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Index 47 reviews in total 

Everything is great about this movie... except the "twist"

Author: rooprect from New York City
28 December 2015

"Barricade" is a well produced, atmospheric chiller with excellent acting, human characters, good cinematography, some creepy Kubrickian moments, a great location and an engaging premise. The only thing I didn't like was the plot reveal which felt like a major letdown after all the above.

But who knows, you might like it. Or at least, you might have a good time waiting to see if it's really as bad as everyone says. Note: that's the last I'll say about the ending because I don't want to ruin it (unlike the current top 2 reviews which spoil it in the first sentence. Seriously? How is spoiling a movie helpful?).

This is the first time I've seen Eric McCormick who plays the father, and I thought he was fantastic. He bears a striking resemblance, as well as a similar likable quality, to Sam Rockwell, and in fact I kept thinking maybe it was his twin brother or something. If you like Sam Rockwell flicks (like "Moon") you'll enjoy McCormick's delivery. He plays a good lead here: a father of 2 young kids forced to protect them from creepy happenings in a remote corner of the world. Despite losing his grip of reality as events unfold, he remains more or less smart and resourceful.

The two kids were excellent as well, and their fear added to the mood without being melodramatic as young actors sometimes are (I'm thinking mainly of my own attempts at making "horror movies" when I was 12, you don't want to know).

The atmosphere is very chilly, figuratively as well as literally. Filmed over the course of 4 days in the snowy wilderness near Vancouver, the filmmakers did an excellent job of conveying a claustrophobic feeling of terror despite being in the wide open north.

Really, this is a very well made movie except for the actual story driving it. Oh, there's one other thing I didn't care for: all the false scares in the first half hour. Some were effective, and I actually jumped once, but after being tricked a few too many times I started disconnecting from the action.

"Barricade" is one of those creepy films where you don't know what the threat is until the end, and this puts it in line with some excellent films like "The Others", "The Changeling", "Moscow Zero", or the mack daddy of twist endings, "The Sixth Sense". But in this case the story didn't have a corkscrew twist so much as it had a itty bitty bend.

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**SPOILERS!!!** **Plot explained** **SPOILERS**

Author: Peaceful211 from United States
23 June 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*** Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! ***

If you've seen the movie and are confused, here are my observations. I want to watch this movie again for more details (yes, really!). :-) Flashbacks show a lot-- details that add up in the end, though not easily, nor entirely. But they do piece together.

While seated in his office at home, recording notes, Terrance recommends a prescription of the exact drug he then abuses throughout the movie-- recommends it to a woman who's husband has died and she is not dealing with it well.

The alcohol and drug combo cause blackouts throughout ("It's time for lunch" spoken at night, etc.). The hallucinations begin VERY early on. He likely did not hit a wolf with is car, which then ferociously growled at him, and in seconds is unable to move and dying. He his something, but not a mostly-white wolf. The woman's face in window is another early hallucination. His kids could not wake him up their first morning in the cabin because he's passed out.

Blackouts/delusions/paranoid-- all part of the sum plot.

He killed daughter Cynthia in the cabin's kitchen--flashback shows her there, quite dead, as she says, "Daddy, you're hurting me." It's a quick line, easy to miss- but it lets us know what he did, just with no details.

Dad drowned son in ice bath after again hallucinating that random arms were coming out of the tub trying to drown *him* (likely son freezing and terrified and wanting to get out!) while attempting to reduce the fever.

At some point, he put them both kids in the double bed like they were sleeping (after dressing his son-- see the huge man's sweater on boy when he's lying there).

We are eventually shown that he beat up Mr. House and locked him in the attic, duct taped and tied. However, when Terrance "finds" Mr. House later, the old man must, in reality, be dead from hypothermia. He was very sick, the attic had to be freezing, no food or water...But he (half) remembered what he'd done.

At some point later Dad buried the kids-- hence, two crucifixes in the ground before he then buries the stuffed animal (named Jack the Ripper-- a serial killer-- hint hint) after his delusion that his daughter Cynthia asked him to bury it. In his mind, he buried only a stuffed toy, not both his children.

I believe that the entire end scene-- cops, dog, ambulance, and all, is completely made up in Terrance's mind. He realized that he'd locked sweet old Mr. House up in the attic (and likely, House died), that both children are dead (from illness, he thinks), and guilt spurs a powerful story for him--- that Mr. House is saved by the police, that his kids are alive and rescued along with him, and that he is just on his way to the hospital on a sunny day.

In reality, possibly(!), no one knew to look for Mr. House there, and Terrance is still in the cabin where he's killed his children and an old man in a state of grief, paranoia, and drug/alcohol-induced hallucinations and delusions.

