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"The Apprentice" Unhappy Campers (2011)

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Task scope: The celebrities must create an outdoor camping experience.

Task sponsor: Camping World

Backbone project manager: Gary Busey

A.S.A.P. project manager: Niki Taylor

Result: The men selected the two bigger tour buses, while the women picked two RVs that were more family oriented.

Judges: Donald Trump; Ivanka Trump; Donald Trump, Jr.

Winning team: Backbone

Reasons for win: Even though their interiors paled in comparison to A.S.A.P.'s, they had dynamic exteriors, along with team members such as John Rich (who sang a song) and Jose Canseco (who tossed around a baseball with onlookers) contributing to the presentation. Overall, they showcased the company's image and a more outdoor camping experience better than A.S.A.P. did.

Losing team: A.S.A.P.

Reasons for loss: Despite terrific interiors for the campers, their exteriors were bland due to an absence of greenery and signage. Their tours were also badly organised, and the women (with the exception of La Toya Jackson) did not properly explain the features of the campers. Sent to boardroom: No final boardroom - Niki humbly took responsibility for her team's loss, saying that all the other girls worked very hard and did an amazing job. She said she couldn't blame anyone else, even though she didn't get along with Dionne, and Hope was generally agreed to have done a very poor job of organizing the tours. Trump admired Niki's integrity, but fired her on the spot.

Fired: Niki Taylor - for losing the task as project manager and taking total accountability for her team's failure.



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