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A lot of (mostly) innocent fun
Michael-9629 June 2013
I was lucky to see Turbo at a preview today, and had a great time. I don't want to give anything away, but suffice to say that I greatly enjoyed the movie. The plot's cute, the characters amusing, and there are some hilarious one liners. (As well as a few somewhat more risqué jokes for the adults, although they'll fly over most kids' heads.)

It's not going to rival Pixar at their best, but it's a lot of fun. I will say, though, that this isn't a film I'd bother with 3D for. It takes a back seat, and is little more than a gimmick. You won't be missing anything at all to watch in 2D.

But other than that, heartily recommended!
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A snail with a dream
tr9117 October 2013
'Turbo' is a snail that has a dream. He wants to race with the fastest cars in the world, but of course he is just a slow snail. After an accident where he falls onto the road, Turbo starts to turn into something fast; he has lights and nitrous speed. He is then found by a guy called Tito who has a lot of snails that he races. When he sees just how fast Turbo is he wants to enter him into the Indy 500 race (which is what Turbo wants too). He believes in him so raises the money to do so.

This film sounds like a pretty stupid idea but I thought it worked rather well. It's a whole load of fresh new characters and designs, excellent animation and lovely colours as usual with an animated film.

The story is a bit predictable of course but it was still an enjoyable film all round. Turbo and Tito are very likable characters. The supporting characters are also good too. I didn't know when I started watching it but you can tell straight away that Snoop Dogg and Samuel L Jackson voiced two of the snails; I liked them two in particular.

The race at the end is quite fast paced as well which was good and of course he couldn't do it without a little help from his friends.

It was quite funny overall. It had a really good soundtrack. Also some good quotes which you may remember for a while; 'Snailed it' 'That snail is fast'. It was a joyful way to spend 90 minutes and I think it's one that the youngsters will love, as well as the adults who like animated films in general.

One of the better animated films released this year (UK). Wreck it Ralph is my favourite but I enjoyed this as much as Monsters University.

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Tito, not Turbo, is probably the better champion in the film
EBWired13 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
In the traditional plot device for the kiddos, this is about the little snail that could. You don't get too many surprises.

The treat though is the clever parallel between the two sets of brothers. Tito, not Turbo, is probably the better champion of the film because his character has no superpowers. Rather, it's his naïve yet genuine idealism that's the driving engine behind the movie. In fact, the human characters capture my sympathies more than the quirky mollusks.

The film should be noted for its effort to present multiculturalism, especially with shout outs about the scene in Southern California.
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Snail in Full Speed
Prince AJB27 July 2013
"Turbo" may not be the most original or inventive animated film ever but it's a good time and pretty fun. The story is pretty simple and one that a little child can imagine. But the way it delivers the story is gorgeous. It has lovable characters and sense of humor.

Theo (who prefers to be called Turbo) is a garden snail who lives as an outsider among his snail community. His dream of becoming the Indianapolis 500 champion makes him an outcast and his obsession with speed brings embarrassment to his brother, Chet. However, after an unexpected accident, Theo is granted incredible speed and also inherits some characteristics of an actual car (headlights, radio).

He is then taken by a chubby guy named Tito. Tito and his brother Angelo own a taco shop that is struggling. The other tenants in the area are also facing the same problem. Tito has this idea of registering Turbo into the Indy 500 in order to help his business prosper. And there are also other snails who become Turbo's buddies.

"Turbo" may not have as much depth as some of the animated masterpieces. But "Turbo" doesn't aim in being that. It wants to become a fun-filled adventure about a freaking-fast snail racing in the midst of an array of monstrous cars. And it doesn't disappoint. It's enjoyable, slick and plenty of fun.

The characters are likable too. Turbo is ambitious, funny, and adventurous. All the qualities of a fun character are embodied in him. Chet, his brother, is caring and more cautious but is also adorable in some moments. The other snails are also plenty of fun due to their ridiculous antics. Besides the mollusks, we also have the human characters. Tito, with his large build, is extremely chubby and funny. Tito's other friends are also a joy to watch.

"Turbo" also has a great sense of humor. I had a blast watching this film. Not all the jokes work, but most of them do. But I do want to mention that there's a joke concerning crows snatching one snail at a time, and to me it seems a bit extreme because the idea of a snail being eaten by a crow is kinda creepy, don't you think? Or maybe it's just me. But the bottom line is "Turbo" is plenty of fun to watch.