That's what I could get, plot-wise. More sure of some things than others! I Loved the cast in this movie. That's the 7 stars. But as many have noted, it's far too visually dark for far too long and the confusion and total chaos gets old...

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Barricade From Reality

Author: langleyt from United States
14 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Okay, I will say that I did enjoy this movie even though I felt it was very confusing. Also, I came here initially to find what other people thought, and whether others were confused also. However, the reviews made me more confused than the movie did. For one thing everyone, most everyone, is saying the father, Eric McCormack, was a grieving widower who was delusional, running a fever, and taking too much medication while drinking. While I agree these notions are an extent, it doesn't make sense, that when the cops burst through the door and find the caretaker locked in the attic, for the cops and the caretaker to agree that 'he' will get what's coming to him. Rather than accepting that the guy was just a little wacky on pills, fever, and delusion, this sounds like a prediction for the outcome of a guilty person who has committed a crime.

Now, it could be that the crime was in committing the act of locking the caretaker in the attic. But, they also said he was going to be thrown in jail, and it just doesn't fit that they would be so cold-hearted toward a man who has done this crime under the conditions of delusion and illness. He had to have done something more worthy and heinous as to deserve such a sentence.

Several things in the movie lead me to believe there is more to this movie than a sick father with sick kids who all take a little trip to an isolated cabin in the woods. For one thing, the little boy is complaining of nightmares which the mother tries to alleviate. This seems to occur just after the parents have had some 'words'? Were the parents in fact arguing? Then the mother was accidentally killed? Murdered? Or maybe she was supernaturally taken out of the picture by something more sinister...perhaps she released something from the whole or pipe in the ground that started what became a nightmarish turn of events. Was that why the father seemed to leap in and out of time, and did he bring this thing along with him, or was he possessed? And was this entity the presence which parted the curtains when the ambulance drove off? Why was the father even in the ambulance with the children after it was evident that he would be going to jail? And was it this sinister 'being' that led the little girl to believe that barricading the house on the inside was what 'it' wanted them to do all along? Also, why was the red stuffed toy buried beneath the snow with a hand-crafted cross? The daughter was insistent that her father bury it. What about the wolf that the father and the children all saw being hit? Granted the children didn't see that it was a wolf, but they did see that something had hit the windshield, and they wouldn't have been under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or a chronic cough only just contracted a few miles down the road. However, they were present when the mom had her hand down the cement hole.

There are just too many things left unexplained in this movie for the answer to be as simple as some of these reviews imply. I think certainly the father has done something much more gruesome than locking up the caretaker and throwing away the key. And I believe the reason he did so was more than a touch of fever, grief, and medicated delusion. Deluded he was, but to what extent? As I said, I did enjoy the movie...but I would have preferred a few more hints as to what really happened and what didn't happen. However, I certainly wouldn't have enjoyed it as much if all the details were pieced together, all neat and tidy. After all, it is a thriller.

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Paltry, bland PG-13 horror

Author: GL84 from Los Angeles, Ca
14 May 2013

Heading out to a small cabin to get over the death of his wife, a man and his children find the location to be the source of numerous creepy goings-on and that someone or something is targeting them inside, forcing them into a desperate fight for survival.

This here was just an absolutely paltry effort with very little to recommend about it. The fact that this one's restrained rating means that the film is constantly fighting an uphill battle that it will never win since there's never going to be any danger to the children in order to get a harsher rating, forcing the attack scenes to fall into a predictable pattern of fading out before anything happens to which he wakes up and thinks it was all a dream, or he sees something that distracts the attack and it focuses on another aspect of the situation which is quite distracting and really diminishes the film a lot. As well, there's very little to keep the film engaging when the attacks don't come, and the whole plot twist comes at you from a mile away despite the hint it's going to be clever, and the only thing this really has going for it is the creepy cabin with the raging snowstorm outside, which is quite a bit of fun and definitely has a great atmosphere to it, but otherwise there's not a lot going for this one.

Rated PG-13: Violence, Mild Violence and children-in-jeopardy.

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Spoiler...two distinct dads

Author: rgummi
7 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spoiler alert and a big one......

Re watch it and pay attention to detail. I'm thinking that the dad gravitates between delusional and sane all throughout the movie. But where everyone reviewing thinks he is sane and off meds at the end. He isn't. That's a delusion too and that's really him still in the house looking out the window.....with two deals children I might add. Brilliant actually! The movie is not what it seems.....

I guess in the scary parts is what happens when you mix powerful drugs with alcohol.

I thought it was a great movie and the beginning really does catch you of guard thinking where in the world is the mom and why is she not there after talking about how great it would be at this wonderful cabin.

