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10 Jan. 2014
Krumping and Crushing
Jessie enrolls Luke in a dance class, and to Jessie's dismay, he decides to replace doing homework with dance practice. Meanwhile, Emma and Ravi thinks Zuri have a crush on Tony, and don't know what to do about it.
21 Feb. 2014
Hoedown Showdown
When a new girl moves into the building, Jessie asks Emma to invite her to her party as a welcoming gesture.
7 Mar. 2014
Snack Attack
Jessie hooks Zuri up with a new girl named Wendy McMillan after seeing a director to get her acting career started. With Jessie she's an angel, but while Bertram is in charge, she tears up the place and wrecks everything. Bertram tries to take care of it, but Wendy hooks Bertram up too. Zuri tells Jessie she's a monster and wants to stop playing with her. Meanwhile, Emma goes over her limit on her cell phone bill, so Jessie forces her to get a job so she can pay the bill herself.
11 Apr. 2014
Creepy Connie 3: The Creepening
Connie returns, this time with her boarding school roommate Mackenzie, who appears even crazier than her. When she obsesses over Luke, Connie surprisingly defends him. But things may not be as they seem. Meanwhile, Emma gets fired from her job.
27 Apr. 2014
Acting with the Frenemy
Jessie makes a friend in acting class only to find out her new pal Abbey is not all that she seems.
16 May 2014
From the White House to Our House
Jessie and Zuri set out to host a birthday party for Taylor, a new friend with a deployed member of the military. When Taylor decides she'd rather not celebrate anything without her mother, Zuri enlists the help of Mrs. Obama.
13 Jun. 2014
Help Not Wanted
Jessie is in need of some extra money to buy a special gift for her dad's birthday. She accepts a job at Empire Skate Building only to find out that Emma is her boss. Luke, Ravi and Zuri do babysitting behind Jessie's back to earn money.
20 Jun. 2014
Where's Zuri?
Jessie and Zuri discover Stuart has a new laid-back "manny" named Hudson. Having grown to like Stuart, Zuri resents being told not to see him, and they run off together. Emma, Luke and Bertram try to help Ravi prepare for a talent show.
27 Jun. 2014
Morning Rush
A real-time countdown begins as Jessie races against the clock to insure the Ross kids get to school on time despite the countless obstacles that arise.
11 Jul. 2014
Lights, Camera, Distraction!
Jessie becomes frustrated that she can't land any acting gigs, so she takes matters into her own hands by participating in a 24-hour film festival. She recruits the kids to help her direct, shoot and edit her film, but things get complicated when all the kids have their own ideas about what the film should be.
25 Jul. 2014
Spaced Out
Ravi's birthday present from his parents is a trip to outer space with the rest of the Ross kids and Jessie. Their trip takes an unexpected turn when Ravi ends up not going.
8 Aug. 2014
The Telltale Duck
Jessie agrees to accompany Bertram to his high school reunion, so he can show his former classmates how successful he has become. Meanwhile, Ravi steals a violent video game to be considered cool, only for his actions to haunt him.
22 Aug. 2014
Coffee Talk
When Jessie lands two VIP wristbands to Emma and Zuri's dream concert, the girls compete to be her guest. Meanwhile, Bertram becomes infatuated with his new talking coffee maker.
19 Sep. 2014
Between the Swoon and New York City
Jessie hits it off with a new guy she meets in the park named Brooks, unaware that he is Ms. Chesterfield's son. Meanwhile, Ravi and Luke fight about who has the right to a baseball Ravi catches at a Yankees game.
26 Sep. 2014
No Money, Mo' Problems
Mrs. Chesterfield hires Bertram to dig up dirt on Jessie that would hopefully lead Brooks to break up with her.
2 Oct. 2014
The Runaway Bride of Frankenstein
As the Ross kids prepare for the Halloween Festival, the festivities take a scary turn when Brooks proposes to Jessie, and she learns that none of the kids like him.
10 Oct. 2014
There Goes the Bride
When Brooks lands a job in Africa and has to be there in two days, he and Jessie are forced to move up their wedding.
21 Nov. 2014
Ride to Riches
Jessie is on a mission to get to an important audition; however, she and Ravi wind up on the "Rides to Riches" game show in which contestants can win prizes during their taxi ride. Emma and Luke follow Bertram to a renaissance faire.
28 Nov. 2014
Jessie's Aloha Holidays with Parker and Joey
Parker and Joey, Jessie and the Ross kids plan a tropical Christmas at the family's Hawaiian villa where Jessie reunites with old friend and superstar, Shayelee Michaels.

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