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  • The nine teams stay in China as they continue the leg by travelling from Lijiang to Kunming. The pressure builds when one person is pushed over the edge by a prehistoric Road Block. A Double U-Turn causes panic among the teams as they race to avoid elimination.


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  • The episode begins with Kent & Vyxsin still struggling to catch-up to the rest of the teams after the fanny pack issues they had last week.

    Zev & Justin get to Phil in eighth and learn all the teams have been sent back to Kunming to find the Dounan Flower Market. They learn that this week will also feature a double U-Turn.

    Kent & Vyxsin find their fanny pack.

    At the train station the tams learn that the lone train to Kunming doesn't leave until 7pm, which means everybody will be starting at the same time. That group includes Kent & Vyxsin, who finish their Detour and are stunned when Phil tells them they are still racing. But he tells them missing their flight last week means they have incurred a 30-minute penalty to be enforced at the end of this leg. Kent is adamant they do not want the rest of the teams to know about their penalty. At the station everyone wants to know if Kent & Vyxsin received a penalty. Vyxsin lies and said they haven't been told.

    All nine teams arrive in Kunming early the next morning. When they arrive at the flower market they get clues sending them to a memorial archway. Kisha & Jen reach the flower market first, but the teams are pretty close together at this point. The Globetrotters are last and find themselves without a taxi after get to the clue box.

    Ron & Christina are first to the archway and read about this week's Detour. The options are Honor the Past or Embrace the Future. In Past teams watch a traditional Tibetan performance with more than a dozen actors. They must remember the order in which the actors were lined up and place dolls in the same order. In Future the teams carry a complete solar heating system to the top of a building and install the tubes correctly.

    Ron & Christina and Zev & Justin pick Past. Margie & Luke pick Future, which Kisha & Jen go with Past. With several teams lost, Flight Time & Big Easy get to the clue box in fifth and pick Future.

    Ron & Christina and Zev & Justin start their Detour challenge just ahead of Kisha & Jen.

    Jamie & Cara and Kent & Vyxsin both pick Future. Gary & Mallory and Jet & Cord are next to the archway and pick Past and Future, respectively.

    Margie & Luke are progressing well with their solar tubes. Ron & Christina are struggling with their memory challenge.

    Zev & Justin are the first team to finish the Detour. They learn they must to go a place pictured in a photograph and are reminded the U-Turn is ahead. Two teams will have the option at the next clue box to make two other teams go back and complete the other side of the Detour.

    Kish & Jen finish the Past Detour, followed soon after by Ron & Christina.

    Flight Time & Big Easy are having trouble finding their Detour site.

    Margie & Luke complete the Detour in fourth as Kent & Vyxsin and the cowboys are getting started.

    Gary & Mallory are working on their Detour. The Globetrotters finally find the Detour site. Jamie & Cara are the fifth team to finish the Detour. Jet & Cord finish soon after as Kent & Vyxsin lag behind.

    The first three teams -- Ron & Christina, Zev & Justin and Kisha & Jen -- realize they've been to the wrong place. This allows Margie & Luke to get to the next clue box in first place. They learn that teams must now head outside of Kunming and find their next clue at the Stone Forest. Margie & Luke elect not to U-Turn anyone.

    Kent & Vyxin finish the Detour in seventh. Gary & Mallory finish Past in eighth. The Globetrotters are in last place following the Detour.

    Jet & Cord are the second team to the clue box and also decide they do not want to U-Turn anyone.

    That is not the case with Kent & Vyxsin, who get to clue box just seconds before Jamie & Cara and decide to U-Turn the cheerleaders. Kent & Vyxsin tell us they U-Turned the cheerleaders because of a past mistake where they U-Turned someone ahead of them. Jamie & Cara decide to U-Turn the Globetrotters.

    Zev & Justin are next to the clue box (technically in fourth now that Jamie & Cara are headed back to the Detour), followed by Gary & Mallory, Kisha & Jen and Ron & Christina.

    Jamie & Cara start the Past half of the Detour.

    The Globetrotters see the cheerleaders have U-Turned them.

    Jamie & Cara finish the Past half.

    Flight Time & Big Easy work on their half of the Detour and finish it quickly.

    Jaime & Cara's taxi driver has stopped for gas and they are frustrated.

    Kisha & Jen are the first team to the Stone Forest and learn about this week's Roadblock: One team member must pay homage to the fossils found is this province by assembling a life-sized replica of a Dilophosaurus. If one of the paleontologists on-site determines their constuctions is unsafe they will be stopped. Kisha volunteers for their team.

    Christina and Margie are next to volunteer for the Roadblock. Kent & Vyxsin get to the site next and Kent is chosen.

    Flight Tim & Big Easy pass the cheerleaders on the road. Zev & Justin and Gary & Mallory have gotten lousy helps from their cab drivers and are still behind.

    Jet & Cord are next to the site and Cord volunteers. The Globetrotters start the Roadblock in sixth, with Big Easy getting the nod. The cheerleaders get their next and pick Jaime.

    Zev & Justin and Gary & Mallory get their next. Justin volunteers, but after Gary & Mallory see how daunting the task looks they decide to use the Express Pass they won in the season premiere.

    Gary & Mallory read the next clue, which is sending them to the Pit Stop at a nearby park. Cord finishes his dinosaur soon after and they are off.

    Justin, Kent and Christina are all having serious issues with their dinosaur.

    Gary & Mallory lose their taxi at one point and this allows the cowboys to pass them.

    Margie finishes the Roadblock in third.

    Jet & Cord just beat Gary & Mallory to Phil to win this week's leg along with $10,000.

    Kent's dinosaur is not approved by the judges on several attempts and Vyxsin is worried because they must beat at least one team by a full 30 minutes because of their penalty.

    Margie & Luke are the third team to complete this week's race.

    Kisha finally finishes her dinosaur and Kent seems to have finally figured out what he had been doing wrong. They are in fifth place.

    Big Easy finally finishes his dinosaur and they are the sixth team to leave the Roadblock site.

    Kent & Vyxsin get to Phil in fourth and he starts their 30 minute clock. Kisha & Jen complete the leg in fourth place.

    Flight Time & Big Easy show up to the park just as Kent & Vyxsin's penalty ends. They finish fifth this week, followed by the Globetrotters in sixth.

    Christina finishes her dinosaur, leaving only Justin and Jaime working on the Roadblock. Justin is close, while Jaime seems to be completely lost. Justin finally finishes his Roadblock.

    Ron & Christina edge out Zev & Justin at the Pit Stop to finish seventh and eighth. That leaves Jaime & Cara in ninth. They are eliminated.

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