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Cabin = "Batten Down the Hatches"

Author: LeonLouisRicci from United States
8 January 2013

Very sleek looking low-budget Horror with a plot that is so simple it confuses many people. In fact, the ending spells everything out in clear, precise terms. It even has a few lines that are a complete synopsis of what happened and the flashbacks make it as clear as the driven snow. So the reaction of some that it is incomprehensible just does not hold up.

Yes, the telegraphed "surprise" makes the twist a bit unsurprising, and most will see it coming, but that does not take away most of the gimmicky, but good looking scary movie clichés. It is a restrained production with not much makings at its disposal but takes advantage with a smooth editing style and some creepy, stunning minimalist photography.

This one has an efficiency that is borderline with holding, but it does deliver enough to make it satisfying, if nothing new, in the overused "cabin in the woods" is akin to "batten down the hatches" scenario.

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Easily the worst film WWE ever produced!

Author: Prolox from Canada
25 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Being a wrestling fan, I couldn't help but notice BARRICADE being shown during commercial breaks on the WWE weekly programming. Eager to see it because it looked & sounded like a pretty good little chiller that would shred you're nails & bombarded by the scary images in the trailer, I went out & rented BARRICADE & while I have seen some (but not all) of WWE films, I think it would be fair to say that BARRICADE is by far the worst movie ever produced by the corporation. In fact with all the programs & house shows WWE has these days & what with them releasing a few movies a year, I have come to the conclusion that WWE chairman Vince McMahon, has so much money on his hands that he just doesn't know what to do with it & thus while investing in some TV programming, also produces movies just to use some of it up, at least that's the only reason I can come up with for WWE wanting the produce a show as mediocre as this one! I mean sure none of their films are exactly what you would call "good", still they were at least watchable. Unlike their other productions, BARRICADE doesn't feature a WWE superstar, indeed, there's no doubt that's because they couldn't find anyone that would want to be part of it. The direction by Andrew Currie is pretty sluggish, the pace drags on seemingly forever, there's a few fake scares, but overall the film is really just a stage play, as we follow a man & his two children at the cabin owned by his late wife & being terrorized by ghostly apparitions & battling a mysterious flu like bug, that may or may not be tied to all the going on's. The acting is really passive however & the scenery was beautiful, however this almost breaks ones heart, due to the fact that the film-makers didn't even have a decent enough story to take advantage of it. The film ends confusingly & I'm not sure I could understand it all. In the end, even if you have seen some of the WWE's other DVD releases & were curious about this one, don't waste you're time & money. If you must see a movie from this company, go rent one of their others ones or wait around for the next movie through their gates. Because BARRICADE is a very disappointing confusing genre entry, that may try even the companies biggest fans patience.

*1/2 stars

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Author: John from United States
27 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched this movie in its entirety. That being said, the only reason I did is to see at some point it would eventually make sense. I had no idea what this movie was about but the box looked good and I did see that it had a 6.2 review, so I figured I would give it a shot. Started out good but early on you can tell it was all in his head, but at no point does it ever fully come together. things appear and disappear (wood, lock on attic..)so I guess that gives you an idea of order of events....maybe...and what about the hammer.....I kinda get what they are going for but maybe if you just accept it and don't think about it, it will be O.K. all in all its 15 min of build up, and hour of confusion, then 15 min trying to tie the last hour together. Acting was good I think, and it has its creepy moments. I have seen worse....

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watchable but no cigar!

Author: karmakitten-2 from United Kingdom
28 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i was intrigued by this film, confused, a bit of a jumper, and i enjoyed the effects.

now i understand he had a fever i will re watch it and see if it works better having this knowledge beforehand!

Not the best movie but not the worst by far, actors did their jobs well, and you gotta love snow and cabins to make it spooky!

i felt they were trying a bit too hard to make it spookier, but overall with the storyline they did well

worth a watch on a cold winters night,AFTER you have had your flu jab ha ha!

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This movie fails to be a good Thriller.

Author: Michael 'Hallows Eve' Smillie from New Zealand
29 September 2012

This is a WWE film and in my opinion they should stick to sports entertainment and stay out of the horror movie business. This movie had all the hallmarks of being a good thriller but only in the right hands, but alas it wasn't. The story wasn't too bad but I feel the director (Andrew Currie, "FIDO") failed in his delivery for me. There were a few clichés in the film and it tried too hard to be something it wasn't, a good thought provoking Thriller. And at the end of the movie it all seems to be a waste of time as it is one of those films that you ask yourself why, why did that need to be made? So as a result, I give this film a 2 out of 10. It could have been a good film in the right hands.

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