23

Kristie & Maks: A week after a shocking tumble on the dance floor, Kirstie is ready for redemption. But she runs into trouble in rehearsal when she does something to her hip. It's a muscular injury, but she can't push it too much. She powers through to perform the waltz. Kirstie makes it through another mishap when her shoe falls off, but Carrie Ann praises her for not missing a beat. But she says this dance was strange, but she seemed to get jolted back into it when her shoe fell off. Len says everything was "OK" but everything needs to improve. Bruno says she did "amazingly well." He adds that he's proud of her. Scores: 7, 7, 8. Total: 22


Chelsea & Mark: 26

Ralph & Karina: 25

Hines & Kym: 25

Romeo & Chelsie: 23

Petra & Dmitry: 23

Chris & Cheryl: 23

Kristie & Maks: 22

Sugar Ray & Anna: 21

Kendra & Louis: 18
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