The animation is not the best I've seen but it's pretty good. It possesses beautiful sets and the colors are fluorescent. The voice cast was excellent too and Ryan Reynolds did a great job lending his voice to Turbo.

"Turbo" is a fun and rollicking adventure and it is plenty of joy to watch these lovable characters see what they're up to. Just don't expect too much from it and don't expect it to be a masterpiece.

Rating: 7/10

Final Verdict: It may not be original but "Turbo" is a hell of a roller-coaster ride that will provide plenty of joy and laughs with its lovable characters.
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Need for speed
DarkVulcan2922 July 2013
A snail named Theo(voiced by Ryan Reynolds)loves to watch racing, and wishes he could race on the tracks, but his brother(voiced by Paul Giamatti) tells him that he is a snail, he was not meant to be fast, cause he is a snail. But one night Theo accidentally lands in a fast car, and gains the power of being as fast as the car. Now Theo has fun with this new found power, but how far will it take him?

a well made animated film, I mean it is no Wreck it Ralph, but still a fun movie. But it's not just a snail with super speed, but it's more of a ensemble, providing the voices Samuel L. Jackson, Michelle Rodriguez, and Michael Pena to name a few. They all really make this story quite a joy, and seem to be having a blast working on this film.
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And the Winner of the Indy 500 Is...
Claudio Carvalho17 July 2016
In Los Angeles, the garden snail Theo dreams on being the fastest racer in car races and worships his idol, the champion Guy Gagné, who has won the Indianapolis 500 several times. His brother Chet protects him most of the time from daring situations caused by Theo. When Chet rescues Theo from a failed attempt of recovering a prize tomato, Theo leaves the garden feeling humiliated. Soon he is accidentally sucked by the supercharger of a racing car and he drowns in the nitrous oxide injected to speed up the car. On the next morning, Theo finds that he has achieved speed power. When a crow picks Chet from the garden, Theo pursues them and rescues his brother. However they are captured the taco truck driver Tito and brought to a snail race. When Tito sees the performance of Theo, a.k.a. Turbo, in a race with the other snails, he decides to enter Turbo in Indianapolis, despite the disagreement of his brother Angelo. But his neighbors share the entrance expenses and they head to Indianapolis. Who will win the Indy 500?

"Turbo" is a silly and funny animation, with a snail that competes the Indianapolis 500 promoted by a Mexican young man. The plot is refreshing and creative and makes laugh in many situations. Guess who wins the Indy 500? My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Turbo"
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Phil Hubbs1 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Dreamworks are on a roll here people, 'The Croods' 'Rise of the Guardians' and now this slick little number. Yet another insect tale and another creature checked off the to do list (will there be an animated flick about every creature?), this little story is so obvious and easy I'm amazed it hasn't been done already.

A simple snail is turned into a super fast snail when he accidentally gets sucked up into a modded cars turbo engine and he somehow mutates into this supersnail (yeah you missed this idea Marvel). So this story is gonna be even more outlandish than the regular insect animations.

At first the angle of the film is much like any other creepy crawly kids flick, its silly but its still based around how that creature actually exists in reality. In a garden munching on leaves, lettuce, tomatoes, getting eaten by birds and avoiding dangerous situations like evil kids. But as the film progresses it slowly morphs into a clear 'Fast n Furious' rip off for kids. At first I wasn't too sure if I was gonna like it but luckily the plot takes us into the realms of F1/Indycar racing...I feared an all out cheesy chav filled bling fest.

The visuals are filled with neon which tends to be a cheap way to try and make things look cool but admittedly it does look quite good here. I do like the neon snail trail Turbo leaves and how it follows the coils in his shell. Although the fact his little body made all sorts of car noises and his eyes lit up as headlights was a bit too far for me. I did also find myself liking his fellow snail friends with their ridiculous shells, it was totally daft but kinda cute at the same time. The snail crew were actually really amusing I must admit, S.L. Jackson really makes the most of his well known loud aggressive persona which was funny coming from a little snail. The rest were kinda clichéd with the obligatory hip hop snail in a small crew that were clearly a parody of the characters in '2 Fast 2 Furious', White Shadow was easily the best snail for me.

The story is insane though, this fat guy (Mexican?) finds Turbo and decides the best thing to do is enter him in the Indianapolis 500...yes the real Indianapolis 500. Now I have to say this concept is beyond surreal frankly but there we go. I can't really moan about it as this is in no way suppose to be taken seriously. I mean the snails supposedly only know of their little garden world, so how would they know what Mexican food is or anything in the outside world? oh right Turbo watches TV...I'll stop right here. Anyway if it were me I'd just get the snail on the news and travel the world showing him off, why risk getting the little fella crushed straight away?!

