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With one elimination out of the way, the competition is in full swing and the couples are put to a new challenge this week: To take a song with which they have an emotional attachment and to translate that into a dance.

After a couple of examples of how this is done from the "DWTS Troupe," Wendy Williams kicks things off.

Wendy & Tony: Wendy wants her dance to reflect how she got started in radio in Washington, D.C., and New York. She said she lived in rest stops in between getting fired from her first few jobs because she didn't want to have to explain every time what had happened. She got emotional telling the story. She dances the foxtrot. Head judge Len Goodman explains that it's difficult to express emotion through a dance and he'll be overjoyed if anyone achieves it tonight. He says Wendy's performance "was a struggle" and adds, "it's a dance more suited to the radio." Bruno Tonioli agrees, saying the foxtrot has to be long and fluid and has to glide, but she didn't deliver it. Carrie Ann Inaba, newly engaged, shares a message about following your dreams and then tells Wendy she took a step backward and she wants to see more come out of Wendy. Scores: 5, 5, 5. Total: 15

Chelsea & Mark: A week after going off the rails with her non-traditional jive, Chelsea vowed to go more traditional. Mark was bummed in rehearsal, but agreed to do it. Chelsea picked a song about her that was written by her "first love." She struggled "with the hip and butt action" in rehearsal. She dances the cha cha cha and gets a rousing standing ovation that gets Bruno out of his seat, saying, "Chelsea, Chelsea, sexy, sexy." He says he could feel the excitement coming out of her. Carrie Ann says she's "a big fan of that cha cha." She says Chelsea looks like "a little baby Julianne," but tells her to work on her hip action. Len says his first love didn't look like Chelsea, but enough about him... "that's your best dance -- well done." Scores: 7, 8, 8. Total: 23

Chris & Cheryl: Chris is excited after a quickstep that turned him into a contender. He decided to dance to "Let It Be," which reminds him of his mother. She was in an accident shortly after he finished wrestling training. He wanted to give it up, but she wouldn't let him and she passed away in 2005. Chris says this performance will be the first time he shows himself as Chris Irvine, his real name, with no wall or character. They dance a soulful and less sexy rumba. Carrie Ann is choked up as she tells Chris it was "such a beautiful tribute" to his mom, even though his hip action was "a little strange." Len says choreography can cover up a lot of issues and Chris didn't use his arms much. But he says his poses were excellent. Bruno says Chris made it work, but Len was right about some of the technique being wrong. Scores: 7, 7, 7. Total: 21

Kendra & Louis: Kendra wants higher scores than she grabbed last week and chose a song that reminds her of her husband Hank Baskett and the backlash she felt when they announced they were together. She says Hank's hometown turned against him. She dances the rumba. Len says he wasn't "keen on the unnecessary girating" that went on. He points out that her legs, which were a problem in the past, were great and she had beautiful feet. Bruno tells Kendra "there is nothing wrong with a good stripper" and says her dance was "hot and arousing" and reinforces that she did a "very good job." Carrie Ann confirms "that was hot, hot, hot." Scores: 8, 7, 8. Total: 23

Romeo & Chelsie: Romeo is feeling confident and wants to get to the next level. He chooses to do a soulful rumba to the song "I'll Be There," in memory of his two of his cousins, Lance and Fred, who he lost at a very young age. He hopes they'll be looking down on him, and probably laughing at the heeled shoes Chelsie is forcing him to wear. Bruno says Romeo really put his heart and soul into it, and sometimes when you put so much of yourself into it, other things go astray and this time it was his foot placement, but he still believes in Romeo's ability. Carrie Ann says Romeo kept something special throughout the dance and that he did work on some things she pointed out last week. Len simply says that last week Romeo took a step forward and this week he took a step back. Scores: 7, 6, 7. 20

Hines & Kym: Hines moved into contention last week and his personal song is one of his mother's favorites by Earth, Wind & Fire. He's dedicating his celebratory samba to his mother, who worked three or four jobs in order to provide for him after she divorced his father. Carrie Ann calls out, "Boo-yah! Baby's got bounce!" She says Hines looks like he's been dancing the samba his whole life. Len says everyone is proud of Hines, and he is, too. Bruno says the samba was like an appreciation of happiness and says it was "happy hour!" Scores: 9, 8, 8. Total: 25

Petra & Dmitry: After a tough week on the dance floor, Petra decides to dance to a song that she heard when she toured Thailand after a tsunami wiped it out. The song inspired her to start a foundation for relief. In rehearsals, she struggled with the fluidity of the waltz. She gets a standing ovation and Len says, "It had grace, it had elegance, it had fluid movement." He tells her, "For me, at this moment, you're the one." Bruno says she's "like a vision from heaven" and she danced like an angel. He tells her that her beauty is great, but her heart is even more beautiful. Carrie Ann tells her she's "gone from supermodel to super-graceful dancer." Scores: 8, 9, 8. Total: 25

Sugar Ray & Anna: After taking a bit of a blow last week when the judges told him his performance needs more punch. Sugar Ray is determined to bring more punch and he doesn't want to be on the brink of elimination again. He says the song he's chosen is about beating the odds. It's "My Prerogative" by Bobby Brown. He dances the paso doble. Bruno says the raging bull fighting spirit got him "back in business." Carrie Ann says she thinks she saw "a lot of improvement." She says he took control of the stage. Len says the competition is like Sugar Ray's fight. Other dances have dominated him, but this week he came back stronger and dominated the dance. Scores: 7, 6, 7. Total: 20

Kirstie & Maks: Kirstie says she almost died doing the quickstep last week and is thrilled to be dancing the rumba. She decided to dance to "Over the Rainbow," which brought her hope after the despair of losing her mother and nearly losing her father in a car accident in 1980, just as she was about to get her first break in acting in "Star Trek II." In rehearsal, she struggles with being sexy, but Maks is looking to bring some of her soul into it. She hopes that people will understand "the agony and the ecstasy of what happened in my life, and maybe they'll understand me better." Shortly into the dance, Maks falls awkwardly and appears to be hurt, but keeps powering through. He makes it through the dance. Maks tells Tom that his thigh just gave out. Carrie Ann says "sometimes tragedy leads to magical moments." She says something special happened after the slip-up. She says they did a "wonderful job." Len says dancing is about overcoming adversities, and they got through it. "Well done," he says. Bruno says, "You can't keep good talent down" and adds that once Maks got up it was "better than ever." Scores: 7, 7, 7. Total: 21

Ralph & Karina: After a great start, Ralph stumbled a bit with a "frenzied" jive. He's going to dance the rumba to "Stay Gold," a song from his movie, "The Outsiders," which was his first break in acting. It was also the song he and his wife danced to at their wedding 24 years ago. Len says the routine was crisp and clear, "but it needs a tad of refinement." He says Ralph needs to work on his feet and hip action, but "the overall look was very appealing." Bruno says the execution needs help and he's still not using his hands correctly. Carrie Ann says it was "a very sweet rumba" and proceeds to argue with Len, who insists it was "manic." She tells Ralph to work on his core strength. Scores: 7, 7, 7. Total: 21


Hines & Kym: 25

Petra & Dmitry: 25

Chelsea & Mark: 23

Kendra & Louis: 23

Chris & Cheryl: 21

Kirstie & Maks: 21

Ralph & Karina: 21

Romeo & Chelsie: 20

Sugar Ray & Anna: 20

Wendy & Tony: 15


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