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Season 3

2 Sep. 2012
Toronto Batman
Lu's new roommate is a dark knight.
4 Dec. 2012
Conspiracy Theorist
Lu's roommate goes mentally AWOL over a bizarre pattern in Kim Kardashian's tweets, which ultimately lead the two roommates down a very dangerous and unexpected path.
11 Dec. 2012
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12 Nov. 2012
Integrity. For those of us who venture into the realm of entertainment, integrity is our anchor. It is the solid force that grounds us in an environment designed for the flight of mind. But to achieve "success", a price must be paid, a barter made. The principal of equivalent exchange: "In order to gain something, one must exchange something of equal value". In this industry, a lot of artists put up their self worth as collateral as they gamble with their with their hearts for a chance to play the odds and attain fortune and fame. In this dangerous game, however, the ...
25 Dec. 2012
Sex Addict
After Lu discovers his roommate's sex addiction, he takes it upon himself to use the same aggressive attitude to meet women, to which the entire approach backfires.
8 Jan. 2013
Pedophilia is no laughing matter. It's a very sad day when an adult takes advantage of a child's trust for their own selfish and indulgent reasons. The youth of this world are to be protected from those who would prey upon their innocence and naïveté. Statutory rape is a clear cut crime and there is no ambiguity or gray area in the matter. So to all those choosing to engage on pedophilic behavior, know that the rest of the world will not stand for such behavior. And the punishment for such a cruel and repugnant act will at times reflect the crime.
15 Jan. 2013
Good Roommate
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22 Jan. 2013
Pregnant Teen
When Lu discovers his pregnant roommate is a runaway teenager, the situation escalates beyond his imagination.
29 Jan. 2013
Bad Driver
When Lu's roommate Flo agrees to drive him to his dental appointment, Lu quickly learns how a bad driver behaves behind the wheel.
8 Feb. 2013
Identity. We all have ways in which we categorize ourselves. Some of us are extroverts, exhibiting our talents and opinions for all to see. While others remain introverted, whether it be from humility or a lack of confidence. What side of the social line you walk sometimes feels pre-ordained. But in this new digital age, technology offers us a chance to, at times, re-invent ourselves. If you should so choose to be "reborn" in the realms of cyberspace, just be careful of the electronic life you create. Every day, people are forging new bonds with others who are ...
12 Feb. 2013
Introducing 'my roommate the Gleek', a short episode of musical competition between the two quintessential groups of insecure high school kids. When Lu comes home to a group of his roommates Glee students in search of their teacher, he quickly discovers that there's more to one's pride than simply shrugging off a bully.
3 Oct. 2013
Is it Art? Well it's not non-Art. Or is non-art an art? The confusion brought on by even trying to call it art might actually BE the art, so saying "I don't get it" might mean you do get it, which is a concept nobody quite gets. The self-proclaimed artist is a creature whose very nature is an interpretation of its own existence. And though some would argue the true art of being an artist is in profiting from it, many would rather starve and die unknown than admit the fact that nobody cares enough to pay them to masturbate their elitist prowess onto a canvas, or in ...
17 Oct. 2013
Lu's roommate needs his help moving in, but little does he know that it's a favor with more than a few extra stings attached.
31 Oct. 2013
Freeganism: "an anti-consumerist lifestyle whereby people employ alternative living strategies based on limited participation in the conventional economy and minimal consumption of resources." With corporations continuing to abuse this planets resources, it's no wonder that some have resorted to extreme measures to rebel against such an imposing system. Some may argue that under America's "laissez-faire", capitalistic utopia, corporations are only adhering to their natural evolution towards being autonomous institutions. But with the waste that occurs here in America ...
14 Nov. 2013
Awkward Black Girl
Lu attends his roommate J's 10 year high school reunion and finds his own awkward drama deeply intertwined with J's.
30 Dec. 2013
In a time when governments are now resorting to the use of drones to strike down their enemies, there is a secret brotherhood of peculiarly skilled operatives that is slowly fading into obscurity. Heroes to some and ghosts to most, these relics of an era on the outs are now left to renegotiate their place in the ever changing world. To those who can only remember the dark, those very shadows will always be their refuge. But is it possible to shed one's past, right the wrongs, and move forward with the possibility of a brighter future? To some, redemption comes from ...
25 Dec. 2013
Youtube Conspiracy
"My roommate the"'s YouTube channel suddenly goes viral and Lu receives an ominous invitation to YouTube Headquarters.
9 Mar. 2014
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5 Apr. 2014
Last Call
When the lights to a swanky bar go up, it's time to close out and go home. At least that's what you're supposed to do. But as most last calls go, this is when the meat market goes into full effect.

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