Its definitely more of a kids film but I'm sure adults will enjoy some of it, the whole thing is so cosy and cheerful how can you not like it?. The quick little quips from various snail characters kept me amused, Giamatti as Chet was good for that. The classic underdog (undersnail) tale, there aren't any surprises here lets put it this way. What happens in the race (the whole plot) is basic 101 story telling and you know what will happen a mile off. This isn't a problem though as the film is all heart, full of bright colourful visuals and some great little characters (crank up the merchandise machine).

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Unexpectedly nice movie.
Vijayanand Phad22 July 2013
There was no intention to watch this movie. Trailer and story didn't click to me. However, I accidentally watch this movie.

This movie is about a snail dreams about being Indy 500 race champion. How he get powers, how he enters into the race and finally what happens is a nice journey to watch.

Movie is short and sticks to the story. Animation is really good. I thought as Snail is the hero the movie from their perspective will be very slow but this is never the case.

Story is somewhat acceptable for children but watchable for elders as well. This is a nice movie to watch for 90 mins.

There is nothing best about the movie. So it is just a watchable. It won't bore you.

Overall Ratings: 6/10
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A Bug's Life Version of Cars
Hollywood_Yoda17 July 2013
Here it is, a snail receives super speed, hence the name of the film being "Turbo." What the film makes me think of when I see it is a combination of Disney's "A Bug's Life" and "Cars". It is a great movie to take the 4-9 year old kids to see.

As an adult, it is great to see Ryan Reynolds taking a voice-over part in a family friendly film. However, I could have lived to watch it without many of the other actors. Paul Giamatti and Samuel L. Jackson are in so many different films these days, their voices are tiring.

A nice change of pace for Dream Works after seeing three "Madagascar" films and four "Shrek" movies. I was Shrekked out! That's why I gave this fresh film from DW Pictures a 9/10.
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"Cars" for Younger Children
3xHCCH19 July 2013
The trailer of this new Dreamworks animated film did not really make me interested to watch because I thought the whole racing snail story would be corny. However, my kids insisted and there were some favorable initial reviews, so I reluctantly gave it a go and hoped to be pleasantly surprised.

"Turbo" is about Theo, a garden snail obsessed about car racing and being fast. He accidentally ingests nitrous oxide and develops amazing race car powers. A luckless taco shop owner Tito picks Theo up for his hobby of racing snails, and discovers Theo's incredible speedy abilities. Eventually, Theo (now re-named Turbo) actually qualifies to race against his racing idol, the five-time champion Guy Gagne, in the Indianapolis 500. Can this phenomenal little snail now finally fulfill his dream of winning a big league car race?

The topic of car racing had already been tackled very well in Pixar's "Cars". If "Cars" was for kids, "Turbo" is targeted for even younger kids. More than just the car racing, the side story about the deserted mini-mall in Van Nuys, California where Tito's taco shop is located, was also obviously inspired by the town of Radiator Springs in "Cars."

The scene showing how Theo got his powers, with the nerve axons and red blood cells being revitalized with nitrous oxide, was straight out of "Spider- Man".

I did not really get the whole snails working together to gather tomatoes thing. It might have worked in "Bug's Life", but I did not know snails ever worked like ants. I could imagine how encountering a huge army of snails in a small tomato patch like that would probably look pretty scary in real life.

On the positive side, "Turbo" manages to tell a good story about brotherly support in the parallel stories of Theo and his brother Chet, and Tito and his brother Anton. One brother is the whimsical dreamer, while the other is the more grounded practical one. They may see things differently, but in the end, brotherly love would prevail.

Of course, the showcase of the whole film is still the big race. The execution of the race sequence was thrilling and exciting, especially the final laps. While the climactic moment in "Cars" is still better, but this one in "Turbo" still manages to hold its own with its unique charm.

As a whole though, I found the film's pace leading to the climactic race quite slow for a movie about speed. I was disappointed about how the Guy Gagne character was developed as a stereotype, when it could have been more original. The voice work was by big stars like Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti and Samuel L. Jackson. They were all okay, but nothing really distinct and memorable stood out.

Kids will surely enjoy this cute little film delightful. Parents will just have to summon their inner child out in order to enjoy it with them.
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